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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Calling all Scientists!

The mission of SAVE THE FROGS! is to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. Your assistance will help us accomplish our mission as rapidly as possible.

Provide advice and direction

We are always happy to hear your thoughts on how best Save The Frogs can protect frog populations and otherwise accomplish our mission. We strongly encourage scientists to voice their opinion on any subject related to Save The Frogs. If you ever have questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, we want to hear them. Please also complete the Amphibian Conservation Survey annually.

Bufo Pcappetto

Save The Frogs Day

Can you devote a few hours on Save The Frogs Day towards educating the public about the amphibian extinction crisis? Here are some simple, fun ways to take part:

(1) Give a lecture on frogs or frog extinctions to a school, community group, or local business; we can provide a PowerPoint should you want it.

(2) Lead a frog walk, or frog habitat restoration activity.
Urge your colleagues and students to do so as well.

Your Save The Frogs Day event makes great publicity, it's a great way to spread the word about amphibian declines, and it is guaranteed to get students interested in batrachology and environmental conservation. Be sure to register your event so we can track what is happening!

Top 3 Reasons for Scientists to Help Spread The Word

An incredibly small proportion of the public is aware that amphibians are in trouble, and we all have a vested interest in changing this unfortunate situation:

(1) An environmentally conscious society attempts to care for versus destroy the environment, and thus by educating the public regarding environmental issues we will help to ensure that our current hard work will not be laid to waste by the environmentally-destructive actions of future generations.

(2) Increasing students’ interest in batrachology will mean a larger pool of potential graduate students for you to choose from, and thus higher quality researchers working in your lab.

(3) Issues that are engrained in the public’s consciousness receive more monetary funding from governments, private foundations, and average citizens, and we all depend on this financial support.

Amphibian Protection

• Tell us when an amphibian species is under an imminent and preventable threat.

• Do you know of a species/population requiring legal defense?

• What land should we purchase?

• What species need federal protection but are not listed?

• Is there a call for comments regarding the conservation of a certain amphibian?

At your university

• Do you have undergrads who may want to run Save The Frogs info tables or get frog education activities going on at your university? Please refer them to the Volunteers Page, or have them email

• Post a few of these flyers outside your office.

• Does your university have an active work-study program wherein undergrads are required to serve as interns? If so, let us know.

• We have some fancy looking donation jars. We can send you one if you can put it out in your department office. We can also send some nice looking 4x6” info flyers to set beside the jar.

• Ask your graduate students (postgrads) to give a public lecture on frogs or frog extinctions on Save The Frogs Day (or anytime in April). Give your undergrads credit if they give a frog talk to K-12 students. It gives them valuable teaching and public speaking experience, and helps educate kids about amphibians. We have freely downloadable slideshows here.

• Are your students members of STF? Student memberships are only $20. Student members

• Post a petition to get Atrazine banned outside your office.

Amphibian Lectures at Your University

Check to see if your department has money set aside for guest speakers. Your university's president and Student Guild may also. If so, host one of Kerry's amphibian conservation talks.

It is much better if SAVE THE FROGS! receives $500 for these lectures than if SAVE THE FROGS! receives $0 for these lectures. And your university's students will learn plenty about amphibian conservation. Plus it's one less lecture you have to prepare!

Your Email Signature

Please add a link to to the automated signature area of your email. You will be informing others of our work without any effort on your part.

Help us improve SaveTheFrogs.Com

Our website is viewed by teachers, students, scientists, foundations, potential corporate sponsors, private donors, volunteers, and many others. The better it is, the more support we will garner, and the more thoroughly we will educate people about amphibian conservation. Freely accessible info will likely be viewed by far more people than will journal articles. Here are some ways you can assist...

What's missing here?

Is there an aspect of amphibian conservation absent from If you have expertise in that area, would you provide us woth relevant content?

What amphibian do you know a lot about?

Write a 300-600 word piece on a threatened amphibian species you are familiar with. Why is it under threat? What needs to be done about it? Provide some natural history facts, and if possible, photo, video and audio recordings. We will add it to the Meet The Frogs page.

What do you do?

Write a 300-600 word summary of your research in terms understood by non-scientists. On top of this getting your work out to the masses, people want to know who is involved with STF, and what they do. Or write a 300-600 "Story from the Field".

The unpublishable

Do you have scientific info prepared, but that you are unlikely to ever publish? If it is of use to people, can we put it on

Add a link to SaveTheFrogs.Com to your website

This is extremely beneficial to us for multiple reasons! Feel free to use any of these fancy icons.

Spread The Word

Photos, Videos & Audio Recordings

We have unending uses for high quality amphibian photos, videos, and udio recordings.
• Please send us your 3 best amphibian photos or videos.
• Your best of any endangered species;
• And any of extinct or extinct in the wild species.
• Do you have any good recordings? Any choruses? If not, can you please make some? The longer the better (yes, 60 minute recordings are great!).

Funding Opportunities

Fundraising is vital to the success of our mission.

• Please inform us of relevant grant opportunities.

• Please inform us of any wealthy philanthropists you know.

• Please inform us of any connections you may have at corporations who would be potential financial sponsors of SAVE THE FROGS!.

• Talk to wealthy people you know; famous people; businesses, people with connections. Ask them to support Save The Frogs. Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues to become members of SAVE THE FROGS!.


• Would you like to help develop educational materials for our Teachers For Frogs page?

• Do you have thoughts on any educational activities for students?

• Are you interested in leading an official Save The Frogs educational field outing in your area? We would promote it. This would increase the number of frog-friendly people in your community. If funds permit, we could provide some compensation.


Donate FrogsDonate once per year at a level meaningful to you. Donations are tax-deductible in the United States. Your positive vibes will not purchase rainforest, but your financial contributions will. That you work full-time in amphibian conservation makes it even more important that you donate, for if you don't believe enough in the cause to do so, why should anybody else? We greatly appreciate your financial support.

Your herpetological society

• Do you run a mailing list? If you are in charge of the mailing list of a herpetological society, or KNOW SOMEBODY who is, please help us spread word of SAVE THE FROGS!, including our programs, campaigns, Save The Frogs Day, etc.


Do you have media contacts? Does your university? Can we utilize them to get free publicity?

Annual Advisors Meeting

If you are attending the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, please reserve an hour to meet and discuss the upcoming year's intiatives.


Batrachology is the study of amphibians. Most people use the term "herpetology", but this term in its current usage signifies the study of amphibians and/or reptiles, two groups wth extremely different evolutionary and life histories. Find out why using the proper terminology is important. Then please sign the Batrachology Petition and refrain from using the prefix "herpeto-" when not discussing reptiles. Or perhaps you think we should just use the term "amphibian biologist"? After all, we have cell biologists and molecular biologists...let us know what you think.


Dendrobates tinctorius• Sign up for and activate a SAVE THE FROGS! Visa Card if you are an American citizen.

• The issuing bank will donate $50 to STF! after your first purchase, as well as a percentage of all future purchases. No annual fees.

Time For a Paradigm Shift - What Do You Think?

"I think it's a travesty our dwindling research dollars are spent on ridiculous taxonomy, genetic issues, and the like, instead of a more broad spectrum preservation and land acquisitions. Many herpetologists I have found have such tunnel vision in what they study they will wake up and find fully half of all herps will be gone by the time they die with their stacks of useless research work at their side. Thanks for listening. Keep up the phenomenally good work."
-- Anonymous Biologist, Florida

Do you have additional thoughts?

Please let us know. Thanks!