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SAVE THE FROGS! is not currently accepting new members. We plan to re-open memberships in early 2017!


Please join SAVE THE FROGS! as an official member and help ensure we have the financial resources to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. Your membership will enable us to build wetlands; plant trees in degraded amphibian habitat; fight the pesticide companies; provide free educational resources for thousands of schools; sue environmentally irresponsible government agencies and lobby for legislation to protect amphibians and humans. That's something you can support, right? Please join SAVE THE FROGS! today and help us protect amphibians for future generations. The frogs and our worldwide network of volunteers rely on and appreciate your support!

"As a new member of SAVE THE FROGS!, I appreciate the welcoming letter and materials in the packet that I recently received.  The drawing by an 11 year old was especially delightful."
-- Dr. Vic Eichler; Amphibian Biologist, Three Rivers, MI

save the frogs membership

Duellmanohyla soralia Tom Brown

"I just went ahead and renewed my membership to STF. It was the least I could do with what you have provided me throughout the past few years. From flyers and pamphlets for my STF programs, powerpoint slides for my classes in college, to the inspiration that has helped me to attain a job in the field of herpetology, I can't thank you and the rest of Save The Frogs enough for all you do."
— Sean Kortis, Biologist, Cape Cod


Benefits Of Membership

Join SAVE THE FROGS! today and on top of helping finance our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts you will receive fabulous SAVE THE FROGS! gifts and perks, as follows!

-- 5% off all items in the SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center
-- Invitation to our Annual Members-Only Frogging Expedition
-- Advanced notice of all SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours and Workshops
-- Conference calls with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

"You do an amazing job; I don't know how you do it and still find the time to personally communicate with Save The Frogs members."
-- Golden Frog Member Mindy Meadows, Florida

Froggy Gift Package for new SAVE THE FROGS! members

All members receive a welcome package featuring:
-- Certificate of Appreciation (digital)
-- The Little Book of Frog Poetry, Volume 1 (digital)

Frog art by Chisti Sababa Monir, Bangladesh, Age 12

"Hi Kerry, I got a gift package from STF for becoming an STF member. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE it. It's a neat package with a unique collection of beautiful art work and information. And I feel a little smug because I got a certificate :) The package arrived at the perfect time, since my parents are visiting here now from India. So I got to tell them some about STF and get them excited about it too. Thanks very much for such a beautiful personalized gift from STF.
Cheers, Rasika Ramesh"
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Member, Amphibian Biologist

The SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine

All members receive a digital version of our colorful and informative SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine, which features frog news, updates, photos, stories and art from around the world. This one-of-a-kind magazine will be delivered in print to your door if you live in the USA and by PDF for international members. The SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine gets published four times per year.

"I loved it! I am so proud of you and what you have done. It's truly beautiful to see in print!"
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Member Joan Ferrigno

Save The Frogs Magazine December 2014

"The magazine is beautiful and informative."
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Red Frog Member Deborah Blake Dempsey

"Hi Kerry, Just sent $40. Wish I could help more at this time. I'm blown away by the heart-and-soul efforts of yourself, Michael and the rest of your disciples. P.S. I was quite moved to receive an original hand-drawn STF picture with my membership. What a beautiful touch.
Most sincerely,
Sue Lebrecht"

Invitation to our Members-Only Frogging Expedition

As a SAVE THE FROGS! Member, you will receive an invitation to join our 2017 Members-Only Frogging Expedition, which will take place in early 2017 (location to be announced). In March 2015 we hiked to beautiful Carson Falls in Marin County, California to find Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs (Rana boylii).

Save The Frogs Members

Rana boylii
We found this beautiful Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog during our 2015 Members Hike to Carson Falls.

"I am seven years old, and I am a member of Save The Frogs, and I love frogs because they are cool creatures. I read a lot about them, and in school I am even publishing a book about them for my class publishing party. I like how they metamorphose, and I like how their skin is super important for absorbing water, and I like how frogs' eyes pop out of their heads. I am going to do lots of the Save The Frogs activities, and I am especially excited about the hike in Marin to find the endangered frogs."
--James A., California

"Kerry you can count on me to continue renewing, I believe in you and what you are doing for Earth!
Regards, SAVE THE FROGS! Member Charlie Kaz"

"I love my membership! Please, please, become a member and help save some frogs and toads! Every member counts!"
-- Red Frog Member Franceska Zweifler; Bethesda, MD

Conference Calls with Dr. Kerry Kriger

Green Frog, Red Frog & Golden Frog Members can attend a quarterly conference call with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger to get updated on the latest SAVE THE FROGS! happenings and to ask questions and provide input. Golden Frog Members can have a quarterly one-on-one call with Dr. Kriger.

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been loving being a new SAVE THE FROGS! supporter. I love the newsletter and the website. It has kept me informed and made me want to help more and more each day."
-- Green Frog Member Sue Lajeunesse; Ottawa, Canada

frog society

"Talia, who is 6, loves frogs! The other night she couldn't sleep because she was thinking about pesticides hurting frog eggs! So- joining your organization was the best thing ever."
-- Annika Pollock

Top 5 Reasons to Become an Official Member of SAVE THE FROGS! Today

(1) Frogs are the most rapidly disappearing animals on the planet.
(2) Nobody does more to help frog populations than SAVE THE FROGS!
(3) You understand that our programs cost real money, and you care enough about the future of our planet to chip in.
(4) Your children and grandchildren will thank you for helping SAVE THE FROGS!
(5) You get awesome membership benefits!

"I really admire your work and me signing up for monthly donations was a long overdue thing on my list! Keep up the fantastic work and take care."
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Member & Amphibian Biologist Diana Solis

Save The Frogs Membership


A message from SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

Hyperolius concolorIn 2003 I flew to Australia and spent four years there researching frog extinctions and learning everything I could about frogs and how to save them. I returned to the USA and in 2008 started SAVE THE FROGS! because there was no nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to amphibians and very little was getting done to educate the public about amphibians, protect critical habitat or enact necessary legislation.

Frogs make the world a brighter and more interesting place to live. Kids love frogs and they will be extremely disappointed if frogs continue to go extinct due to their parents' apathy and inaction. Amphibians cannot save themselves. Our governments are ineffective at preventing amphibian extinctions. Our chance to save frogs is today. The time to act is now.

Do you want more wetlands destroyed? More rainforests chopped down? More kids graduating college without ever having learned a single thing about frog conservation? I don't either, and that's why I'm urging you to take action for amphibians before it's too late: join SAVE THE FROGS! today and be part of a worldwide movement to protect amphibians and make a better planet for both wildlife and people.

Thank you for signing up as a SAVE THE FROGS! Member and for giving the gift of membership to your friends, family and colleagues who love frogs!
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

Kerry Kriger

SAVE THE FROGS! is not simply an organization. SAVE THE FROGS! is a worldwide movement. And it's powered by people like you! Thank you for becoming a member of SAVE THE FROGS!

../amphibians/images/Hyalinobatrachium talamancae Andreas Hertz
Hyalinobatrachium talamancae photo courtesy Andreas Hertz

"We need to do something as a species to save these incredible and vital creatures. Thank you for everything that you and your team are doing."
--Green Frog Member Hazel Richards; Bruailles, France

"Hello Dr. Kriger,
I am very excited to be a member of Save The Frogs. I am a 4th grader in Arizona. We don't have many true frogs out here but during the monsoons in July and August, I love going out into the desert with my dad and brothers to catch Couch's Spadefoots and Colorado River Toads. I'm very grateful for the work you and your organization do. Frogs and toads are amazing creatures and I'm glad to be a member to help save them and give their species a better future!
Your friend, Frank Laager"

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