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Frog Posters in Airports


donate frogSAVE THE FROGS! occasionally gets offered free ad space for large poster advertisements and public service announcements in major international airports. When we do, we like to take advantage of it, since raising awareness and finding new supporters is crucial to our mission, and because tens of thousands of people see these ads. Though the ad space (often valued at $10,000+ per month) is free, and graphic designers offer their services to us at no cost, we still have to pay the printing costs. Thus we rely on the support of people like you to get these ads up in front of the public eye. Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS! to ensure we can spread the word in airports. And if you happen to see one of our posters up, please take a photo or two and send it to may end up on this webpage!


Atlanta's international airport is the busiest on planet Earth, so we are extremely excited to have two of these huge posters up right now, in Concourse E International (Delta, Air Jamaica, British Airways, Korean Air, Lufthansa, South African Airways).

Atlanta Airport Frog Ad

Atlanta Airport Frog poster
Thanks to Carly White for her financial support in Atlanta!

We got these posters up in five major airports!

In 2009, ClearChannel generously offered SAVE THE FROGS! free advertisement space in five major U.S. airports. We got the Public Service Announcement seen below up in Chicago O'Hare International, Chicago Midway, Denver International, St. Louis and Detroit International Airports, and as of March 2012, the O'Hare and Detroit posters are still up! Some of these ad spots are huge...up to 7' x 11'. Tens of thousands of people walk by these posters every day, and thousands visit for the first time after seeing the posters and learning about the effect of climate change on frogs. Thanks to all those who helped us pay the printing costs!

Yellowstone Frogs Climate

"I was at the Detroit Metro Airport and saw the Save The Frogs banner. It prompted me to get online and help." -- Jennifer Lillibridge

Kristiina Hurme frogs

"I saw one of your posters in Chicago O'Hare airport and decided to check out your web site since I am and have always been a huge frog lover. I am very pleased that your organization exists and I support your mission." -- Chris M.

Orlando International Airport

Thanks to Orlando International Airport for offering us free adspace to help spread amphibian awareness, and thanks to our generous donors who funded the printing costs! In 2013, we placed ten of these 62x48" posters up in Orlando, one of the most kid-filled airports in the world!

Orlando airport frogs

orlando save the frogs
Sorry, sticker offer only valid for airport visitors!

"Your website is really beautiful and it's evident that you're really involved in your mission! I discovered your organisation in Orlando airport: there was a big poster on the wall (this was a very smart choice). I only made a little donation and bought some gadgets to publicize your work: I'll put a sticker on my car and give the others to some friends! Then I'll return on you website in the future, when I'll got some extra cash."
-- Marco Nivalis; Savona, Italy

Baltimore-Washington International

Thanks to BWI for offering us free adspace to help spread amphibian awareness! These ads are part of the reason the 3rd Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest received thousands of entries from over 40 countries! Thanks to Elizabeth Hinson for the awesome art.

BWI Frog Art
Photo by Lisa Shieh

Dallas Forth Worth International

This 6' long poster got placed above a busy walkway.

Dallas Airport Frogs

Washington Dulles Airport

We don't know how this got into Dulles, but we're happy somebody in the airline industry supports our cause enough to donate the free poster space near baggage claim!

Dulles Frog Poster

John Wayne International Airport - Orange County, CA

This beautiful poster describes the threats to frogs, why they are important, ways to help and introduces airport passengers to SAVE THE FROGS!. One poster is 4x12 feet and the other two that got posted are 4x5 feet. Click here to see a higher resolution version that is easier to read.

John Wayne Frogs Poster

Orange County Frogs

John Wayne Frogs

John Wayne Frogs

"Airports and other public access area ads are the best way to get people informed that there is a problem. Dr Kerry Kriger, thank you for your dedication to making this planet a better place to live, for all."

"Hi Kerry, Flying out of Orange county today and saw your sign! Awesome. Keep up the good work."
-- Jeanette

San Francisco Buses

These ran on San Francisco buses in 2010:San Francisco Frog Ad


Thanks to these awesome donors!

Thanks to these amazing donors who have helped us get our posters up in major international airports! If you donate $50 or more to help our airports, we will gladly list your name here as well!

-- Robert & Dolly Keeley
-- Mindy Meadows
-- Ruth Van Sciver & VANSLIST
-- Henry Scarborough
-- Jean Kriger
-- Deborah Blake Dempsey
-- Larry & Alex DeMar - Leading Edge Design
-- Katherine Cadury
-- Ronald Tremper
-- Dana Ripper
-- LaRue Sellers
-- Thomas Hase
-- ISIS Belize
-- David Kelly
-- Cynthia Jordan
-- Kimberly Kriger
-- Cornelius De Haan
-- Chauru Crystal Huang
-- Corinna Bechko
-- Elizabeth Moore Stump, City Heights, CA
-- Rhonda Terry
-- Glenn Stewart
-- John Carothers
-- Patrick Schlemmer
-- Helen N Engledow
-- V Ann Dolyniuk
-- Herman Kalfen for Kalfen Law Corporation
-- Peter Klosterman
-- Elaine Kasimatis
-- San Francisco Naturalist Society
-- Lauren Coodley
-- Lea Mohr
-- Choti Singh
-- Mary Gutekanst
-- Elizabeth Mooney
-- Kelly Harding
-- Victoria Perizzolo
-- Natalie Flores

Can you help get SAVE THE FROGS! in more airports?

donate frogThese ad locations usually sell for thousands of dollars each but the advertisement companies offer SAVE THE FROGS the space completely free! Well almost...we still have to pay the printing costs for the posters! With your help we can get these posters up in front of tens of thousands of people. Please help us take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! The more posters we can print, the more effective our campaign will be.

Donate Frogs