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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh

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Donate FrogsIntroduction

SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh is a non-profit volunteer organization based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Our mission is to protect Bangladesh's amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. We are the first Asian branch of USA-based SAVE THE FROGS!. Please show your support: to place a tax-deductible donation to SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh, click the icon to the right, donate, then just contact us to ask that your funds be directed to SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh. Thanks for your support!

bangladesh frogsBangladesh is home to 38 known species of amphibians. These species are facing extreme threats due to the country’s dense human population. Habitat destruction, harmful pesticides, climate change and overharvesting are contributing to the decline of amphibians in Bangladesh. Unfortunately amphibian conservation is a neglected issue in Bangladesh and little work has been conducted to ameliorate the threats to the country’s amphibians. Local people are not aware of the importance of amphibians as there have been no conservation educations program in Bangladesh prior to the recent arrival of SAVE THE FROGS!.

"Together we can create a new era of amphibian conservation in Bangladesh."
-- Nurul Islam, Co-Founder of SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh

Save The Frogs Bangladesh

Find us on Facebook

Find SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh on Facebook here

Our general aims and objectives

1. Educating the public about the importance of amphibians and strengthen their appreciation of Bangladesh's amphibian populations.

2. Empowering students and researchers to become amphibian conservationists in Bangladesh.

3. Observation of Save The Frogs Day in Bangladesh and working to get proper recognition in Bangladesh.

4. Conducting amphibian conservation research in Bangladesh with an emphasis on threats management, infectious disease and taxonomy.

5. Take part in other initiatives of SAVE THE FROGS! USA and assist their worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.


Promoting Amphibian Education & Conservation In Bangladesh

Download Project Summary (PDF)
Download Project Budget (Excel)

With your generous financial support, SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh will institute educational initiatives among schoolchildren, farmers, university students, biology professors, government agencies and nonprofit professionals to dramatically increase amphibian conservation activities in Bangladesh. We will develop educational and outreach materials in native languages, give educational presentations in schools, train passionate environmentalists in amphibian field ecology and techniques, and coordinate Bangladesh’s 1st National Conference on Amphibian Conservation. The educational materials will be made available on the SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh website for easy and widespread access. Press releases will be used to garner nationwide and international media attention, and our successes will be communicated to environmentalists worldwide via the SAVE THE FROGS! newsletter, (which has 26,000+ subscribers) and our social networks. Expected outcomes of the project include:

1. A conscious community that can take further action to protect amphibians.
2.  A highly effective, well-recognized SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh organization.
3.  A rich web resource of educational materials on this webpage.
4. National and international media attention to highlight amphibian conservation in Bangladesh.

The project encompasses six main parts:

1. Save The Frogs Day

Save The Frogs Day is the world's largest day of amphibian education and conservation action. On this day we encourage the appreciation and celebration of amphibians by people from all walks of life. Conceived and coordinated by SAVE THE FROGS! Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger, our supporters worldwide held over 200 educational events in 39 countries on the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 28, 2012); in Bangladesh, we held twelve events, which were coordinated by Nurul Islam and reached 2,000 participants. On the 6th Annual Save The Frogs Day (Saturday April 26th, 2014) we aim to hold five major events throughout Bangladesh. These events will take place at at universities and schools, coordinated by Nurul Islam, with the assistance of our nationwide network of biologists. You can view our event budget here.

Save The Frogs Day Bangladesh
Save The Frogs Day Parade in Chittagong, April 28, 2012

2. Developing educational materials in English and Bangla.

We will develop educational materials in English and Bangla (native language). These materials will illustrate the importance of amphibians, the threats they face, and how people can help ensure their survival. Printed copies will be in Bangla, and distributed at schools, community bulletin boards, conferences, and university biology departments. Digital copies in both English and Bangla will be made available on for widespread international access. Specifically, we will produce:

A) Flyers: Quantity 300; size A4 (21cm x 30cm)
B) “Amphibians of Bangladesh” posters: Quantity 200; size 46cm x 61cm
C) Info Cards: Quantity 5,000; size 4x6” see
D) Species Cards for 10 species; Quantity 1000 cards per species; size 6cm x 9cm; each card features photo of species, life history traits and conservation issues.

3. Educating schoolchildren about amphibian conservation in Bangladesh.

Schoolchildren are the future leaders of the country’s environmental movement. We will conduct educational campaigns in 25 middle schools and high schools in the greater Chittagong area, including both urban and rural schools. We will educate at least 2,500 total students through this program. Each school campaign will include:

A) Live presentation on amphibians by Nurul Islam (22 schools) and Dr. Kerry Kriger (3 schools). When electricity is available this will be via slideshow adapted from those on:
B) Essay writing competition so that students get experience researching and writing about amphibians, as well as learning from other students’ findings.
C) Drawing competition. The SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest ( has proven extremely successful, last year receiving over 2,000 entries from 30+ countries. Students learn about frog physiology and often incorporate threats to frogs in their art. SAVE THE FROGS! uses the art to raise funds and awareness for our cause.

4. Educating the community about amphibian conservation in Bangladesh.

It is impossible to conserve any species without involvement of the community people from different profession and culture. Two major threats to amphibians in Bangladesh arise from farmers’ use of pesticides, and people who collect frogs to sell them for food in the markets. We will conduct campaigns among the farmers in 5 villages to educate them about the hazards of pesticides and motivate them to use alternative, more environmentally-friendly farming methods. The tribal people illegally harvest wild frogs for their meals; for selling in the marketplace; and for illegal export for frog legs from Bangladesh. We will identify Chittagong marketplaces where wild frog are sold and educate the hunters about amphibians (in person and via flyers in the marketplace), motivate them to find alternative livelihoods (which future projects of ours will aim to financially support). We will also educate consumers and motivate them to eat other foods. Press releases and radio interviews will be used to reach large audiences throughout Bangladesh.

5. Field component for Bangladesh’s university students, professors, government, and nonprofit professionals.

We will conduct a 3-day field program to educate and train 20 total people about the greater Chittagong area’s local amphibians, including their identification, habitats, and ecology from a field perspective. All participants will be chosen based on a rigorous application process to ensure the most qualified and dedicated individuals. The breakdown will be:
A) Eight university students majoring in biological sciences or environmental policy
B) Five biology professors
C) Two government agents from the Department of Forestry
D) Five nonprofit professionals from the environment and education sectors

Training will be led by Dr. Kerry Kriger, Nurul Islam, Dr. Farid Ashan and other local wildlife experts. Amphibian photos from the expedition will benefit future educational materials. After the training, the students will add our observations to the Global Amphibian BioBlitz.

6. Bangladesh’s 1st National Seminar on Amphibian Conservation.

Immediately following the field component, we will hold the country’s first ever amphibian conservation seminar, in collaboration with the IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group. This two-day conference will be hosted by Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University (CVASU) and will accommodate 200 attendees, eight speakers (including Dr. Kerry Kriger) and have sufficient time for discussions, brainstorming and networking. The participants will be from Bangladesh and abroad. The policy maker, scientist and students can participate in the seminar. Videos of the proceedings will be posted on YouTube and the SAVE THE FROGS! website.


Meet Nurul Islam

Dear All Frog-Lovers,
I am Nurul Islam, Executive Director of Save The Frogs Bangladesh. I have been volunteering for Dr. Kerry Kriger since 2009 and have dedicated more than 200 hours to Save The Frogs! I am pleased to inform you that we celebrated the 2011 Save The Frogs Day with 12 educational events throughout Bangladesh. I coordinated these events with the generous assistance of a $2,000 award from SAVE THE FROGS! and we reached more than 2,000 people through those Save The Frogs Day events. We also got major media attention in both local and national newspapers. You can read about the events and see photos here.

I am currently finishing up my internship at the Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University and hope to dedicate my career to saving the frogs. My plan this year is to organize five top-notch events throughout Bangladesh, each event being even better than those of years past. To organize and hold these events I must raise US$2,400 (here's the budget Dr. Kriger and I created). I am happy to announce that Dr. Kriger has just awarded me the $1,000 Marie Kirchberger Award for Amphibian Conservation, in recognition of my past efforts and to commemorate the late Ms. Kirchberger's love of frogs. That means I still need to raise the remaining $1,400.
Bangladesh is a poor country where raising funds is very difficult, so I sincerely hope that you can donate to SAVE THE FROGS! today so that we can educate thousands of Bangladeshis about frogs this Save The Frogs Day. Many students are becoming interested in frogs here and I know that with the support of the worldwide SAVE THE FROGS! community, we can save Bangladesh's fragile environment and create a better future for frogs and for humans! You can place a secure tax-deductible donation through the SAVE THE FROGS! USA website…and if you donate $50 or more will list you in the Thank You section of

Thanks for donating and giving me the opportunity to SAVE BANGLADESH'S FROGS!

Your friend in Bangladesh,
Nurul Islam

Nurul Islam
Nurul Islam, Co-Founder of SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh



Please read this article on SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh

Islam, M.N., Shaikat, A.H., Khan, S.A., Hassan, M.M., Kriger, K.M. (2010) Concern over destroying frog habitat on the occasion of Save The Frogs Day in Bangladesh. FrogLog 20(3):28



April 11, 2013: Bangladesh Online Conference

SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh Executive Director Nurul Islam will give a 1 Hour presentation among the event organizers, volunteers and frog lovers of Bangladesh. History of Save The Frogs Day and some guidelines for successful event organizing will be discussed in the web meeting. He will also answer different questions related to Save The Frogs Day and SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh. Please join the meeting at 10pm (GMT+6):

frog meeting bangladesh online

April 27, 2013: Save The Frogs Day Worldwide

Save The Frogs Day iconSAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh is organizing multiple events across the country on the occasion of 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day. Learn about the Bangladesh events on the Save The Frogs Day 2013 webpage. Amphibian species in Bangladesh are facing extreme threats of decline due to country dense human population, habitat destruction, harmful pesticides, climate change and illegal overharvesting. The day will be observed with an aim to raise awareness among the community people about rapid declination of amphibian population in Bangladesh. The five events will be coordinated by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh Executive Director Nurul Islam. Through different educational campaigns, rallies and seminars we aim to reach more than 1,000 people in Bangladesh. Please contact Nurul Islam at or +8801675232312 for any further information. Also please like our Facebook page!

April 28th, 2012: Bangladesh

SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh organized 18 educational events throughout Bangladesh in celebration of the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day. View more photos and learn more about the events here.

Mymensingh frogs

Chawai frogs

Chittagong Frog Parade

Sylhet frogs

February 10th, 2012: Bangladesh

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave a presentation via webinar, followed by a Skype Q&A session, to 75 scientists from the Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Science University in Bangladesh, to discuss a new era of amphibian conservation in Bangladesh and the formation of SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh.

Watch a video of the webinar here!

Bangladesh Save The Frogs

Bangladesh Skype frogs


Thank You To Our Generous Donors!

Thanks so much to the following people who have donated to support our efforts!

Marie Kirchberger
Fiona Priskich
Louisa Jaskulski
Cornelius De Haan

If you donate $50 or more to our Bangladeshi frog saving efforts, we will happily list your name here as well! Just donate here and then email to let us know to direct your contribution to SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh.

bangladesh frog thanks

Bangladesh frogs postcard



Please contact or for more info or for information on donating to SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh.