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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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SAVE THE FROGS! Student Chapters

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We want you to start a SAVE THE FROGS! chapter at your school or university! Your school likely has plenty of students interested enough in frogs to get a productive group going. Please take the initiative and start a SAVE THE FROGS! chapter. Be sure to contact us if you plan to start a chapter: we want to know about your group, and we can help your group come up with a list of goals. And of course we can list your group right here on this page.

Contact your Student Guild, Student Union, or principal and ask them what is required to get an official SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter going. Ask also if they would provide funding. Your school or university may require your group or chapter write a Constitution or similar document. You can base your Constitution on this template.

A message from beyond

"To my dear Earth Friends: We on Planet Froggian-15 are aware of the dire situation on Planet Earth, so we have started SAVE THE FROGS! Chapters at all our schools and universities. We have even built you this website so that you can put to use the knowledge we have acquired. Unfortunately, we are too far away to save Earth's frogs. But do not fret. Organize your brothers and sisters, and do not depend on your elders. The answer lies within this website. The fate of the universe's frogs lies in your hands, and in your actions. It's up to you to SAVE THE FROGS!" -- M.Z.

Alien Frog

Chapter Ideas

- Get Save The Frogs Day legally recognized by your city/state.
- Hold a fundraiser.
- Hold an educational event on Save The Frogs Day.
- Give presentations on frogs to classes of students younger than yourself.
- High schoolers go to middle schools; middle schoolers go to elementary schools, and talk to those students about frog conservation. Use these slideshows if you want.
- Get a restaurant in your area to stop serving frog legs.
- Does your state have a state amphibian? If not, it should!
- Get your mayor to legally recognize Save The Frogs Day in your city, and your governor to do so in your state.
- Get your school to stop frog dissections.
- Get a politician in your state to sponsor legislation calling for a ban on the use and production of Atrazine.
- Pick a SAVE THE FROGS! campaign or program that interests you and ask us how you all can help out.
- Live in Florida? Bring an end to the Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival -- at least the frog eating aspect of it!!! It would be a lot better if it were an educational Fellsmere Frog frog legs!!!
-Get more ideas by seeing what other chapters are doing and by seeing our universities page.

The Kwabeng Chapter of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana conducted educational presentations in schools near critical amphibian habitat on February 26th. They gave lecture on the importance of frogs and why to save frogs and other creatures in our environment.student chapter

Save The Frogs Day - Get Involved!

Every SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter should organize a Save The Frogs Day event on their campus or in their town (either Friday or Saturday works). Save The Frogs Day gets a lot of publicity and has proven to be the single best time to get people active, involved and educated.

Save The Frogs Day Award

Does your chapter want to hold a Save The Frogs Day event? Need some funds to turn your brilliant idea into a reality? Tell us what you would do with $500, and your class may win the Save The Frogs Day award. Talk to your teachers (your teacher will need to fill out the application) and learn more here.

Does your school dissect frogs?

Frog dissections are unethical and unnecessary. Your chapter should work towards getting your school to switch to virtual dissection software such as the Digital Frog 2.5. Sometimes all it takes is asking your teachers to stop; or you may have to put in more effort, like collecting petition signatures from fellow students or writing letters to your school board. Your hard work will pay off though!

Get our beautiful frog posters up at your school

What better way to educate your classmates about frogs than to have one of our Awesome Frog Posters hanging in your science classroom? Confirm with your teacher that they would post it, then contact us and we can send you one. We have posters for art teachers as well.

Build a frog pond at your school

Frog PondIf every school had a frog pond we would have a lot more frogs! The SAVE THE FROGS! Build A Frog Pond Contest invites schools to build frog ponds on their property and document the project and its successes through video, photos and stories, which will be posted online to educate and inspire others to do the same. With your help we can cover the globe with frog habitat and fill the night air with the soothing sounds of frog calls. Please get your chapter involved!

Work with other campus organizations

Please also speak with pre-existing environmental, conservation, or animal rights groups on campus and get them involved with SAVE THE FROGS!. Working with a group will allow you to achieve more than working as an individual.

Your Chapter's Constitution

Your school may require your chapter adopt a constitution. Here's an example of the George Mason University's constitution.


SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter Listing


SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana's KNUST Chapter is the world's first and only official student chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!. Based at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana, our mission is to protect the campus' twelve amphibian species and to support the nationwide efforts of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana. You can contact us at

KNUST frogs

SAVE THE FROGS! University of South Carolina Chapter

SAVE THE FROGS! USC Chapter (based at the University of South Carolina) is the USA's first and only official university student chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!. You can contact us at


SAVE THE FROGS! UWSP Chapter (based at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point) is the USA's first and only official university student chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!. You can contact us at

Save Frogs Wisconsin


SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana's UCAES Chapter is Ghana's second student chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!. Based at the University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies (UCAES) in Bonsu, Ghana, the chapter's mission is to work in collaboration with SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana to create the Atewa Hills National Park, for the protection of the critically endangered Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi) and other biodiversity. The chapter's inaugural meeting was held December 18th, 2012. Learn more here.


Santa Cruz High School SAVE THE FROGS! Club

Santa Cruz High School's SAVE THE FROGS! Club is the world's first and only official high school student chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!. You can contact us at