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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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The SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center is CLOSED until Spring 2015. We are not accepting any orders for merchandise currently!

SAVE THE FROGS! has the best gifts for frog lovers. Shop and feel good knowing that 100% of the proceeds from your order go towards our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. The frogs appreciate your support, and so do we!

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Help us put an end to frog dissections!

The frog dissections trade is responsible for the depletion of wild populations, the spread of invasive species, and the spread of infectious diseases. The largely unregulated trade is posing serious threat to amphibian populations from the USA, Egypt, Nepal, and elsewhere. Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives to traditional frog dissection that provide a high quality education and have less impact on the environment. The dissection software on this page is great, plus proceeds go to SAVE THE FROGS!

Digital Frog 2.5

SAVE THE FROGS! is pleased to have teamed up with the Digital Frog International for a major campaign to get frog dissections out of all United States public schools by 2014. The Digital Frog International's software Digital Frog 2.5 not only saves the need for using real frogs, the entire program is a wealth of information on the anatomy and ecology of amphibians.


Digital Frog 2.5

25% Gets Donated to SAVE THE FROGS!

To kick off The Race To Stop Dissections Campaign, the Digital Frog International is donating 25% of the proceeds to SAVE THE FROGS for anybody who orders after clicking through from this webpage. So please get yourself or your school a copy of this fantastic software. The Digital Frog 2.5 will save the frogs, and save you money in the long run: all those frogs, scalpels and bottles of formaldehyde add up!

Finalize your order here!Frog calendar

Thanks for your support!



"We ordered Digital Frog for Alex's science this fall (I homeschool him). He has finished the ecology section and is starting the anatomy this afternoon. We got a SAVE THE FROGS card with the package! He was super thrilled that you endorse this product. Alex has been reading on his own how to be more environmentally friendly. I think we have a convert and a future ecologist in our house. Thank you for what you do. He is a faithful follower and reads anything you have."
--Ingrid Bairstow, Norfolk, VA