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The Race To Stop Dissections Contest

Learn all about frog dissections here

Introduction | The Contest | Tips | How To Enter
Deadline | Prizes | Partners | Free Software For Your School

Our goal is to get frog dissections out of every United States public school by 2014: help us make it happen! Please be sure to contact us if your school abandons its frog dissection program.


Frog DissectionCalling All Teachers! Calling All Students! The Race To Stop Dissections Contest has begun and the frogs need you to take part. Frogs worldwide are rapidly going extinct, and the use of frogs for dissection is a contributor to extinctions in many parts of the world. As many alternatives to traditional frog dissections now exist (such as Digital Frog 2.5), it is inexcusable for schools and universities to continue their frog dissection programs and thereby directly contribute to the decline and extinction of amphibian populations and species.

The Race To Stop Dissections Contest asks students and teachers to assist worldwide amphibian conservation efforts by getting their schools and school districts to abandon their frog dissection programs. Not only will students learn all about frogs and campaign organizing, they will experience the satisfaction of saving hundreds or even thousands of frogs destined to an unpleasant end on their school's biology tables. Plus the winning school will win cash prizes and an opportunity to have SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger speak at their school!

Any school or university on the planet is eligible to participate in The Race To Stop Dissections Contest.

The Contest

Students and teachers will campaign to get their class, school or school district to abandon their traditional frog dissection program, and allow only virtual frog dissections. Upon achieving success, contestants will write up a summary of their experience and submit it to us. No matter what your story is, we want to hear about it, so please be sure to enter the contest if you have any frog dissection success!

Some relevant information you may wish to include with your entry (you don't need all this info, but the more the better!):
--What steps did you take to achieve success in your frog dissection campaign?
--How many frogs were being dissected annually in your school or school district?
--What species were they?
--Were they farm raised or wild caught?
--From which state or country were they sourced?
--Which biological supply company?
--How much money was spent each year on the purchase and storage of these frogs, and their disposal?
--Copies of any letters you wrote.
--Copies of any responses received.
--Any press (e.g. newspaper articles)
--Number of petition signatures you collected.

Criteria for judging:
Everybody who succeeds in their campaign helped SAVE THE FROGS!, and we thank you for your efforts. The winner for the contest will be chosen based on how well-written their application was, and their efforts taken to achieve success.

The information in all applications will be confirmed by a phone call or email to an official representative of your school or school district.

Tips on how to get frog dissections out of your school

Here's what we suggest you do to get your class, your school or your school district to abandon its frog dissection program:

(1) Sometimes all you have to do is ask! Students should begin by showing their teachers and talking to them about the problems frogs are facing. Then ask your teachers to abandon their frog dissection program: if you are fortunate that is all it will take!

(2) However, some teachers and schools may be hesitant to change their established practices. In such a case you should seek out some relevant data: write up a formal letter to your teacher, principal and the head of your school board or district, outlining the problems associated with the frog dissection trade. Ask them for the following information:

--How many frogs per year get dissected in your school or school district?
--What species are they?
--Are they farm raised or wild caught?
--From which state or country are they sourced?
--Which biological supply company?
--How much money is spent each year on the purchase and storage of these frogs, and their disposal?

Feel free to mention the Freedom of Information Act, as you have a legal right to this public information! If the school does not respond in two weeks time, ask them again for the information: be persistent!

(3) Now you have good data, so prepare a formal letter using some of the relevant statistics you learned, and make an official request that the school or school district abandon its frog dissection program. If the frogs are wild-caught, be sure to mention that it is completely unethical to be taking X number of frogs out of the wild each year when frogs worldwide are going extinct. Hand-deliver this letter to your teacher and principal, and mail one to the head of your school board (ask your teacher how to find that person's name and address).

(4) No response? Wait one week and follow-up! Be persistent!

(5) Did your request get declined? If so, it is time to organize your fellow students. Start a petition requesting your school or school district abandon its dissection program and start collecting signatures from your classmates. Ask your classmates to help collect signatures. Raise awarenes: post some flyers; write an article for your school newspaper and your local newspaper as well. Be creative! Once you think you have collected enough petition signatures, photocopy all the petitions and keep the originals as backup. Deliver the photocopies to your teacher, principal and the head of your school district, along with another request for them to abandon their dissection program! They will like give in; your persistence and determination has paid off: you helped SAVE THE FROGS!

How to enter the contest

--Only one person from a school may enter. So discuss amongst yourselves who will be your school's official representative. Your school's representative may be a teacher or a student.

--Complete the CONTEST ENTRY FORM to the best of your abilities, and email the completed form as an attachment to -- that's it!


The deadline for the 1st Annual Race To Stop Dissections Contest is December 1st, 2011.


The school that wins the contest will receive:

(1) $250 to go towards biology supplies.

(2) SAVE THE FROGS! Founder & Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger will come to your school in Spring 2012 to give a presentation on The Wild World of Frogs. Note: This is valid for any school in the USA.

(3) A Digital Frog 2.5 Full License (valued at $884).

(4) Frog fame (a listing on this webpage, mention in our electronic newsletter, and likely some media coverage).

(5) Several cool frog posters from our Gift Center!

Frog Dissections Contest
Dissection Contest Artwork courtesy of Carolin Palmer.

Get FREE Digital Frog 2.5 software for your school!

In coordination with the Animal Welfare Institute and Digital Frog International, we are offering a free Full Site License of the Digital Frog 2.5 software (valued at $884) to ANY school in the USA that agrees to abandon their animal dissection programs for a 5-year period. This offer can be redeemed even if the school does not enter the Race To Stop Dissections Contest!!! To receive the free software, please have the relevant member of your school's faculty sign and send in this contract.


We would like to thank the Animal Welfare Institute for helping us promote this contest, and for providing Digital Frog 2.5 licenses as gifts to schools that abandon their dissection programs!

Animal Welfare Institute

Thanks for helping SAVE THE FROGS!!!