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On this page you'll find a variety of free mp3's for your listening pleasure. If you like them, please pass them on to your friends and colleagues and help spread the word about SAVE THE FROGS. We'll be adding lots of audio tracks here, so check back often!


Here you can listen to various presentations by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder & Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger. Left click to listen, or right-click to download the mp3's.

2014-09-30 - San Diego Zoo
2014-06-03 - Cragmont Elementary School 4th Graders
2013-04-13 - Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia (in Spanish)
2013-04-12 - Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia (Spanish)
2012-11-07 - Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico (in Spanish)
2012-06-12 - Speech to US EPA's Atrazine Scientific Advisory Panel
2012-04-20 - Ravenscroft School 3rd graders - frog calls
2011-04-06 - Santa Cruz High School AP Bio Class
2011-03-31 - Mt Madonna School's 8th grade class - In Spanish
2010-11-03 - UCLA - Climate Change and Earth's Ecology Class
2010-06-08 - Monterey, CA - Monterey Bay Aquarium part1
2010-05-18 - Seaside, CA - Ord Terrace Elementary School
2010-05-27 - Felton, CA - Brook Knoll Elementary School


Download these SAVE THE FROGS! radio interviews by right clicking and choosing "Save Target As", or left-click to listen on the web.

2015-03-27 Kerry Kriger on Stanford University Radio (Kranky Kids)
2014-09-04 Kerry Kriger on the Insect News Network
2013-12-06 Kerry Kriger on Sonoma, CA 107.3 KOWS FM Radio
2013-04-19 Dr. Luis Rueda on Santa Marta, Colombia radio (Spanish)
2013-02-06 Kerry Kriger on LA Talk Radio Hill & Dale Show
2013-02-05 Kerry Kriger on Universal Grapevine KZSC 88.1FM
2012-10-03 Kerry Kriger on Sirius Radio (BYU's Morning Show)
2012-05-08 Kerry Kriger on ABC Australia Radio
2012-04-05 Kerry Kriger on Canada's Conscious Discussions Radio
2012-03-19 Save The Frogs at the Carnegie Center for the Arts
2012-03-07 Kerry Kriger on BBC Radio
2012-01-24 Chris Berry Discusses the Bullfrog Ban
2012-01-06 Charlottesville VA - 106.1 The Corner with Brad Savage
2012-01-06 Charlottesville VA - Z95.1 With Sherry Taylor
2011-12-20 Dr. Future Show with Kerry Kriger & Michael Starkey
2011-11-10 Atrazine Radio Story from California News Service
2011-11-06 Green Sense Radio with Robert Colangelo
2011-10-18 Food Integrity Now - Atrazine and other issues
2011-09-19 Kumasi Ghana's Focus 94.3FM
2011-06-23 Frog Legs Discussion on Food & Wine Talk Radio (Listen to other South Florida Gourmet radio interviews here.)
2011-06-12 Animals Today Radio with Lori Kirshner
2011-06-02 Southern California Public Radio - Dissections
2011-05-04 LA Talk Radio - Return to the The Hill & Dale Show
2011-05-01 Green Sense Radio with Robert Colangelo
2011-04-10 UC Santa Cruz with Casey Coughlin (starts 10 minutes in)
2011-04-07 National Geographic Radio with Boyd Mattson
2011-03-26 WildTime Radio UK with Thomas Janak (Listen to other WildTime Radio interviews here.
2011-03-01 Dr. Future Show on KSCO Santa Cruz
2011-02-03 Public Affairs Program KSCO Santa Cruz
2010-11-24 BBC Radio 5 Live
2010-09-08 LA Talk Radio - The Hill & Dale Show
2010-07-28 Endangered Species Coalition Podcast
2010-06-21 Crop To Cuisine with Dov Hirsch
2010-04-30 Making a Living with Maggie (on Martha Stewart Living Radio SIRIUS 112/XM 157)
2010-04-23 CIUT Toronto Interview.mp3
2010-02-12 Art Contest Charlottesville VA WVTF.mp3
2009-10-07 Frog Art Interview Part 1.mp3
2009-10-07 Frog Art Interview Part 2.mp3
2009-06-28 Conscious Discussions.mp3
2009-05-24 National Geographic Weekend XM PR.mp3
2009-04-28 Vancouver frogs 1410 AM.mp3
2009-04-28 Save The Frogs Day 1061 WCNR.mp3

Hyperolius marmoratus

Public Service Announcements

Please download this Public Service Announcement, send it to your local radio stations, and ask them to air it!

Jessica Vigna
Frog Art by Jessica Vigna

Frog Calls

Enjoy these recordings!

Acris crepitans - Northern Cricket Frog
Hyla Versicolor & Bufo americanus - Grey Treefrog & American Toad
Rana clamitans - Green Frog

Other Audio

Experience the sounds of the rainforest with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Chris Berry creating frog calls and music for your auditory delight.

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger provided testimony at the California Fish & Game Commission's May 20th 2010 hearing on the importation of non-native frogs and turtles into the state for use as food. Download it here.

Monterey Bay AquariumSave The Frogs

Seaside School

Students Frogs

Brook Knoll School Saves The Frogs

Elizabeth Tsang Frog Art