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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Introduction | Politicians for Frogs

We can not understate the importance of the role of politicians in worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. If you are a politician, you are in an excellent position to SAVE THE FROGS!

Proper legislation is needed immediately to (1) protect crucial frog habitats such as small ephemeral wetlands, which traditionally receive almost no legal protection, and to expand the area of protected riparian habitat adjacent to streams; (2) regulate pesticide use; (3) oversee the trade of amphibians to ensure that the harvests are sustainable; (4) implement appropriate quarantine measures to ensure that imported amphibians are disease-free; (5) ensure that amphibian conservation programs are sufficiently funded; and (6) control global warming.

Get certified FROG FRIENDLY

Vote FrogsEvery politician benefits from having a strong environmental record. If you succeed in helping amphibian conservation efforts, we may be able to certify you 'Frog Friendly'. If you are certified 'Frog-Friendly' by SAVE THE FROGS! we will (1) send you a framed certificate to put on the wall of your office; (2) provide you with a 'Certified Frog-Friendly' button to put on your official web site; this button will link viewers to a page that confirms your 'Frog-Friendly' status and explains what you have done to support amphibian conservation; and (3) list your name and jurisdiction on this web site, and explain what you have done to support amphibian conservation.

Here are some ideas on how to get certified 'Frog-Friendly':1

1) Provide permanent protection to a crucial amphibian habitat (i.e. a pond, stream, swamp or other wetland that supports an important amphibian community) in your jurisdiction (we can help you find one). Designate the area a 'Frog Reserve' and place a sign at the entrance denoting it as such and explaining the amphibian decline crisis and the importance of amphibians.

2) Create and enact any of the necessary legislation detailed at the top of this page.

Please contact us for advice, ideas, and to verify that your efforts will indeed qualify you for 'Frog-Friendly' status.

Thanks for your support!


Politicians for Frogs

Tim Kaine - Virginia

We would like to thank Senator Tim Kaine (former Governor) of Virginia for officially recognizing Save The Frogs Day.

Governor Tim Kaine Frogs

Gary Swing - We Salute You

Gary Swing is a frog-friendly politician from Colorado. Gary is passionate about saving the environment and our friends the frogs. In the past he has run as a Green Party candidate for US Representative in Colorado's Sixth Congressional District. Currently he is the founding member of the Boiling Frog Party, which he created in order to bring awareness to that impacts that face the environment. Gary is the proud owner of a SAVE THE FROGS! organic cotton t-shirt.

Boiling Frog Party

Gary Swing

Gary Swing

Representative Matt Lori - Michigan

He helped make Save The Frogs Day official in Michigan, AND he bought one of our cool shirts!

Matt Lori MI

Mayor Hal Parrish II - Manassas, VA

We would like to thank Mayor Hal Parrish II of Manassas, Virginia for officially recognizing Save The Frogs Day.


1SAVE THE FROGS! reserves the right to determine who we certify 'Frog-Friendly'. While we certainly appreciate the efforts of any politician who assists amphibian conservation efforts, we are unlikely to certify anybody whose previous voting history on environmental issues runs contrary to our mission.