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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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SAVE THE FROGS! Academy is on winter break at the moment and we will announce a new round of classes soon. Meanwhile, please watch videos of our past classes!

Upcoming Classes | Videos of Past Classes |
All about SAVE THE FROGS! Academy
SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Fund | Thanks To These Donors |
Scholarships In Your Name | Students For Frogs | Teachers For Frogs

SAVE THE FROGS! Academy is the world's greatest free resource for amphibian conservation knowledge. Our free online classes take place throughout the year. Please register for each class separately: you can take as many or as few as you like with no commitment! And if you miss a class, no problem: watch archived class videos here.


Dendrobates terribilisWelcome to SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, the world's premier academic institution teaching the skills required to save Earth's wildlife from extinction! Though the Academy is based out of SAVE THE FROGS! World Headquarters in California, students from around the world can take our free online courses, which are open to students of all ages and nationalities. Whether you are in school, university, graduate school or you are working professionally, we guarantee you will learn something new and thought-provoking at SAVE THE FROGS! Academy. All frog lovers who want to volunteer with SAVE THE FROGS! are especially encouraged to take as many of our classes as possible. We look forward to teaching you about amphibian conservation!

Save The Frogs Academy
The SAVE THE FROGS! Academy official icon features Ptychohyla legleri, photo by Steven Whitfield.


Upcoming Classes

We have many classes planned for 2014, stay tuned as we add dates and many more classes to the list below!

Teachers For Frogs

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will lead a special class specifically for teachers. Teachers have the ability to spread the word to and educate hundreds of students and thus teachers are extremely important in our movement to save the frogs from extinction. Please register and inform your fellow teachers about this class. We will be giving you many ideas on how teachers can take part in our efforts, We will welcome your questions, input and experiences.

Introduction to Amphibian Conservation (IN SPANISH)

frog coursesSAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will give an introduction to amphibian conservation IN SPANISH (En Español). Amphibians are rapidly disappearing throughout Latin America and we have many supporters in Mexico, Colombia, Panama and throughout Central and South America. Our goal is to empower Latin Americans to protect their amphibian fauna. We encourage all Spanish speakers worldwide to attend, as well as all frog lovers who want to learn, practice or improve their Spanish skill (thereby opening the door to half the western hemisphere). Meets online 11am-12pm San Francisco Time.

Date To Be Announced: How to Organize a Frog Event or Rally in Your City

SAVE THE FROGS! Pacific Northwest Coordinator Breanna Binder will teach you how to organize an event or rally for the frogs in your city. Breanna has organized frog legs protests in Virginia and Maryland; a Save The Frogs Day Atrazine Rally at the US EPA in Washington, DC, and two Save the Frogs Day 5K races in Seattle. SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh Executive Director Nurul Islam will also join us to tell us how he organized nationwide Save The Frogs Day rallies throughout Bangladesh in 2012 and 2013. Meets online 5pm-6pm San Francisco Time. Free.

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The SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Fund

Donate FrogsThe SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Fund was created to enable us to keep SAVE THE FROGS! Academy affordable and accessible to talented environmental conservationists from around the world as they train at SAVE THE FROGS! Academy. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us increase the number of amphibian conservationists in the world and will yield tangible conservation results that are directly relevant to the SAVE THE FROGS! movement. To donate to the Scholarship Fund, simply donate and then email us asking us to direct your contribution to the fund.

Currently all our online courses are free, thanks to your support! As students progress through SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, we will offer scholarships to the most talented ones so they can receive free supervision on their independent projects. Your donation will make this possible. The more scholarships we are able to award, the more frogs we will save! Students of all nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds are eligible for the scholarships.

Each class we hold costs $160 to produce, promote and distribute, and thus the cost to run 100 classes per year is $16,000. For the price a university charges to educate one student for a year, SAVE THE FROGS! Academy can educate 10,000 students!!! Thanks for your financial support!

Vasco Flores frog

Thanks to these donors!

We thank the following donors for contributing $50 or more to the SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Fund. Anybody who donates $50 or higher to the Academy Fund will get their name listed in the Thank You section below. Simply donate and then send us an email asking us to direct your contribution towards the SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Fund.

William Marshall
Gaetan Simard
Thomas Hinders
Eva Feichtinger
Lloyd O'Brien, Jr
Jeanie Vogelzang
Barry & Ari Sinervo
Katherine Cookerly
Judy Banker Mehrling
Celia Elsberry
Gwen Nystuen
Michele & Leah Hamill
Douglas & Sharon Rossman
Jan Caldwell
Laurie Vitt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glorioso
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hermes
Suzanne Hermes
Sil Le Burel
Deborah Blake Dempsey
Chauru Huang
Kevin McLaughlin
Thibaut Vilminot
Buck O'Brien

Scholarships in Your Name

We love to give our donors the recognition they deserve. If you donate $500 or more to the SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Fund, we can create a scholarship or award in your name or in your company's name (for example, the Julie Jackson Award for Amphibian Conservation, which could go to a female student from South America or another target audience that interests you). Please contact us to learn more.

Vasco Flores newt

Meet SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Student Choti Singh

Choti Singh is now a SAVE THE FROGS! Board Member from Colorado, but her entry into amphibian conservation started with SAVE THE FROGS! Academy.

"I'm going to apply for the SAVE THE FROGS! Academy - work on the application and then hope for the best! Seemed like a dream come true when your site mentioned it! It's a fabulous grow the educational and conservation efforts. You'll be that much more effective with the graduates going on to assist your endeavours. Nice. I hope to be a part of it, one way or another. I'm so glad I found out STF and even got to meet you. Thank you...for what you do."

What do you hope to learn at SAVE THE FROGS! Academy or gain from the experience?
"I want to learn how to effectively channel my interest and desire to make a difference, into having a tangible impact. I want to learn how to fundraise, write grants that produce results, and be able to make that idealized difference that is so important to me, in terms of conserving frog populations so that future generations can grow to be amazed and fall in love with them as I did. The present trend of elitism towards all other life on the planet is dangerous and extremely short-sighted. We must learn to co-exist, if not for compassionate reasons, then for practical ones of a healthy survival."

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