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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the entry deadline?

All entries are to be either digitally submitted or postmarked no later than 11:59pm U.S. Pacific Time on December 10th, 2017.

Can I view the entries?

We will add the best art to the site once the contest is over.

Can I mail in my artwork?

Sorry, we do not accept paper art. Please take a photo of the art and submit that. Hang the art on your wall. And donate the money you saved in postage to SAVE THE FROGS! :)

Who can enter?

Anybody! We encourage students and teachers to get their art classes involved. We encourage amateur and professional artists and graphic designers to take part as well. And the more countries represented the better!

How and when will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced on this page, and via the SAVE THE FROGS! mailing list, which you should join now if you haven''s a great way for us to stay in touch with you about important events and news in the world of frogs!

How does frog art help SAVE THE FROGS!?

SAVE THE FROGS! has a multitude of uses for your frog art:

--The best art will be used on SAVE THE FROGS! t-shirts, postcards, posters and other eco-friendly, educational merchandise, to raise money for our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.

--The best art will illustrate a volume of the SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Book, which features the best poetry from our SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest.

-- We use the graphics on our website and in our marketing materials.

-- The artists gain a better appreciation for frogs...especially when
entire classrooms of students draw frog art!

-- Everybody who sees cool frog art will appreciate frogs more!

-- Even the kids' frog art is important: we include often include art as gifts in mailings to our supporters , and they always love the kids' frog art!

Frog Art by Noe RamirezHow many entries am I allowed?

Please submit as much frog art as you like!

Is SAVE THE FROGS! on Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook FrogsYes! Be sure to become a fan of the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter. Please tweet this contest, and post a link to this page on your Facebook page.

How much does it cost to enter?

The contest is free to enter!

I have a video camera, what can I do with it?

If you have a video camera, you could record yourself drawing Frog Art and then post the video on YouTube.

I want to support SAVE THE FROGS! - How can I help?

Help us guarantee that we never have to experience a world without frogs! Please support SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide amphibian conservation efforts by:

(1) Ordering a SAVE THE FROGS! t-shirt, tote bag, wristband, bumper sticker or other cool frog merchandise from the SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center; or

(3) Donate to SAVE THE FROGS! We cannot exist without your support, and every donation matters, regardless of size. Please show your support! We are a 501(c)(3) public charity, so all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Thanks!