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Stop Junk Mail

Your junk mail. Your responsibility.

Stop Junk MailAll that junk mail you get is a nuisance isn't it? Well that's not the only problem: junk mail is also an environmental nightmare! That's why SAVE THE FROGS! has teamed up with, a nonprofit that guarantees they will stop 90% of your junk mail. Sign up and will donate $15 to SAVE THE FROGS!. If you are like the average American, you receive 41 pounds of junk mail each year. Tired of it? So are we! Take action today.

Junk Mail and the Destruction of Forests

Stop junk mail catalogues More than 100 million trees are chopped down each year to produce junk mail. Habitat destruction is the number one cause of frog extinctions worldwide. The clearcut rainforest to the right was the former home of the now extinct Southern Day Frogs (Taudactylus diurnus) and Southern Gastric-Brooding Frogs (Rheobatrachus silus). Hundreds of other frog species are under imminent threat as well.
Stop Junk Mail, Save The Forests, & SAVE THE FROGS!

Junk Mail and Global Warming

Assa darlingtoni junk mailCreating and shipping junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than nine million cars, contributing to global warming that is driving frog species to extinction...not just in tropical cloud forests where the cloud levels are rising, but right here in America's very own Yellowstone National Park, where ponds are drying up from the persistent droughts of the last two decades. In Australia, the marsupial frog (Assa darligtoni) is under threat. They bypass the tadpole stage, laying their eggs in the moist leaf litter. When the eggs hatch, tiny froglets emerge and crawl into the father's hip pockets, safe for a month. But global warming is drying the forests where the marsupial frog lives. No moist leaf litter, no marsupial frogs.
Stop Junk Mail, Stop Global Warming, & SAVE THE FROGS!

Junk Mail and Wasted Water

Frogs rely on freshwater sources such as streams and rivers. But humans divert much of that water to irrigate crops, to fill swimming pools and -- you guessed it -- to produce junk mail! Approximately 28 billion gallons of water are wasted to produce and recycle junk mail each year. No wonder the Colorado River does not even reach the sea any more.
Stop Junk Mail, Save The Rivers, & SAVE THE FROGS!

Junk Mail and Heavy Metals

The inks used in junk mail have high concentrations of heavy metals, which are bad for humans and decrease immune response in frogs, leaving them susceptible to infectious diseases like chytridiomycosis.

Your Mailbox Today

The average American adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year, 44% of which goes to the landfill unopened. On average, we receive 64 pieces of junk mail each month, compared to only six personal letters.

Your Mailbox Tomorrow

How to Stop Junk eliminates 80-95% of junk mailings for you by contacting dozens of direct marketers on your behalf. Not only do they guarantee their service, but they also donate $15 to SAVE THE FROGS! when you sign up. By stopping your junk mail, you’ll save approximately 20 trees and 7,000 gallons of water, prevent global warming emissions, and best of all you'll be helping SAVE THE FROGS!

Live in the San Francisco Bay Area?

If so, you should use Fast Haul for all your junk removal and recycling needs! They support SAVE THE FROGS!