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The SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center is CLOSED until Spring 2015. We are not accepting any orders for merchandise currently!

SAVE THE FROGS! has the best gifts for frog lovers. Shop and feel good knowing that 100% of the proceeds from your order go towards our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. The frogs appreciate your support, and so do we!

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Tote Bag FrogsThis high-tech environmentally friendly SAVE THE FROGS! tote bag is made out of 7 recycled plastic bottles. It is composed of 99% recycled materials, and even has a built in pouch. The entire tote bag is easily condensed inside the pouch to become the size of a tennis ball!

"I absolutely LOVE my STF shopping bags...really very light and compact. I always use them. Might give some as gifts this year...I keep three in my car at all times...I can't live without my Save The Frogs Tote Bag!"
--Dr. Paige Powers; Red Frog Member, Charlottesville, VA

"I love my Save The Frogs bag!"
--Wendy St. John; Los Angeles, CA

"I love the tote bag. I clip it to my keychain and use it frequently (like yesterday) and help to keep green!"
-- Franceska Zweifler; Bethesda, MD

"It's the coolest bag on the planet."
--Save The Frogs Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

Read the Top Ten Reasons the Save The Frogs Tote Bag Completely Rocks!

Tote Bag eco -JWebleyThis bag not only looks great, but will significantly reduce your need for harmful plastic or brown paper bags when you go grocery shopping. Did you know Americans go through 1.2 million plastic grocery bags every hour?

Tote bag comes in a beautiful Pacific Blue, and includes a free carabiner.

"It’s light weight, strong, and clips onto your key ring. So wherever your keys go, your reusable shopping bag goes too. It’s awesome. And it floats! A must have for a marine ecologist."
--Dr. James Webley; Brisbane, Australia

Order a SAVE THE FROGS Tote Bag now!

Only $12...all proceeds to amphibian conservation efforts!

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Pacific Blue

Plastic Bag Fact: Californians use up to 19 billion plastic bags each year. These bags take up 2% of landfill space!

Red-Eyed Treefrog Tote Bag

This beautiful bag features artwork by SAVE THE FROGS! Art Director Ms. Leah Klehn. Available in the SAVE THE FROGS! Cafepress store.

Tote Bag Frog


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