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The SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine is your #1 source of amphibian conservation information in print and is the official magazine of SAVE THE FROGS!. Published quarterly, the magazine contains amazing frog photos, articles on current amphibian conservation issues, scientific updates, frog art and poetry, reports from SAVE THE FROGS! volunteers and lots of ways for teachers, students, scientists and frog lovers to get involved in worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.

Save The Frogs Magazine September 2015

"We loved the magazine. It's really well designed and does a great job capturing the breadth of activities STF! is involved in. Thanks again! Best wishes."
-- Dan Kabat, New York

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All SAVE THE FROGS! Members receive a complimentary subscription to our colorful and informative SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine, which features frog news, updates, photos, stories and art from around the world. This one-of-a-kind magazine will be delivered in print to your door if you live in the USA and by PDF to international members.
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"Tommy has your magazines framed and cherishes them."
-- Susie H.

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The September 2015 issue

The September 2015 issue of SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine is quite possibly the most impressive piece of printed educational material we have produced since our founding in 2008? Why? Because it is jam packed with high quality articles, interviews, tips, photos and information about frogs, how you can save them and how our team of staff and volunteers around the world are saving them!

The September 2015 issue is 20 pages long and features articles on:
-- Re-Frogging America and how to build backyard wetlands for frogs
-- Updates from our team in Ghana, West Africa
-- Photos from many of the Save The Frogs Day 2015 events that took place worldwide
-- Articles by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger about our campaigns to protect Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs and to stop the importation of non-native bullfrogs into California
-- Guest article by Jenny Loda, environmental attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity
-- Guest article by Brandon Ballengee, an amphibian biologist and artist who travels the world researching amphibian malformities.
-- Guest article by amphibian biologist Rebecca Tarvin about her frog expedition in Cameroon.
-- Introduction to caecilians, the least understood group of amphibians
-- And of course amazing amphibian photos!

STF Magazine 2015 September

amphibian deformities

Endangered Species Act

Save The Frogs Day Summary

Wetlands frogs magazine

The April 2015 issue

Our April 2015 issue features frog photos from Costa Rica, wetland construction tips, volunteer reports from Colombia, Ghana, Mexico and Nepal, and reports of new frog species in Brazil. Plus cool frog art and frog poetry!

Save The Frogs Magazine April 2015

Download your free copy of the December 2014 issue

If you weren't lucky enough to get a print version of our inaugural issue, no problem! Please download the December 2014 SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine PDF here.

Save The Frogs Magazine December 2014

"The magazine is beautiful and informative."
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Red Frog Member Deborah Blake Dempsey

Why a SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine?

SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine helps spread the word about amphibians to a diverse audience that would not necessarily find us online. The magazine educates people, promotes amphibian awareness, inspires action, recognizes contribution and connects conservationists. We know that you will love it!

Ranger Rick Frogs

"I loved it! I am so proud of you and what you have done. It's truly beautiful to see in print!"
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Member Joan Ferrigno

"Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity for Zoo guests to learn about reptiles and amphibians. Matched with the education they will learn while visiting our RAD Center, this will be a great educational tool for students of all ages."
-- Alan Raisman, Lehigh Valley Zoo Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Center

Contribute to SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine

We seek quality content for the magazine, so please help us spread frog knowledge if you are an excellent writer or photographer. Find article ideas and learn how to submit content by downloading our submission guidelines here.

Advertise in SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine

SAVE THE FROGS! is offering a limited number of ad spaces in our upcoming SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine. We can even provide graphic design consulting to make your ad look great. If you want to take advantage of this beautiful, eye-catching magazine to promote your business or website, please email us at:

Full Page: $750 (7.5" wide x 10" high)
Half Page: $450 (vertical 3.6"w x 10"h or horizontal 7.5"w x 4.8"h)
Third Page: $350 (7.5"w x 3.3"h)
Sixth Page: $200 (3.6"w x 3.3"h)

Need Graphic Design Assistance?
SAVE THE FROGS! can design your ad and make it look frog-friendly and professional for $50. You would provide the precise text and any images such as your logo. We would put it together (and add frog images if you want).

Advertise Save The Frogs

Volunteer for SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine

We seek an editorial intern for SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine. The intern will work directly with the magazine editor to help produce compelling content for the magazine. The intern can be located anywhere within the USA. This is great for a student of environmental studies, communication, journalism, or a related field. For more information about this opportunity, please download and read this volunteer description flyer, then send your resume and an email to:

Letter from a fan

"I just received the April 2015 SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine in the mail. I enjoyed the short articles, photographs, and mainly the fact that your ongoing crusade to save the frogs is in full swing. Apparently your geographical coverage has gained thousands of miles, and covered numerous countries that were initially only a dream.

I won a poetry contest initiated by your agency as a means of gaining additional support and assistance to keep up the ecological war against senseless destruction of natural resources and the frogs that depend upon those priceless resources. I simply wanted to praise your on-going efforts, struggles, and determination in following "the path lest traveled." Your outreach to the younger generations to educate them in the art of conservation is applauded and appreciated.

All too often we spend more time fighting and struggling with the conservation of the Macro-world (large animals), and although very important, there is that unappreciated Microcosmic world of tiny creatures that are in extreme danger as well. Without them, the domino effect will eventually cause a mighty ripple that eventually could destroy the greater world.

We see these things, and appreciate your efforts, but too often do not stop to give the kudos that you (yourself) deserve. Therefore, allow me this opportunity to simply say: "THANK YOU!" for doing what is right, and for being the self-appointed Champion of the Frogs! For without you (or people like you), these tiny seemingly unimportant creatures would scarcely stand any chance to survive in today's chaotic and mad world.

J.R. Calamia"