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Frog Ponds Our Supporters Built!

Return to the Build A Frog Pond homepage

This webpage is where we highlight the successes our SAVE THE FROGS! supporters have had building frog ponds. We hope that their pond experiences will inspire you to build your own frog pond. If you do build one, please email us your photos and any info you want us to share about how you made your pond, and what critters showed up.

French Frog Pond Masterpiece by Ugo Capozzoli

Four year ago, when I started my Bachelor degree of Marine Science in the Skema Business School (South East of France), previously called CERAM business school, I took part in the environmental club called Jason Environment. Through this club I managed to raised fundings in order to transform a huge anoxic pond into an ecological one with plants, which later sheltered heaps of different aquatic and non aquatic animals and insects. Furthermore, I built with the help of Daniel Lemonier an other pond out of the ground in the Valmasques Forest (South East of France as well). Finally, I was the project leader of an ecological event on the 17th of June at the SKEMA-Bachelors in order to familiarize people from the Alpes-Maritime about the ecosystem of our forest and pond.

Achievements: Developing creative, fund raising and organizational skills through creating and building many artificial ecosystems. Full responsibility for organizing and promoting an ecological event.

Best regards,
Ugo Capozzoli

Ugo Capozzoli pond

Frog Pond build

Pond habitat

France Frog Pond

Pond Architecture

Frog bucket

backyard frog pond

Frog Pond small

backyard wildlife habitat

frog ponds france

Josie, a 10-year old girl

Josie read our Build A Frog Pond page, was inspired, and took action! You can read all about her pond building and see photos right here. And yes she now has frogs living at the pond!

pond frogs

Visitacion Valley Middle School

Congratulations to San Francisco's Visitacion Valley Middle School, winner of the 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! Build A Frog Pond Contest! They build this small pond and now have Pacific Chorus Frogs breeding in it! Read their full report to see photos of their pond and learn how they made it.

Visitacion Valley Frog Pond

Visticacion Valley

Conservation and Compassion in Virginia

"My class completed a makeshift frog pond that is super successful. We plugged a drainage ditch and the students jumped right into action. We have an area where frogs naturally congregate (a crawdad hole behind our school). The students took the frog eggs and placed them gently into the ditch. Taking mud and grass they created earthen works. After they dammed the ditch, tens of thousands of tadpoles have hatched. Most of the frogs are Spring Peepers. This would not have been possible if the children had not been so environmentally conscious. We had to get special permission to dam the area from the State Water Control Board in Richmond, Virginia and the Army Corps of Engineers. Now we have so many tadpoles it is UNBELIEVABLE! We are a residential school for children who have been placed by the Department of Social Services. Our frog project has taught our students about conservation and compassion."
-- Lillie Lindsay, M.A., Education Director, AMIkids Virginia Wilderness

frog pond

"I love the story on the Virginia school and the new wetland and tadpole explosion. Stories like that must make your heart sing!"
-- Nancy Lichtle, Auburn, CA

Four ponds built in South Africa

"Dear Kerry, I live in South Africa, in the Eastern Cape. After finding your site and hearing for the first time that frogs are endangered, I built 2 very simple frog ponds in my yard. Many birds and snails are loving them. I have found one frog swimming in the pond and 3 hopping around the garden! I must admit that I get super excited when I see them :) Thank you, for helping me to help them! And for all of your brilliant work at SAVE THE FROGS!
Kind regards, Charlene Lutge"
December 2013

South Africa frog pond

Frog pond construction

Frogs ponds

frogs ponds build


Naomi Clackum's Pond in Florida

In 2010 I decided to build a pond about 20 ft from my home on the ten acres I own here in North Central Florida. At first I did it so the birds would have a place to bathe. Even though I love all wildlife, I never thought about the frogs having a place to live. Well, The first two years the birds enjoyed it, then one night in the spring of 2013 I heard a couple of frogs singing. Sure enough, the next morning the pond had hundreds of tiny eggs floating together. I was thrilled! I'd never thought I would have baby frogs, but it looked like my pond had been adopted by frogs I didn't even know I had. Well, the eggs hatched into hundreds of beautiful tiny tadpoles. Since that time my froggy pond has become a permanent home for my frogs. I keep it as natural as possible, let the algae grow since they eat it as tadpoles and also use it for shelter. I love being able to watch as the eggs hatch into tadpoles and then gradually grow big enough to come and go as they want. I love hearing them "serenade" me every night, all different songs and croaks, especially after it rains.

Mindy Meadows' Frog Ponds in Florida and Tennessee

"You do an amazing job and I don't know how you do it and still find the time to personally communicate with Save The Frogs members. I wish I could give more and I will still try to do so with other purchases or donations throughout the year. I also try to conserve and help in other ways. At our home in Florida, we have a very small little frog pond that our landscaper built when he landscaped our 1 acre lot with mostly native trees, shrubs and wildflowers. There are some leopard frogs and an occasional bullfrog that call it home. My husband and I also recently purchased 100 acres in Tennessee that we want to restore and rehabilitate because it's been heavily logged for decades. The most wonderful feature on it is a man made pond that is full of frogs. The frogs are so loud at night... it's deafening (but wonderful)! One of our first tasks is to fix the erosion that is filing the pond with dirt. Until I joined Save the Frogs, I really didn't think much about them but now frogs and other amphibians are foremost in our thoughts when we consider how to improve or create habitats on both our properties. Thank you for all you do and for educating me on how to Save The Frogs. Best Regards."
— Mindy Meadows, Golden Frog Member

Pond stories from Australia

Submitted by Ray Draper:
"Over the last 8 years we have had constructed 33 large frog ponds to create habitat for the endangered Growling Grassfrog. The largest of these is 50 metres by 30 metres at the Ross Creek Primary School in Victoria, Australia. The kids have done all the planting of 10,000 plants around the wetland and construction of public paths will commence in the new year to give access to the general public to enjoy and learn about frogs and the problems associated. Below are photos of the school wetland before, when it was a noxious weed infested depresion, and after, when the kids had finished planting.
It will take another 2 years before it will be a fully functioning ecosystem.
Cheers, Ray"

Pond Building

Garden Pond

australia frog pond

Frog Pond Construction

Ray Draper Frog Pond

Buck O'Brien's pond in West Virginia

It's been loads of (fun) work, but the pond is pretty much complete. Toad "spawning" was quite interesting. The first week of their egg laying there were probably 100 toads in the pond. (Didn't know we had this many around) The resulting tad pole population literally blackened the entire perimeter of the water. Then it was a real circus to later watch thousands of tiny toads emerge from the pond and hop off to their newly found homes. Now, a month later, its pretty easy to see tiny toads around in any damp areas of the farm.

Equally interesting, though there are a good number of green frogs and leopard frogs in the new pond, the four older and much smaller , shallow, "weedy", ponds remain much more heavily populated. They like the shallow ponds much better.

Another interesting thing is that tree frogs have now been laying eggs in the pond for a full month. Not lots of eggs, but many mornings I find spawn patches floating. They seem to have a rather extended breeding season.

Bulldozer pond

Frog Pond

Frog Pond Sign
Alyson Lee designed this awesome sign. If you want one made for your pond, please contact her for the details!

Andrea's Massachusetts frog pond

"Hello! My parents have built a pond in their back yard in the Berkshires, western MA. It's been running for about 3 years now, and has grown in nicely with plantings. We noticed there are frogs living in every little section, including a large bullfrog in the cattails. We even have a turtle or two stopping by for a swim!" -- Andrea

pond frogs

build frog ponds guide

build frog pond

how to build pond

frog pond

frogs in ponds

frog pond

pond frogs

Kay Brummond's Pittsburgh pond

Learn all about Kay's pond here!

A little work goes a long way

"Last year I buried a jumbo kitty litter pan and a black plastic Home Depot masonary tub ($12.00) in the ground lining with rocks including a progression of rocks from bottom to wildlife to easily climb out. Within 2 days I have green and leopard frogs, dragon or damsel flies etc. I added one water plant to each. Basically, I spend a grand total of $22.00 to create a tiny but successful wildlife habitat."
-- Leigh, Baltimore, MD


The first SAVE THE FROGS! Pond was built October 9th and 10th 2010, on Galiano Island, British Columbia, by former STF! Student of the Week, 7th grader Lillian Crossman.

"I was working on my frog pond the whole weekend and i'm finally finished! it is sooooooooo awesome :P :) lolz it doesn't have to be finished until 2011 i even saw a pacific treefrog there :) yay!"


Frog Ponds Our Supporters Cleaned

Rampur, Nepal

Thanks to Sanjeev Wasti and the Mechi Kosi Student Association of Rampur, Nepal for cleaning this frog pond in March 2013!

Nepal Frog pond

Nepal frog pond cleaning

Sacramento, CA

Kaitlyn Bryer and her friend Tierra organized this cleanup of Hagan's Pond: