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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Please send us a book from our Amazon Wish List!

All gifts should be sent to SAVE THE FROGS! at the address listed on our contact page.


Want to help SAVE THE FROGS! get the gear we need to do our jobs as efficiently and safely as possible? On this page we list lots of items we currently need. If you order us something, please email us at so we can remove the item from this page. If you see an item listed here, we still seek it; we will remove items as soon as they are ordered, so rest assured you will not be unnecessarily duplicating anyone else's gift. Need a receipt for tax-deduction purposes? Just email us the receipt for the goods and we'll write you up a donation receipt for the IRS. Thanks for helping SAVE THE FROGS!

Send us a book from our Amazon Wish List!

SAVE THE FROGS! has created a Wish List on Amazon. These are books that help us run SAVE THE FROGS! as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Have a look and if you see something that you'd like us to have, let Amazon ship it directly to us! Feel free to get paperback versions or used copies. Thanks!

Digital SLR Camera

SAVE THE FROGS! makes significant use out of high quality photos, at our events and in the field, in order to spread our message of amphibian conservation. In order to get that perfect shot, we seek a Digital SLR Camera. We'd love a Nikon D5300: can you donate one of these cameras to SAVE THE FROGS? Alternatively, do you have a digital SLR camera that is slightly used, but still takes high-quality photos? We would put it to good use! If you can donate your camera to SAVE THE FROGS! then please email us at, thanks!

iPad or Android tablet

Are you about to upgrade your iPad or Android tablet device? If so, we would really appreciate your old one! We would like to use it in our SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center.

Frog Games, Puzzles, Figurines and Books

We love having cool frog games, puzzles, figurines and books for kids who visit the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center. If you have some items to donate, please send them our way!

Thanks to these Wish List Donors!

Carol Janney
David Speiser
Rochelle Owen
Choti Singh
Sonja Newlyn
Bill & Jane Irwin
Maverick Mailing
Debra Mahony
Deborah Blake Dempsey
Rochelle Owen
Peggy Gibbs
Julia Moriarity
Jessica Yoak
Jennifer Lillibridge
Henry Scarborough
Diane L. Wilson
Kate Behrens
Peggy Gibbs
Central Park School For Children, Durham
Steven Steuber

"My first and second grade classes completed a service learning project on frogs and amphibians. As a culminating event, we created frog sculptures and auctioned them to raise money to support your cause. Today, we were able to purchase 3 headlamps (Princeton Tec Apex LED) and have them delivered to your office. Our students and their families were so happy to be able to give back to our environment. Please accept our gift knowing that all of the proceeds came from the hands and hearts of creative 6, 7, and 8 year old children! We thank you for your service to saving frogs in our environment!
Raenel Duncan-Edmonds and Erica Naji's 1st and 2nd Graders"
Central Park School for Children, Durham, NC



We seek Princeton Tec Apex 2010 Headlamps for night-time frogging, especially for our volunteers and staff in Ghana, Bangladesh, Colombia and Mexico, where access to quality headlamps is limited and expensive. These headlamps are bright, sturdy, comfortable and have a long battery life, making night-time frogging much safer, enjoyable and productive.

Note from Dr. Kerry Kriger: Frogging in the rainforest at night is extremely dangerous! During my Ph.D. research I compiled a list of the Top 7 Most Likely Ways To Die While Frogging. From slipping on a slippery rock on a stream and bashing your head to getting bitten by a green mamba, or getting lost in the forest at night, the last thing you want is to have to depend on a bad hand-held light.

Stream Crossing

Princeton Tec headlamp