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Save The Frogs Day: April 30th, 2016

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Fundraise for the SAVE THE FROGS!

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Create your own personalized fundraising webpage


Create your personalized fundraising webpage

We are excited to introduce personalized fundraising webpages! These are webpages that allow you to tell your friends and family the story about why you love amphibians, and ask them to donate to SAVE THE FROGS! directly through your own page. You'll be able to set a fundraising goal and easily view how much money you have raised for the frogs. Your personalized fundraising page will allow you to spread the word about SAVE THE FROGS! and will raise donations from people outside our current network. We challenge everyone to start out with a $500 fundraising goal.

Please create your own personal fundraising webpage here!
Be sure to tell your personal story about why you care about frogs and why your potential donors should chip in.

Have a Bake Sale for the Frogs!

People love cookies and other tasty treats, so if you have any cooking skills you can hold a bake sale to raise money for SAVE THE FROGS! this Save The Frogs Day -- or whenever suits you. Set up in your school, office or even on the street corner.

Here are some places to purchase frog cookie cutters:
Global Sugar Art
Amazon Cookie Cutters

"My daughter, Mack is graduating this year from grade eight and I am part of the graduation committee. We were discussing different ideas to help raise funds for the graduation and I suggested a joint fundraiser to include Save The Frogs. With the support of the grad committee, grads and Principal we sold frog cookies, frog gummies and held a raffle for frog filled baskets. I am happy to say we raised $83.25 for Save the Frogs! I've attached a few photos of our table for you. The cookies were made with the frog cookie cutter I received from you a few years ago, and of course who doesn't like gummy frogs! I've sent our donation through your website - thank you for all you do!
Melanie Oudshoorn"

Frog Fundraiser

Frog Flag

fundraise charity

Frog Cookies

Charity Cookies

Kids fundraising

"Hello Kerry! My daughter Mackenzie & her friend Emily along with myself, sold frog cookies and frog gummies at their school bazaar this year and were able to raise $51 to go towards all the hard work Save The Frogs does. We are hoping to have a big event to raise more awareness and hopefully more funds for Save The Frogs in April 2013. Keep up the great work!"
-- Melanie Oudshoorn, Canada

"Kerry, just wanted to let you know that I love the frog cookie cutters and really enjoyed that it was packed with a child's original drawing.
Keep up the good work!" -- Carol Janney, Pittsburgh, PA

Hold a Fundraising Houseparty!

Fundraising house parties and office parties are great ways to celebrate Save The Frogs Day, your birthday....or any day! They spread the word and educate people about amphibian extinctions, and are an excellent method of raising funds for Save The Frogs' worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. Plus, fundraising parties are a fun way to catch up with friends! And they aren't very hard to set up. Here's how to have a successful party for the frogs!

eBay / MissionFish

SAVE THE FROGS! is registered with eBay and its charitable wing MissionFish. That means when you sell an item on eBay you can dedicate a portion or all of the proceeds to SAVE THE FROGS!. Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings? Boost your sales and support our critical work while you're at it! Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees. So please designate SAVE THE FROGS! as a charitable recipient of your next sale. We suggest using text in your item description that begins with something to the effect of "100% of proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will go directly to SAVE THE FROGS! (, America’s first and only public charity dedicated to amphibian conservation." Thanks!

Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to SAVE THE FROGS: here's how to set it up

Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases from their Amazon Smile site to SAVE THE FROGS!. And don't worry, Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know: same products, same prices, same service. All you have to do to get setup is visit the Amazon Smile registration page; log in using your usual Amazon email and password and select SAVE THE FROGS! as your charity of choice. Tens of millions of their products are eligible for this program, and there is nothing more you need to do in the future other than shopping at rather than the normal pathway. Amazon will know to donate 0.5% of your purchases there to SAVE THE FROGS!

Amazon Smile

What search engine do you use?

GoodSearch LogoHow many search queries do you perform a day? Probably 20 or more! GoodSearch is a great search engine that actually donates a penny or two to SAVE THE FROGS! every time you search. This adds up! Use GoodSearch as your primary search engine and you could be raising $100 per year for SAVE THE FROGS!, with no effort on your part.
Get the
GoodSearch Save The Frogs Toolbar here!

Get the Save The Frogs Toolbar!

This rocks! It's the Save The Frogs Toolbar powered by GoodSearch. Add the toolbar to your Internet Explorer or Firefox, and each time you shop at more than 1,300 online stores a percentage of your purchases will automatically be donated to Save The Frogs - at no cost to you! We tested this search bar for the last month, and raised about $40 for Save The Frogs by having the search bar installed on a single computer. This works out to almost $500 per year, per user!


Other ways to raise money

Here are some other ways to raise money: (1) collect money from your parents, friends' parents and team members' parents -- you'll be amazed how many YES answers you get when you ask people you know to help; (2) get your parents to collect money at their workplaces; (3) start a SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter at your school, and sell SAVE THE FROGS! bumper stickers, t-shirts, pins, wristbands that we may be able to provide you. (4) Use your webpage or your social networking page to spread the word. Ask your online friends to donate to us. Put links to SAVE THE FROGS! on your site.

Be creative, have fun and remember that even loose change add up! THANK YOU!!!

Get creative!

Jordan Aucoin made these awesome frog sculptures and sold them to raise funds for SAVE THE FROGS!. You probably have some talent you can put to use for the frogs as well!

Jordan Aucoin

Jordan Aucoin art

Jordan Aucoin art

Carry an envelope

Here's a fundraising tip: keep an envelope with SAVE THE FROGS! written on it. Have it visible when asking your friends for donations, then. When someone donates, put their cash in the envelope -- that makes you look more professional and encourages donations!

Take advantage of special frog days!

4/4 Forty-Four: Forty-Four Minutes For The Frogs
Save The Frogs Day

Create your SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising Webpage

We will soon have SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising Webpages that enable you to easily raise money for SAVE THE FROGS!, track your success, and show your friends and family everything you're doing to change the world. You can even set up a team page so that your classmates or friends who also want to fundraise can join your fundraising team to help reach a larger goal. Stay tuned!

-- People you know are the most likely people to donate to your cause. You'll be amazed at how much support you will get from friends and family if you ask.
-- Personalize your profile page. Add some photos and speak in your own voice.

A message from 13 Year Old Frog Saver Rachel Hopkins

My name is Rachel Hopkins, I’m a 13 girl who loves frogs. I want to make sure these wonders of nature survive the 21st century, so I've been working hard for the past year to bring awareness of the amphibian extinction issue to the citizens of North Carolina. Last April I got my entire school involved with Save The Frogs Day and raised $1,200 for SAVE THE FROGS!. I've spoken on local radio and in front of my County's Commissioners. In November 2011 at my request Governor Bev Perdue officially designated April 28, 2012 as Save The Frogs Day in the state of North Carolina. Amphibians are having trouble not just in North Carolina but all around the world, and SAVE THE FROGS! is our best hope to save them. If everyone does their part, I know we will succeed.

Please show your compassion for our planet and its creatures, and fundraise for SAVE THE FROGS!
Every dollar makes a big difference.

Rachel Hopkins

Rachel Hopkins frogs

Kara Snyder's class raised $350 for SAVE THE FROGS!

"Dr. Kriger, Thank you for all of your love and passion for amphibian conservation. My students felt empowered after your skype session and have been talking about how they can be more conscious of amphibian conservation as well as other environmental issues. SAVE THE FROGS! is a very unique organization. The dedication that you and your staff make to get information out to people inspires others to get involved. I feel like I stumbled on an educational gold mine. Please accept my school's modest donation from the proceeds of our "freaky frog" calendars. They were a labor of love! Regards, Kara"

Kara Snyder

Add this banner to your site!

Help us spread the word and find more fundraisers by adding this banner to your site, linked to this page!

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