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2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest Winners

The 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest received 2,693 entries from 37 countries! Entries came from Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Ecuador, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Thanks to all the artists! Feel free to help us spread the word by posting any of these images on your website. If your company would like to sponsor the 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest, please contact us. Enjoy the art!

Michele Hamill - Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Michele Hamill of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, the Grand Prize Winner of the 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest!

Michele got it right -- WE CAN SAVE THE FROGS! -- if everybody does their part!

Michele Hamill frog art

Melody Cabral

Congratulations to Melody Cabral of Visalia, California, Age 16, Winner of the 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest 14-17 Age Category! Educate yourself about disease, habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, climate change, and over-harvesting!

Melody Cabral Art

Dagmar Budd

Congratulations to Dagmar Budd from Prievidza, Slovakia, Age 12, Winner of the 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest 10-13 Age Category! Let's stop habitat destruction and help ensure that frogs have homes and that humans have wild places to experience!

Dagmar Budd

Isabelle Huang

Congratulations to Isabelle Huang of Chino Hills, California, Age 7; Winner of the 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest Under 10 Category! Isabelle understands that taking frogs out of the wild to use them as pets, dissections or for frog legs is not acceptable in the 21st century!

Isabelle Huang art


Honorable Mentions

Please check back here very soon, we plan to post about 100 amazing Honorable Mention art entries as soon as we can!

A. Oliver Sana, 11, India

A Oliver Sana Art

Adelia Dewantari, 9, Indonesia

Adelia Dewantari

Agarwal Vrinda Amitbhai, 13, India

India Art

Aisyah Nasywa Ula, 7, Indonesia

Indonesia art

Alex Ng, 8, Malaysia

Alex Ng frog art

Alora Bauer, USA

Alora Bauer

Amanda Joy Bowers, USA

Amanda Joy Bowers

Amogh BJ, 16, India

india frog art

Amritha Warrier, 22, India

Amritha Warrier Frog Art

Andi Tenribali Hikman Napacce, 7, USA

Frog Art kids

Angeline Woo Kar Kei, 11, Malaysia

frog art malaysia

Anique Azam, 13, Pakistan

Anique Azam Frog Art

Anique Azam

Arijit Mukherjee, 11, India

India kids art

Ari Sinervo, 9, USA

Asif Zaman, 14, India

frog art india

B. Naga Cha Runi, 11, India

Frog Art

Baele Dumas, USA

Baele Dumas art

Banani Adhikari, 12, India

Frog Art Contest kids

Bapan Halder, 14, India

Amphibians art

Bashirah, Singapore

Bashirah art frogs

Basic Palkovic Dunja, 13, Serbia

Art frog

Bernard Sicat

Poison Dart Frog Art

Bonnie Marcinkiewicz, USA

awesome art

Briana Luck, 10, USA

art amphibious

Cai Song Yun, 14, Malaysia

Malaysia art

Carmen Lan, 11, Malaysia

Carmen Lan

Carissa Mia Cruz, Phillipines

Carissa Mia Cruz

Charlston Veracruz, Phillipines

Charlston Veracruz art

Chau Ka Hei, 17, China

Chinese frog art

Chau Zi Quan, 8, Singapore

frog art china

Chevelle Ng, 7, Singapore

Frog Art Kids

Christopher Kent Soesilo, Age 3, Indonesia

Indonesia kids art


Cibolya Stella, 10, Serbia

Serbia art

Chris Clark

Chris Clark art

Cindy Htchcock

Cornella Octavia

Csupak Victoria, 14, Serbia

Serbian art

David J Kim, 16, USA


Dawnte Crooms, 19, USA

Cool frogs

Desai Parth Pareshbhai, 11, India

Frog Art India

Elizabeth Tsang, 15

Frogs Art

Elizabeth Hinson

Beth Hinson Art

Erin Machado, 13, USA

Erin Machado

Ester Chee Xiao, 8, Malaysia

Malaysian wildlife art

Evelyn Chua Shau Lyn, Malaysia

Malaysia Frogs

Frank Beifus

Frank Beifus

Galuh Edelweiss Sayyidina Rosyad, 8, Indonesia

Indonesia kids art

Goh Wern Sze, 15, Malaysia

Malaysia Wildlife Art

Glen Brooks

Glen Brooks frogs

Gloria Wibisana, Indonesia

Gloria Wibisana frog art

Gromova Alexandra, 15, USA

Gromova Alexandra

Hathaison Gerdprasert

Hathaison Gerdprasert

Heather Rasmussen, 18, USA

Heather Rasmussen

Ho Yu Yan, 19, China

Chinese wildlife

Horvath Adrienn, 14, Serbia

Horvath Adrienn

Horvath Adrienn

Ivie Petrus, 15
frogs artists

Jae Hee Yoo, 14, USA

Jae Hee Yoo

Jalan Perkasa, 49, Malaysia

Malaysia Art Contest

Jamia Mei Tolentin, 14, Phillipines

Jamia Mei Tolentin


Jamie Chua Singapore

Jane Sung, 13, USA

Jane Sung

Jasmin Chen, 8, USA

kids art contest

Jean, Thailand

frog art thailand

Jessica Jimerson

Jessica Jimerson

Jessica Packer

Jessica Packer art

Jessica, Thailand, 10

Frog Eyes

Jill Chloe Tolentino, 13, Phillipines

Jivani Soham Jaldipbhai, 9, India

Indian art frogs

Joe Moore, USA

Art froggies

Joseph Lawler

Joseph Lawler

Joshua Diong Chuan Hui, 7, Malaysia

Art Malaysia

Journey Harlung, 14, USA

Journey Harlung

Justen Paul Tolentino, 18, Phillipines

Justin Paul Tolentino

Kachuria Alina, 14, USA

Kachuria Alina

Kati Sims, 16

Kati Sims

Kankiya Maitri Chintanbhai, 13, India

Artist frogs

Kasenova Dana, 8, Kazahkstan

Kazahkstan Art

Kayla Athira Putri Haryadi, 7, Indonesia

Kayla Athira Putri Haryadi

Kennard Alvaro Hadinata, 4, Indonesia

Indonesia kids art

Kennard Alvaro Hadinata

Korek Diana, 14, Serbia

Serbia art

Kovacevic Sandra, 9, Serbia

Serbia art

Dr. Krishan Sharma's student, India

Krishan Sharma frogs

Lam Hiu Yi, 6, China

Chinese art

Leah Klehn

You can check out more of Leah's art on her deviantArt page. You can also commission Leah to draw you art. Email her at, Here's her Twitter and try her blogger at NatureNerd02@blogspot

Leah Klehn

Lee Jhun Sean, Malaysia

Frogs Artist

Lee Mao Feng, 12, China

Chinese frog art

Leung Hau Man, 7, China

Frog Art Competition

Lim Jun Ming, 10, Singapore

Singapore frog art

Lim Shaun Pen, 9, Malaysia

Malaysia Frog Art
"Wow! Powerful speaking art! Great job Lim Shaun Pen!"
-- Dorothy Colby

Liva Netanya Rose, 8, Indonesia

Indonesia art competition

Lizbeth Barboza Meza, 13, USA

Lizbeth Barboza Meza

Lorenzo Leyva, 19

Lorenzo Leyva

Loveleen Kaur, 14

Loveleen Kaur

Megan Huang, 16

Megan Huang

MS Sudikshaa, 8, Singapore

India kids art

Micah De Leon

Micah De Leon

Michele Hamill, Canada

Michele Hamill art

Michelle Cheng, 12, Canada

Michelle Cheng

Milenkovic Bojana, 13, Serbia

Milenkovic Bojana

Minihaj Uddin, 13, India

Minihaj Uddin

Nammi Eu, United Kingdom

Nammi Eu

Nargis Sultana, 14, India

indian artist

Natalie, 10, Thailand

oil spill

Neerata Prabhakar, India, 13

india frog art

Ng Kang Yang, 7, Singapore

Ng Kang Yang

Nick Gustafson

Nick Gustafson

Frogs Mushrooms


Nur Fasihah, Singapore

Nur Fasihah

Ooi Kong Chang, 11, Malaysia

Ooi Kong Chang

Paige Givan, 13, USA

Paige Givan

Paul Won, 16

Phillipines art

Phillipines kids love drawing frog art!

Philip Paredes

Philip Paredes

Phisher Tomara, 13, Kazakhstan

frog art competition

Rachel Tan, 9, Malaysia

Malaysia frog art

Rhenz Luar Mamaradlo, 17, Phillipines

Rhenz Luar Mamaradlo

Rhianna Hixon, USA

Atrazine Art
Lean all about Atrazine here!

Ritam Bhabak, 13, India

S Kirthana, 8, Singapore

India frogs

Saganbekhova Aydana, 9, Kazakhstan

Saganbekhova Aydana

Savannah Moore

Help us get Atrazine banned!

Atrazine Frogs

Sepsi Dorotea, 8, Serbia

Sepsi Dorotea

Sepsi Dorotea art

Shaheer Hassan Khan, 14, Pakistan

pakistan art

Pakistan frogs

Sheiv Sugath, 7, USA

Sheiv Sugath

Sherra Ng, 10, Singapore

Chinese frogs

Shougaijam Santosh Singh, 10, India

Shougaijam Santosh Singh

Shougaijam Santosh Singh

Shruti Ganji, India

Sindhy Saggeri, 8, USA

Sindhy Saggeri

Stacy Shimp, 19

Stacy Shimp

Subhrodeep Hazra, 8, Singapore

Subhrodeep Hazra Singapore

Swadha Mohanty, 14

Swadha Mohanty

Swapnil Joshi, India

Swapnil Joshi

Sweety Sarkar, 17, India

Sydney Miles, 17, USA

Sydney Miles art

Tania Akter, 15, India

Tania Akter

Tay Wan Lin, 10, USA

Tay Wan Lin

Tejaswhini Sundar, 11, Malaysia

Tejaswhini Sundar

Trisha Co Reyes, 14, Philippines

Trisha Co Reyes

Victoria Phua Rui Qi, 13, SingaporeVictoria

Wanh Hong Jing, 7, Malaysia

Malaysian art

Wen Yan Thaddaeus Wang, 15, Singapore

Singapore art

Wong Ka Hung, China

Wong Ka Hung art

Yang Jing Loo, Malaysia

Yang Jing Loo

Yash Rameshwar Bohari, 10, USA

Yash Rameshwar Bohari

Yasmin Cattle, USA

Yasmin Cattle

Zita Xena Xaviera Rose, 10, Indonesia

climate change art

Thanks to the Rahara Nibedita Art Centre, India

Thanks to the Rahara Nibedita Art Centre, in India, for taking part in the contest three years straight!

India frog art center


Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Thanks to all the Artists.
Thanks to the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest Volunteers Hannah Atkinson, Chelsea.
Thanks to all our supporters and members!

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