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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Drumming For The Frogs

Intro | Frequently Asked Questions | Musicians For Frogs

Drumming For The Frogs is a worldwide movement inspiring drummers to raise awareness for endangered amphibian species.

Drumming Frogs


Help us make a big noise DRUMMING FOR THE FROGS! Let your drums ring out from the highest mountaintops to the deepest valleys, on downtown streets, in school buildings, and at the doorsteps of politicians and corporations that pollute, sell frog legs, destroy habitat or otherwise harm frogs. And let it be known to all who hear: the time has come to SAVE THE FROGS!

Drums Frogs

You can organize a Drumming For The Frogs event!

Do you like drums and frogs? So do we! Please organize a Drumming For the Frogs musical/educational event in your school or community! Please tell us about it so we can provide advice and educational materials. Please send your event photos to:

Frogs Drums

South Indian frog playing the mridangam: Indian Frog Art by Ankita Misra, 11

Drumming For The Frogs depend on your support!

Drum FrogDrumming For The Frogs is not being brought to you by McDonalds, Coca-Cola or Budweiser. Not even by BP or your favorite soap company! Please donate today to help fund Drumming For The Frogs and our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Your donation helps us create amphibian education materials and otherwise raise awareness for amphibians. Please contact us to let us know to direct your donation to Drumming For the Frogs. Thank you!


Drumming For The Frogs Events Listing

April 8th, 2014: Berkeley, California

Pease join us for a night of live drumming and lessons at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley, California. SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and other drummers will be on hand to set the beat and give you simple tips to get you Drumming For The Frogs. $5 suggested donation. 730pm-9pm. 2524 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

Chiana, Ghana - April 22, 2013

What better way to have a good time and make some noise about the urgency for people to take action on behalf of the frogs than by Drumming For The Frogs! The drummers' shirts say "Say No To Frogmeat".

Ghana drums

San Francisco - May 19, 2012

SAVE THE FROGS! invites drummers, music lovers and frog lovers of all ages to join SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger at the DRUMMING FOR THE FROGS extravaganza at San Francisco's oceanside Sharp Park on May 19th, 2012. Bring your family and friends and of course your drum! The May 19th date was specifically chosen because though the City of San Francisco denied our request to hold a free Save The Frogs Day educational event on Sharp Park property, they approved a May 19th, 2012 golf fundraiser at Sharp Park, the goal of which is to raise money to fight our frog conservation efforts, and thus continue draining the Sharp Park wetlands. We will surround the course and make sure the City of San Francisco and all the golfers at the fundraiser know that wildlife comes before golf. Learn more about the May 19th Drumming For The Frogs event here.

May 19 Drumming For The Frogs

Drums Frogs

San Francisco - April 28, 2012

The inaugural Drumming For The Frogs event was originally scheduled to take place at the City of San Francisco's frog-killing Sharp Park Golf Course on Save The Frogs Day April 28, 2012. Unfortunately for the area's wildlife, this free educational/cultural event never occurred because the City of San Francisco denied SAVE THE FROGS! the permit we requested. The City gave no valid reason for denying the event. Learn more about the April 28 educational events that the City of San Francisco never allowed to occur. And join us at Sharp Park May 19th to protest the City's decision!


Frequently Asked Questions...and stuff we want you to know

Why drums?

Drums have been used worldwide since the dawn of human history as both a means of celebration and as a psychological weapon to energize the battalion and to inspire fear in the enemies. Drumming For The Frogs is a celebration of frogs, nature, and wildlife, and also a battle in the unfolding environmental revolution that will transform our society to one that lives in harmony with the Earth. Plus drums are a whole lot of fun to play!

Drumming For The Frogs is a worldwide event!

We encourage all people to organize Save The Frogs Day "Drumming For The Frogs" events in your town, whether it is an informal drum circle, a parade with drummers through downtown, or a drum concert. If you are attending someone else's event, ask the organizer of the event if they will be Drumming For The Frogs. If so, bring your fellow musicians! We encourage all Save The Frogs Day events to have at least some drums appear at some point. Please register your Drumming For The Frogs event using the Save The Frogs Day registration page and be sure to mention there will be drumming!

Please Register Your Drumming For The Frogs Event!

If you are organizing a Drumming For The Frogs event for Save The Frogs Day, or even if you just plan to have drums as part of your primarily non-drumming Save The Frogs Day event, please register your Drumming For The Frogs event using the Save The Frogs Day registration page and be sure to mention there will be drumming! Thank you!!!

Take Drum Videos & Win $100 CASH

Help spread the word and maximize your impact by getting good video footage that you can post to YouTube. We will give a $100 prize to the group that submits the best Save The Frogs Day "Drumming For The Frogs" video! Please try to wear a SAVE THE FROGS! T-Shirt or have a SAVE THE FROGS! Flag in the video.

Why Drums? - Part 2

By SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

I like to play drums. I play darabukas from Turkey & Egypt, tabla from India, a dondo (talking drum) from Ghana as well as a variety of other musical instruments from around the world. Many of my most creative frog-saving thoughts come to me while drumming. Drums make people smile. I dream sometimes of playing music full-time, but my desire to SAVE THE FROGS! is too strong to do that. Thus one of my goals in life is to juxtapose the world of music and environmentalism and create a synergistic effect in which the musicians of the world can help raise awareness and funds for environmental efforts, and our environmental events can turn more people on to the beauty of listening to and especially playing music.

Drumming For The Frogs is the first of what I envision to be many environmentally-themed musical events (or musically-themed environmental events, depending how you view it!). I appreciate your support! Happy Drumming!

Drumming for Ghana's frogs at the Grand Opening Celebration of the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center:Kerry Kriger drums

Drumming at Triglav, Slovenia in the early days of SAVE THE FROGS!:Drumming For The Frogs

Drumming in Bukhansan National Park, South Korea:Drums Frog

Drumming in South Korea:Drumming for Frogs

This is where I bought my talking drum, Kumasi, Ghana. Please support SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana!!!Drums Ghana

Croatian sunset drum jam on the shores of the Adriatic. I conceived Save The Frogs Day in Budapest in late 2008 and came here a couple weeks later to celebrate the new year.Drumming Frogs

Drumming in Telascica National Park, Croatia:

Drumming For The Frogs at Assemblywoman Fiona Ma's Salsa & Drums Cookoff in San Francisco:Fiona Drumming

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger drumming for the frogs one autumn morning at Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park. Dr. Kriger originally moved to California to study music and will be performing regularly at Drumming For The Frogs events on a variety of drums:Kerry Kriger Drums

Rasta Frog Art by Madison Spees, 14

Rasta Frog


Thanks for drumming for the frogs!