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Teachers For Frogs

"All improvement in society begins with the education of the young."
— Aristotle

frog lesson plans teachersEnvironmental education is an integral part of any student's educational development. One of our primary goals is to provide the highest quality amphibian educational materials, and to make it as simple as possible for people to use those materials to teach others about amphibians and the problems amphibians face. Whether you seek fantastic frog slideshows, webinars, posters, fact sheets, or just good ideas, you will find it here! If you would like to help us develop educational materials, please let us know your idea. Thanks for everything you do!

Please be sure to join our mailing list so we can keep you informed of upcoming events, important news, and major updates to this page!

"Often one works passionately for something but does not realise what an effect one is having, so I felt that I must just say what a difference you have made. I teach high school biology (Grades 9, 11 and 12). Since I started receiving the SAVE THE FROGS! newsletter, I have made amphibians a focal point in my teaching. I have done a display on my classroom door with a countdown to Save the Frogs Day and put up a new frog fact daily. Our ninth graders are preparing a fact sheet on an endangered animal and I decided enough of cheetahs and leopards, they each have to choose a frog. I just want you to know that you have made a difference – I am making sure I am preparing a generation of school kids who know about the importance of and the plight of frogs, and it is because of you."
-- Jenny Page, Johannesburg, South Africa

frog education
Frog art by Shaheer Hassan Khan, Age 14, Pakistan

Save The Frogs Day - Get Involved!

save the frogs day 2012Please get your school involved in the annual Save The Frogs Day events, which take place every year at the end of April! The Save The Frogs Day Tips For Teachers page has lots of ideas for teachers, so please check it out! Be sure to register your event if you plan to take part, and let us know if you need us to send you some printed materials.

frogs teachers
Save The Frogs Day 2013 in Lindenhurst, IL

Get funding for your frog education activities

Get funded with these $500 grants from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation.

Teachers Frogs
Frog Art by Amy D'Camp

Fundraise for the frogs!

It's never been easier to fundraise for the frogs: here are lots of fundraising ideas to get you started. You can even create a Team Fundraising Page for your school and let the students create their own personalized fundraising pages!

Fundraise charity

In February 2014 the Pleasanton Chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!, aka "Green Girls" held a bake sale that raised $107! The girls rallied their friends, fellow students and teachers at Alisal Elementary School to raise awareness of and money for the frogs. Thanks Green Girls!

Pleasanton frogs


SAVE THE FROGS! Academy is the world's premier academic institution teaching the skills required to save Earth's wildlife from extinction! Though the Academy is based out of SAVE THE FROGS! World Headquarters in Santa Cruz, California, we encourage teachers and students from around the world to take our free online courses. The mission of SAVE THE FROGS! Academy is to produce environmental conservationists whose skills and experience will enable them to protect wildlife anywhere on the planet, and to direct every student's energy towards relevant amphibian conservation projects that produce true benefits for nature and wildlife. Please tell your students about SAVE THE FROGS! Academy. And if you are dedicated to helping amphibians and want to enhance your professional skillset, we encourage you to apply as well!

Save The Frogs Academy

Wild World of Frogs - Self-Guided Tour

Free Frog GuidePlease download and distribute this FREE 125-page PDF "The Wild World of Frogs: A Self Guided Tour", created by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger for your viewing pleasure and educational enjoyment. Have your students download it as well. To save paper, we recommend viewing it on your computer or iPad and only printing those pages of most interest to you. Enjoy!

"Dear Dr. Kriger, thank you so much for creating the "Wild World of Frogs" PDF. It is a great way to teach children, (and adults!) about the different species of frogs. I hope this tool can be used to help preserve the frogs and help raise awareness. You and your team do so much for the frogs and it should never go unrecognized. This is a wonderful cause everyone should be involved in...Keep saving the frogs!!!!!"
--Miranda Noonan, New York

"Dear Kerry: Thanks for this, it is wonderful! Regards, Karthik"
--Karthikeyan Vasudevan, Ph.D.; Department of Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology; Wildlife Institute of India

"Thanks Kerry! Nice presentation with great pictures."
--José Langone; Curator of Herpetology, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Montevideo, Uruguay

"Loved the pictures, thanks for the download."
--Bernardine from Australia

"Good morning – this is awesome!!! I started a wildlife club at our school two years ago and we celebrated Save The Frogs Day in 2010 with a poster competition at our school. I love this tour and will definitely share it with our club at one of our next meetings.  Well done for all the hard work – education is half the problem won!!! With kind regards and best wishes for all your work in the future!"
--Charmaine McGregor; New Hanover Preporatory School Bush Buddies, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

"Excellent job on the Wide World of Frogs effort, excellent pictures."
--Miles Young, San Francisco Bay Area Game Warden

"Hi Kerry, this is a great resource, and I love that you included California Red-Legged Frogs and Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamanders."
--Kaley Grimland, Triple M Wetlands Restoration Project

"Absolutely love the Save The Frogs PDF I just received by email..what an accomplishment! Congrats"
--Elizabeth Nesterenko

"Thank you Dr. Kriger for sending me the "Wild World Of Frogs" PDF!!
It is so amazing. I will print it and use it as one of my trainings for school kids."
--Dickson Omandi, Wide Rescue Initiative, Kenya

"Dear Kerry, Well done! It is a beautiful publication! Thanks also for making it available. Kind regards, Rick"
--Rick Speare, Ph.D.; Professor, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

"Fantastic! I will definitely have this running on my laptop at my
amphibian/frog displays! Thank you!"
--Deb "The FrogLady"

"Kerry, This is really nice - extremely educational and good for all ages - thanks!" Charlie Kaz, San Francisco, CA

"Dear Kerry, I smiled all the way through this lovely album and I hope it gets forwarded -- and acted upon -- far and wide. I sent it to a science teacher at a private school, where they have a Roots & Shoots program. She was thrilled to receive it." --Susan Clay

"This is a fabulous download!!! LOVE IT!!
--Melanie Bain-Oudshoorn; London, Ontario

"I congratulate you in bringing a nice presentation for general awareness and use. I would also like to initiate this type of activity under the umbrella of Save The Frogs in Pakistan, as I see nothing have yet been planned from here."
--Rafaqat Masroor; Pakistan Museum of Natural History


The SAVE THE FROGS! Slideshows webpage has freely downloadable slideshows perfect for kids, adults, and scientists alike. Please enjoy the slideshows, and consider giving a SAVE THE FROGS! presentation on Save The Frogs Day!

"These are brilliant resources - thank you!"
--Emily Albone, Teacher, Great Barford, United Kingdom

Frog Slideshows

"I teach at a Nature Center in NJ. We have a pond, lovingly referred to as the frog pond. We have a great program dedicated to teaching kids to appreciate frogs. I love your teachers supply page. And wow! the slideshow is great." -- Anne Price, Kateri Nature Center

Educational Posters

We have created several educational posters specifically for biology classrooms and school hallways. View and order the posters here.

Endangered Frogs

"My students are increasing their frog and environmental awareness through your materials and website. Thank you!"
-- Susan Christman, Sycamore Creek Elementary School, Raleigh, NC


Art ContestThe SAVE THE FROGS! Frog Art Contestinvites you to create your coolest frog artwork. This is an excellent way to get students excited about amphibians and environmental conservation. The best artwork will be used on t-shirts, stickers, posters, coffee mugs, hats, and in greeting cards and books, to both publicize our cause and raise money for SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation efforts. Schools worldwide will be participating, so join in the frog fun! Please print the PDF of this poster and post it at your school:

Frog Lessons

Yeadon Westfield Junior School, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for artistic expression
while promoting the awareness of endangered frogs."
-- Theresa Groner-Davis, Art Teacher, Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School, Columbia, Missouri

SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest

The SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest will raise awareness of the amphibian extinction problem by getting people involved and interested. It's also an excellent way to get students excited about amphibians and environmental conservation. The best frog poems will be used in a book of frog poetry that will be sold to raise money for amphibian conservation efforts. This book will feature artwork from our concurrent SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest. There will be CASH PRIZES, and the finest entries will be included in a book that will be distributed worldwide, with all proceeds going to SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation projects. Get your students involved in the SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest! And please post the PDF of the flyer below, and post it at your school.

The Frog Poem

by Emily Ronald
Southend Primary School

The frog might be slimy and in some spells
But right now it’s living in a frog hell.
Most people hate them and think they’re evil but
I want to save them unlike the French who eat them!!!

A frog might be green or maybe red
But next thing you know they’ll all be dead!
Once upon a time they were bad creatures with their absolutely
Horrible slimy looking features.
Now they’re not so bad and I am glad that there
is not so many superstition filled heads!

Now the poor old frog’s dying and lots of people
are trying to help them on their journey to frog domination!!
I am one of those people so please don’t make
our country a fly filled nation!

Please help the frog and not the fly do you want
flies to rule and frogs to die? NO!!!
So go onto!!!

Poetry Flyer

Build A Frog Pond

Frog PondSAVE THE FROGS! invites schools to Build A Frog Pond on their property and document the project and its successes through video, photos and stories, which will be posted online to educate and inspire others to do the same. With your help we can cover the globe with frog habitat and fill the night air with the soothing sounds of frog calls.

Habitat destruction is the number one cause of amphibian extinctions worldwide. Fortunately, schools can help create new habitat for frogs! Building a frog pond is a great way to give your local frog populations a boost. And what better way to get kids interested in frogs than to have them build a frog pond behind their school? Their efforts will be rewarded when they see the first clutch of eggs in the pond, and when the first tadpoles metamorphose and trade in their aquatic existence for a terrestrial life! Plus, the lessons learned from the project align with many state's required science criteria.

"Being a conservation educator, not only am I impressed by the Save The Frogs campaign but feel moved to learn more about frog conservation. Thank you for all you do!"
-- Rachel Taras, Pennsylvania

Club Cientifico's Pond at UCO school in Rio Negro, Colombia.

"I think what you are doing with children is an excellent idea as
most kids these days do not experience natural amphibian habitats
or the outdoors right where they live, like I was lucky to have."
-- F. Michael Creusere, Ph.D., Biologist, Kentucky

The Race To Stop Dissections

Does your school or school district dissect frogs? If so, please read about the problems associated with frog dissections and then help us accomplish our goal of getting frog dissections out of all US public schools by 2014. This is one of the best ways for students and teachers to get involved in amphibian conservation efforts! Please be sure to let us know about your successes!

"Schools should encourage a reverence for life and a desire to preserve and protect it. The attitude that it's all about whatever people want and not about what other species need is all too prevalent and, ironically, it's an attitude that is destroying the planet for people as well."
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Marie Janicke

Frog Dissection
Frog art by Aaditya Singh, 9 years old, United Arab Emirates

The Spread The Word Page

Amplexus - Litoria pearsonianaPlease be sure to see the Spread The Word page, on which we offer you a multitude of ways to help us spread the word about the largest mass extinction event in 65 million years. There are plenty of freely downloadable flyers, photos, and more.

"The children are the future care takers of the world. I think educating the children about the frogs is the best way to conserve our threatened species. As the children are so much interested in learning about the frogs they have the potential to give the message of saving our frogs to the community. Thank you."
--Deepthi Wijeratne; Good Start Early Learning Centre, Mildura, Victoria, Australia

Please post this flyer at your school

These are the top ten actions your school can take to help SAVE THE FROGS!. Please download this flyer, print it out and post it at your school. Thanks!

Frogs Flyer Schools

We Know Frogs

We Know Frogs is a short newsletter prepared by Rijan Tamrikar of the Everest Amphibian Study Circle in Nepal. These newsletters are a great way for kids to learn about frogs. We'll be posting them here as they are produced.

We Know Frogs - Issue 1
We Know Frogs - Issue 2

Teaching Materials for Children Under 11

Information about Frogs: These materials are written using symbols, to support children and people with special educational needs. The symbols are to help support learning new concepts and words.

Table of Contents
Amphibian Fact Sheet
Frog Life Cycle (Long)
Frog Life Cycle (Short)

Frog Activities: Fun activities for exploring the world of frogs and their diversity.

teach frog materialsAm I Real?
Color Your Own Frog
Origami Inflatable Frog
Origami Jumping Frog
Counting Book
Frog Activity Book
Word Search
Writing Paper

These resources were created by Red Frog Member Cate Detheridge.

We also have a SAVE THE FROGS! Slideshow for kids with learning disabilities.

Teachers Frogs Students

Frog Observation Cards

Harvard University's Encyclopedia of Life project released a freely downloadable set of Frog Observation Cards featuring SAVE THE FROGS! photos. The cards were developed by Breda Zimkus of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University.

Frogs in the Third World

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Co-Founder Gilbert Adum recently wrote an excellent essay entitled: “SAVE THE FROGS: Opportunities and challenges for the third world“. Please download it, read it and distribute it to your students, thanks!


This is your one-stop shop for fantastic frog webinars. We'll be continually adding a variety of webinars suitable for both kids and adults. Watch and learn, or play one for your class.

Happy Kids Festival

"We want to incorporate schools in our conservation efforts right from primary level. Young kids should know the importance of conservaing amphibians early in life. And I hope once we start working together, your useful materials will help the kids to understand more about frogs. I will introduce your programmes in many schools here in Kenya."
-- Dickson Omandi, Wide Rescue Initiative

SAVE THE FROGS! Coloring Book

We don't have one yet, but here's a great coloring page you can print out! Left-click to get the PDF! Thanks to Leah Klehn for the artwork.

You have no frog background? No problem!

Informational flyers are available on our Spread The Word page, which we will update regularly. The key points that all teachers should always mention to their classes are:

(1) Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet, and are rapidly going extinct. Nearly one-third of the world's 6,468 amphibian species are in danger of extinction and up to 200 species have completely disappeared in the last 30 years.

(2) Frogs are important to the ecosystem and to humans. See our Why Frogs page for more information.

(3) The primary threats to frogs are habitat destruction; pollution and pesticides; climate change; infectious diseases spread by human activity; over-harvesting for the pet and food trades; and invasive species such as introduced trout, crayfish and non-native amphibians. Please visit our Threats to Frogs page for more information.

(4) Students can help save frogs. Please visit our How to Help page for more information.

(5) Frogs are cool! Check out our Cool Frog Facts page.

Help start a SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter at your school

We would like students to distribute SAVE THE FROGS! information packets at their schools, raise money for frog conservation, and get other students motivated and involved. If you would like to help start a SAVE THE FROGS! chapter at your school, have a look at this list of ideas, and then please contact us.

Live Presentations

SAVE THE FROGS! may be coming to your town sometime soon. Contact us if you would like to host an event at your school. We prefer speaking to school assemblies - the more students the better!

"Thanks for such great materials to improve our classes!!!"
--Nicolas Urbina, Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia

SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraisers

Please visit the SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising page, which has lots of tips on how you can easily raise funds for the frogs! Fundraisers are great as they:

(1) Give kids real-world experience in business, communications and fundraising experience, which may be valuable when they start their own nonprofit one day!

(2) Makes them think about why frogs are important, as they will surely be asked the question!

(3) Raise money for SAVE THE FROGS!, enabling us to protect amphibian populations and bring you the highest quality amphibian education materials!

Your school may have some funds set aside, with which you can purchase the students some of the great gifts from the SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center. Many of these items, like wristbands, stickers and pins can be used by the students in their fundraising drive.

"Just so you know what little part I am doing in my corner of the world as an elementary public school teacher, here is what I did this year in my urban Title 1 classroom:
-- Ordered Save The Frogs t-shirts from your site and faithfully wore them every week to school, which never failed to elicit many comments from both adults and children;
-- Directed my students to STF site for information;
-- Gave an assignment to each of my students to research a different frog, provide a good report with color picture in a folder
-- Read aloud to students many informational books about types of frogs, their life cycles, etc throughout the year
-- I submitted a comment on the EPA site tonight.
Thank you for all you do to support and raise awareness for amphibians."
-- Elizabeth Basden, 5th grade Teacher, Las Palmas Elementary; San Antonio, TX

Help us develop materials

Frog GiftsIf you have experience in environmental education and would like to help us develop this web page, or produce any of the educational information or lesson plans, please contact us. Please also take part in our Teachers Forum, where you can log into the site and contribute your ideas and experieces directly.

"I have taught first grade for 20 years. Frogs and amphibians have played a major part in my nature studies. We have amazingly cool frogs here in Zululand, but most local people are afraid of frogs and toads and have cultural biases against them. Teaching these kids is incredibly rewarding, because they go from hate and loathing to fascinated intrigue and real concern for the welfare of our amphibian friends! We have a pond and are encouraging others to build them. THANK YOU for your hard work on behalf of frogs!!!!"
Loreen - Zululand, South Africa


Dianne Baker composed this song. Here are the lyrics. Teach it to your students!

Like our website?

We hope so! Please tell your colleagues about, and link to our site! There are plenty of icons on the Spread The Word page.

Frog lesson

Thank you for all you do to educate your students!

Educator Appreciation Day