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Save The Frogs Day: April 30th, 2016

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Amphibian Conservation Awards

Total amount of awards SAVE THE FROGS! has disbursed as of November 2016: $74,127

Save The Frogs Day Awards | Conference Travel Grants |
Nate The Newt Award For Amphibian Conservation


SAVE THE FROGS! disburses awards & grants to highly-qualified undergraduates, graduate (Masters, Ph.D.) researchers and students working to conserve amphibian populations in their community. These awards will fund important amphibian conservation work, and will provide young scientists incentive to pursue careers in environmental conservation. If you are interested in applying for an award, we strongly suggest you join the SAVE THE FROGS! mailing list so that we can keep you posted when awards are announced.

Save The Frogs Day Award

Do you want to hold a Save The Frogs Day event? Need some funds to turn your brilliant idea into a reality? Tell us what you would do with $1,000, and you may win a Save The Frogs Day Award.
Learn more and see past winners here.
Total Amount Disbursed to date: $17,693

Save The Frogs Day

Ian Young Award for Amphibian Conservation

Congratulations to the undergraduates of SAVE THE FROGS! Cali in Colombia, who we awarded $1,250 in December 2013 to assist their project educating students about Colombia's illegal wildlife trade. Oscar Hernandez, Alejandro Valencia, Andres Felipe Jaramillo, Reynel Galvis, Ronald Viafara, Andrea Echeverry and Victoria Cardona will be conducting educational campaigns in communities that are near critical amphibian habitat. They will inform students, teachers and community members of the importance of amphibians, their role in the ecosystem, the threats they face, and how local people can help.Their focus is on three species of poison dart frogs (Phyllobates bicolor, Oophaga lehmanni, Andinobates viridis). They chose these species because they are brightly-colored and thus more easily appreciated by the public; they are being illegally trafficked; they have value to human medicine; and they are in localities that are easily accessed by SAVE THE FROGS! Cali educators.

Cali CVC frogs

Peter Henry Warny Award for Amphibian Conservation

SAVE THE FROGS! is pleased to award the undergraduates of the SAVE THE FROGS! UWSP Chapter with the 2014 Peter Henry Warny Award for Amphibian Conservation in the amount of $1,500. These dedicated students have been educating their fellow University of Wisconsin students and the greater Stevens Point community about frogs since 2012 and this award will enable them to increase their efforts.

Peter Henry Warny
In Loving Memory of Peter Henry Warny
(November 17, 1989 - June 8, 2013)

Conference Travel Grants

Attending professional conferences and presenting one's research results is an integral part of a research scientist's education and training, and an important way to make professional contacts and quickly disseminate research results to a broader audience. Unfortunately, these conferences are often prohibitively expensive for students. SAVE THE FROGS! disburses $500 travel grants to graduate students presenting important research results at professional conferences. Learn more and see past winners here.
Status: Not currently accepting applications
Total Amount Disbursed to date: $1,060

Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation

Are you a student 8th grade or younger? Want to save some frogs, but need some funding to turn your brilliant idea into a reality? SAVE THE FROGS! will soon be accepting applications for the 2012 Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation. Submit your proposal detailing how you would use $500 to save amphibians -- and you may win the $500 to set your plan into motion!
Status: Not currently accepting applications
Total Amount Disbursed to date: $500

Marie Kirchberger Award for Amphibian Conservation

In rememberance of Marie Kirchberger's generosity towards amphibian conservation efforts, we were pleased to offer Nurul Islam a $2,075 award in 2013 to fund his amphibian conservation work with SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh.

Amphibians in Popular Press Award

In 2013, SAVE THE FROGS! awarded author Dr. Marty Crump $500 to assist in the publication of her upcoming book, the focus of which is our cultural perceptions about amphibians and reptiles and what these might mean for conservation of the animals. The goal of the book is to encourage people to improve their perceptions of these animals and to understand why they feel the way they do about amphibians and reptiles.


Please help us fund these awards!

Donate CharityThese awards are funded by members of the public who share our concerns. The government does not provide SAVE THE FROGS! with any monetary assistance and thus we depend on you! Our goal is to provide as many of these awards as possible, as each award contributes significantly to amphibian conservation. Please help out: even a $20 donation is important!

Would you like an Amphibian Conservation Awards created in your name or the name of a loved one? Please read here.

Diasporus citrinobapheus photo courtesy Andreas Hertz.