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Save The Frogs Day: April 30th, 2016

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Our supporters say it best!


In December 2010, Patagonia awarded SAVE THE FROGS! $5,000 for our project “Restoring Habitat for Endangered California Red-Legged Frogs in Santa Cruz County”. Learn more about the project here.

Patagonia - Antonelli pond

Captain Paul Watson

Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Co-Founder of Greenpeace
Star of Animal Planet's Whale Wars

Captain Paul Watson Frogs"Thanks Kerry, Great hearing from you. Your work with frogs is extremely important. We need them as much if not more so than whales. I am presently heading South down the coast of Tasmania bound for the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We should intercept the Japanese whaling fleet within the next few weeks and hopefully we will be able to save hundreds of whales from their deadly harpoons.
Sincerely, Captain Paul Watson"

Beth Pratt

California Director, National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation is America's largest conservation organization. We work with more than 4 million members, partners and supporters in communities across the country to protect and restore wildlife habitat, confront global warming and connect with nature. As the California Director for the National Wildlife Federation, I am writing to express my support for SAVE THE FROGS! non-profit organization. I have worked with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder and Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger for over four years in my roles for both the National Wildlife Federation and as the Director of Environmental Affairs in Yellowstone, and have been impressed by the organization's passion and dedication for amphibian conservation. SAVE THE FROGS' tireless efforts in advocating for amphibians has yielded impressive results across the world and the National Wildlife Federation is proud to be an official partner for Save The Frogs Day. I highly recommend SAVE THE FROGS! for your award, as they are truly making the world a better place—for frogs, for wildlife and for people.

Linda Bishop

El Dorado Springs, MO

"You guys have it right. I have made donations to many causes through the years (all of them animal rights or environmental). I am most impressed with how you run your organization, out of all of them. You are caring people. Every time I contact you, I get a personal response -- usually from Kerry! Unbelievable. I don't have unlimited funds; but when I do have some extra, I send it to you. Thank you for everything you do. Wish I lived closer so that I could lend a physical hand, too! Peace."
-- Linda Bishop, El Dorado Springs, Missouri

Chris Brennan

Salamander Biologist, CT

"Save the Frogs and Kerry Kriger deserve nothing but RESPECT and
APPRECIATION for working to make OUR planet a better place for all;
amphibians and mankind alike. Kerry, you do great things for this planet and especially amphibians. To be one little person and to make an impact, is more than most of us can ever dream to do. Good for you, and keep saving those frogs!"

Joe MurrayJoe Murray

Creator of Rocko's Modern Life
Emmy Award Winner
Los Angeles, CA

"We can’t put aside concerns for the environment just because times are a little tough. Kerry is devoting his life to this struggle right now, and my hat is off to him. Check out his site at and lend your support if you can."

Zachary Gonsioroski

University Student - Minnesota

"My entire life I have had an intense admiration for all amphibians. I think what you are doing is more than incredible and I can't thank you enough. I plan to spread the word about your work with my environmental group at my university to try and raise awareness and maybe host an event on Save the Frogs Day."

Dr. Jean Brennan

Jean Brennan FrogsClimate Change Scientist - Defenders of Wildlife
Washington, D.C

"Kerry, I just wanted to say THANKS! again for your presentation. As you could tell the Defenders staff was very interested in your work. Very best of luck to you."

Mike Rotkin

Former Mayor of Santa Cruz, CA

On Dr. Kriger's Save The Frogs Day presentation at Monarch Community School, April 30th, 2010:
"He just had them all totally engaged. He had great slides and a great rapport with these kids, talking about why frogs matter. I know that he's a serious scientist, but I'm equally impressed with people when they can keep an auditorium full of kids engaged."

John Poynton

Professor & Amphibian Biologist - United Kingdom

"I have tremendous admiration for your extraordinary effort, determination and success."

Gilbert Adum

Co-Founder, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana

"Kerry, Thanks! As I always put it: if I can see far it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants. Thanks for becoming one of my giants, and in fact the number one as far as it concerns scientific communication and leadership."

Alex Cunningham

Student - New Jersey

"This website and what you're doing is awesome. I fell in love wih amphibians when I found a toad in my backyard when I was 8. Ever since, I've wanted to do something with amphibians and reptiles. Through this website, I've learned a lot about what's happening to amphibians, and how people can help. It's inspired me to become a herpetologist and join the movement."

Cody Bechtel

Student - Arizona

"Great work! Fantastic Organization! Thank you for all the hard work you contribute to saving these often forgotten but integral animals of our biosphere! While attending Pima Community College I took a course on Wildlife of North America. One of our assignments was to do a presentation on an issue affecting wildlife in North America. I knew I wanted to know more about chytrid and the global decline of amphibians, so I searched for source materials and found your site!"

Rob and Sophie Guarasci

Conservationists - Marin County, California

"Your passion for the mission is exceptional and admirable. We will donate today."

Lorri Cramer

Director of Rehabilitation, New York Turtle & Tortoise Society

"What you have done with SAVE THE FROGS! is wonderful. We are so impressed with your dedication and amazing ideas."

Kay Cookerly

New Albany, OH

"Kerry, You are such a great model of how ONE person can make a difference. I know you have a little help, but you are truly an inspiration. I believe if we can save the frogs, we can save the planet. I hope we can meet you in person some day. Our very best wishes to you. I am continually impressed and inspired by all that you do."

Rhea Worrell

Green Frog Member - Laredo, TX

"I don't recall how I heard about you, but I'm so glad I did. I have
always loved frogs. The song of frogs singing, chirping and grunting is one of the sweetest sounds in nature. Love your organization. You are doing a fabulous job. Great great website -- one of the best I've seen. Thank you so so much for your labor of love. Frogs are amazing creatures and deserve the best." -- Rhea Worrell

Joseph Sporn

SAVE THE FROGS! Member - New York

"Dear Kerry,
I read about some of the worldwide events on behalf of the little guys.... I want to say congrats on such fantastic and focused work toward such important and humane goals for frogs. I continue to wish you all the best."

Dr. Nicolas Urbina-Cardona

Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Rural Studies; Javeriana University – Bogota, Colombia

"Congratulations because Save The Frogs Day has become an icon in conservation around the world!!! Thanks for such inspiring work!!!"

Virginia Haddad

Teacher, Sea View Elementary School, Salton City, CA

Last year the school where I teach changed our state history when students in my after school club convinced politicians in Sacramento to declare a state amphibian, which was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. It was a year long interdisciplinary project involving science, civics, and language arts. After initially deciding to embark on the project, we received immeasurable help when we contacted Dr. Kerry Kriger, a scientist in Berkeley who specializes in amphibians. Our students had never responded so enthusiastically to a presenter. After he spoke that day of his Indiana Jones-like travels through far off frog habitats in continents around the globe and of his many unique encounters with a variety of fascinating amphibians, two boys approached me and said they too want to be frog scientists when they grow up. This came to me as a particular blessing as I teach in a very rural and remote desert community of predominantly farm worker children who, despite all their teachers say and do, often lack the confidence to voice high aspirations, especially without any prompting.

Joseph Calamia

Winner of the 2009 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest
El Paso, Texas

"I just received the April 2015 SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine in the mail. I enjoyed the short articles, photographs, and mainly the fact that your ongoing crusade to save the frogs is in full swing. Apparently your geographical coverage has gained thousands of miles, and covered numerous countries that were initially only a dream.

I won a poetry contest initiated by your agency as a means of gaining additional support and assistance to keep up the ecological war against senseless destruction of natural resources and the frogs that depend upon those priceless resources. I simply wanted to praise your on-going efforts, struggles, and determination in following "the path lest traveled." Your outreach to the younger generations to educate them in the art of conservation is applauded and appreciated.

All too often we spend more time fighting and struggling with the conservation of the Macro-world (large animals), and although very important, there is that unappreciated Microcosmic world of tiny creatures that are in extreme danger as well. Without them, the domino effect will eventually cause a mighty ripple that eventually could destroy the greater world.

We see these things, and appreciate your efforts, but too often do not stop to give the kudos that you (yourself) deserve. Therefore, allow me this opportunity to simply say: "THANK YOU!" for doing what is right, and for being the self-appointed Champion of the Frogs! For without you (or people like you), these tiny seemingly unimportant creatures would scarcely stand any chance to survive in today's chaotic and mad world.

Alyson Lee

SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Graphic Designer - Worcester, MA

Alyson Lee “The biggest reason I’ve stayed with Dr. Kriger for so long (since 2008!) is his dedication and passion for this cause. I just knew from the beginning that if anyone was going to get the word out there it would be him and I wanted to help!"

Marty Crump, Ph.D.

Amphibian Biologist, Northern Arizona University

"Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing on behalf of frogs worldwide."

Deborah Blake Dempsey

Author, SAVE THE FROGS! Member

"Dear Kerry,
I have been a HUGE fan of Save The Frogs from the very beginning. The teaching I've learned from you, your website, and webinars have been incredibly helpful in writing my book. It has been a pleasure to watch your vision of STF! start from a homegrown, passionate endeavor to spread across the world and grow. Well, Kerry, I have a story for you.

I am the author of THE HOPPERNOTS, which is a middle-grade fantasy novel for readers still young enough to be enchanted by woodland dwellers and for older readers who secretly believe in the magic and madness of the forest. A lovely young gentleman named Jet Kimchrea designed the cover of THE HOPPERNOTS. If his name is familiar to you, it is because Jet was a 2009 "Honorable Mention" in your STF! Art Contest. The second I laid my eyes on his artwork I knew he would eventually be my illustrator. I watched him grow as an artist and five years later the Universe conspired to let us work together. The characters he drew (Max, Cristobel, and Spyder) are the frogs I created in my head and he let me see them in real life all because I found Save The Frogs. Thank you for being a part of making my dream of being an author come true.

I would like to donate a few copies of THE HOPPERNOTS to your new Save The Frogs Education Center. I ask for nothing in return but merely wish to celebrate our shared appreciation of amphibians, conservation, and education.
Sincerely yours,
Deborah Blake Dempsey, Children's book writer"

Steve Rubenstein

Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

"Dear Dr. Kriger,
Like you, I am a great admirer of frogs. I spent much of my youth catching them and letting them go. They were always good company. Some frogs were better company than some humans. I share your concern and I admire your dedication.
All best wishes,
Steve Rubenstein"

James Wolcott

Writer - Vanity Fair Magazine

"For the rest of the year, I'm only donating money to SAVE THE FROGS!, Bat Conservation International, The Turtle Conservancy, and School of American Ballet."
(From the November 5th Vanity Fair Magazine)

Matt Lori

Michigan State Representative (R-Constantine)

Representative Lori introduced House Resolution 338, recognizing the threat that frogs, including the 12 species indigenous to Michigan, are facing. "Each year I have been impressed by the expansion of the projects undertaken by SAVE THE FROGS!, which is concerned about the impact of ignoring the important role that frogs play in our ecology, not only in Michigan, but worldwide. Frogs are becoming endangered by a number of threats, including pollution, pesticides, habitat destruction, invasive species and disease. We need to educate the public about this so they can enjoy the sound and sight of frogs for generations to come."

Marie Janicke, Ph.D.

Member and SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Student, New York

"Let me say one thing to anyone out there with frogs or toads to protect: NO ONE will fight for your frogs or toads like SAVE THE FROGS!. We went to so many environmental activism organizations with our struggle to save Lake Erie's Fowler's Toads, which are supposed to be protected by Ontario Law but were falling through the cracks in the system. The other organizations sympathized with us, and even wrote some letters, but NO ONE came close to STF's dedicated, tireless, committed action. There's a tendency for other organizations to be a bit more practical… to choose the fights they think they can most likely win. But Kerry Kriger and STF are not jaded and cannot be intimidated. Frogs are their true passion. I have been astonished and inspired to see the intelligence and fervor with which this campaign to save Lake Erie’s Fowler’s Toads has been conducted by STF. STF is a personal labor of love. I'm sure that Dr. Kriger would fight with his entire heart and soul for the frogs for free if he could. In fact, I'm pretty sure he does do a lot of what he does without funding. The point, though, is this: you can feel very confident that every penny of your contribution to STF will be well spent. Thank you, and Happy 2014!" -- Marie Janicke, Ph.D.

Barbara Bennigson

SAVE THE FROGS! Member, Palo Alto, CA

"Kerry, I continue to wish you well with all you're doing for amphibians worldwide. Under your care, SAVE THE FROGS! becomes more amazing by the day! Thank you."

Christine Schmidt

"Thank you for all your hard work. It is a daunting task these days to help people understand the importance of wildlife and to find a way to make them care".

Finnegan Roach

New York

"I got interested in frog extinction from a PBS documentary and wanted to find a reliable and informative website about it. I searched and this was the best one I found."

Adam Clayton

Student, Oregon

"Dear Kerry Kriger,
Originally I wanted to thank you for all you have done to save amphibians, but in writing this letter I realized that you have impacted my life on a much more personal level. When I was 7 my favorite animals were frogs. I had pictures of frogs pasted all over my room and my favorite thing to do was to go to my grandparents' house and look for rough skinned newts on a hiking trail there. That's why when I heard about SAVE THE FROGS! and the problems amphibians were facing I was really upset. I cried for hours, cursing big companies for being so careless about the environment. After that day I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I set a life goal to become a herpetologist.

In the following years I did everything I could to help my favorite animal. With my family's support I started a lemonade stand to raise money that I would donate to your website. I also made posters to put up around my school, started a club and spread the word about the problems frogs faced, to everyone I met. By the time I was 9, I had donated over $400 from fundraisers, selling lemonade and giving away my own money, yet I was not satisfied. I still wanted to be a herpetologist, but I knew it would not be easy. That's why, along with the occasional donation, I started to focus on school, striving for good grades to prepare for high school.

Nowadays, I'm still a normal teen. I hang out with friends, and play video games and sports, but unlike most 7th graders, I have a life goal: a dream that inspires me to try my hardest in school and help the environment. I dream that no matter where life takes me, it has taught me to work hard and never give up. A dream you gave me. Which is why, besides all you do to save the frogs, I want to thank you making me a better person, and if all goes well, maybe someday, I will join you as a real herpetologist.

Adam Clayton"

Anjalee Balasooriya

Artist - Sri Lanka

Dear Dr. Kerry Kriger,
Thank you for all you have done to save the amphibian population not only in the USA but also in the entire world. I fully support your programme and hope to take part in every art contest organised by SAVE THE FROGS!. I have already mailed my artwork and I can't wait till the results are in!!! Yours faithfully."

Kasia Zgurzynski

"Hi there Kerry, I wanted to thank you for your colourful and enthusiastic Save The Frogs initiative. It has helped to spearhead a few of my own anuran conservation efforts, and is generally a good tool to help people begin to get an understanding of the issues influencing amphibians. Kudos to bringing light and love to the issue!
Best wishes."

Emily Shaw

Zoology Student, Cardiff University

"SAVE THE FROGS! is a great example of integrating conservation biology with local communities to save amphibian populations from extinction."

Lee Politis

Donor - Charlottesville, VA

Kerry, you have done so much for the frogs and the world. We’re all tremendously fortunate to share this life with you."

Laura Honda

Environmental Education Teacher - Fairfax, CA

"Hi Kerry, You are so amazing and intelligent and I am honored to know you. You inspire me to not give up. Thank you so much!"

Dave Knight

United Kingdom

"Hi, I found this site whilst looking for posters. I have posted a link to it on the forum I use, and will do my best to point as many people in the direction of this site as I can. What you guys do is amazing and deserves people’s awareness. I will be purchasing some save the frogs wrist bands and will pass them out as well as wearing one myself. Frogs have been my passion and my favourite animal for a long time. Keep up the good work and let’s hope the help from man is not too late."

Glenn R. Stewart, Ph.D.

Pomona, CA - Professor Emeritus of Zoology and Environmental Science, Biological Sciences Department California State Polytechnic University

"I think your website is 'awesome' and that you are doing a fantastic job for frog conservation!"

Elaine McEnery

Habitat Team Leader - Sammamish Wildlife Habitat Project
Sammamish, WA

"Your organization has a FABULOUS website!!! And I’ve already added a link for your website on our blogsite so that our Sammamish residents can learn more about, and support, Save The Frogs. Thank you for all that you are doing to save the frogs!!!"

Roman Capelli

Biologist - Benicia, CA

"You have a fantastic educational outreach program and I really enjoyed learning more about SAVE THE FROGS! at your recent open house presentation. Your work is truly commendable."

Brandon Bachmeier

Amity, OR

"Dear save the frogs: I am an eighth grader at Amity Middle School looking for a project on causes in Oregon. I really like frogs and would like to keep them around forever. I really like the way you guys are helping the environment for frogs and their lives. We are going to make speeches and a bulletin board to show you how we have helped and supported the organization and saving frogs."

Miranda Kett

Graphic Designer - Hamilton, Ontario

"Kerry, your work inspires many! It's amazing how many local restaurants carry frog legs. Just last week I ordered take out later realizing they carried a frog leg dish. Obviously, I wont be returning. It's so important for people to know the risks of frog legs and the chytrid fungus. Awareness is the first step. Congratulations on being featuring on ABC News!"

Erik Rogers

SAVE THE FROGS! Member - Santa Cruz, CA

I think this is a wonderful cause and one that does not get the attention it should receive. I do believe that attention to this issue could assist in saving all of mankind from all sorts of travesties. I like supporting your efforts and seeing them grow out into the entire world. You are doing a sensational job at spreading the word for the creatures who do not have a voice in their own fates. Thanks. 

Andrea Freeman

Marin County, CA

"Congratulations, Kerry! So proud of you, and very grateful, too, for all you're doing to ensure the futurity of frogs and the well-being of the web of life. Deep gratitude! Bravo to Save The Frogs!"

Leah Jay

Artist and Author of Amphibian Love, San Jose, CA

"Every once in awhile, you meet a person that inspires you with their dedication to a cause. Dr. Kerry Kriger, founder and director of SAVE THE FROGS!, is one of those inspiring people I've been lucky enough to meet."

Kara Snyder

3rd Grade Teacher, Discovery Charter School

"Dr. Kriger, Thank you for all of your love and passion for amphibian conservation. My students felt empowered after your skype session and have been talking about how they can be more conscious of amphibian conservation as well as other environmental issues. SAVE THE FROGS! is a very unique organization. The dedication that you and your staff make to get information out to people inspires others to get involved. I feel like I stumbled on an educational gold mine. Please accept my school's modest donation from the proceeds of our "freaky frog" calendars. They were a labor of love! Regards, Kara"

Kara Snyder

David Snower

SAVE THE FROGS! Member - Glencoe, IL

David Snower

Brook Knoll Elementary

Scotts Valley, CA

"Dear Kerry, Thank you for coming to our class to teach us about frogs. Thanks for telling us about the various frog species and for making the cool frog sounds. You have inspired us to save frogs! Thank you for helping save our world!"
-- Ms. Rugg's 4th and 5th graders at Brook Knoll

Brook Knoll School

Kerry Cesan

Teacher - Duggan Middle School
Springfield, MA

"I teach 7th grade Science at an expeditionary learning school in Springfield, MA. This spring we are focusing on biodiversity and biodiversity loss. I plan on incorporating the Save The Frogs website as we delve into this expedition. We are going to investigate and try and certify a couple of potential vernal pools in our city to get them protected. Thanks for the website and its clear, easily accessible text about the issues and the action steps."

Joel Sartore

Photographer for National Geographic Magazine
Lincoln, Nebraska

"I've met Kerry only once, when we served together on an amphibian panel discussion at National Geographic, but knew of his excellent conservation and photographic work long before that. Experts like Kerry predict that we could lose half of all amphibians within the next decade. There's no time to lose.

Kerry has taken it upon himself to found this non-profit and actually do something beyond simply photographing the subject that he's most passionate about. If only there were more folks like him. I support Kerry's efforts to save the Earth."

Dr. John Malone

Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

I have followed your efforts over the past several years to "Save The Frogs" and have been tremendously impressed by your passion, enthusiasm and tireless crusade. Biodiversity and science in general needs this public outreach and campaign.

Blake & Jason Poggi

Shrewsbury, MA

Frog Pics

Poggi frog

Ursula Hakman


"What a fantastic organization! Invaluable work to protect amphibians and their habitats, thus protecting other species inhabiting the same habitats."

Rosalind Willis

Golden Frog Member, North Carolina

"We sure do love and support frogs here at our home in the mountains of North Carolina. Thanks for your tireless work for our beloved amphibians. Here's to a New Year filled with peace, beauty and many healthy frogs.
Warmly, Rosalind Willis"

Carol from Palo Alto, CA

The reason that I have started donating to SAVE THE FROGS! more than many other environmental organizations that compete for our support is because I can get a personal response and interaction with you folks. It feels like I know where my money is going, I can see the good things you are doing, and I can actually make a difference. I have decided to change my will and make SAVE THE FROGS! the organization that is the primary beneficiary of our trust--because I can trust you. Happy Save The Frogs Day!"

Chris M.


"I saw one of your posters in Chicago O'Hare airport and decided to check out your web site since I am and have always been a huge frog lover. I am very pleased that your organization exists and I support your mission."

Kimberley Fisher

Arborist - Fort Valley, VA

"Kerry, I just wanted to say Thank You again. It was wonderful to have you out and I truly hope it was worth it for you. I feel like the community took to you and it was very worth it for them.  So thank you thank you thank you!  So please keep in touch and I wish you the best of luck to you on your speeches coming up!  You are doing a great thing and it is so nice to see our generation doing something about it!"

Gilbert Adum

Amphibian Biologist - Ghana
Kwame Nkrumah University, Department of Wildlife

"The most treasured donation that went to our lovely frogs this passing year unarguably is your setting up Save The Frogs. With this your message and for that matter the sounds of the alarming bells of the frogs have reached all the ends of the earth. For your sake I am a frog activist in my country Ghana. Keep it up for we shall win all battles against our defenceless friends. Many Happy Returns."

Jenna Ward

Student Member

"Dear Dr. Kriger, My name is Jenna and I am 10 years old. I want to be a herpetologist and study frogs when I grow up. Thank you for making, it's awesome. I have loved frogs pretty much my whole life so I am extremely glad other people care about frogs too. I am really jealous you got to go to so many different places and see different frogs. I hope to join you on an expedition some day. I am so excited to be a member. Yay! I also want to start a Save The Frogs chapter at my middle school this year. If you have any tips please let me know because I have no idea where to start. Frogs forever, Jenna"

Tom Brown


"My name is Tom Brown and I am a 22 year old eager herpetologist and recent environmental science graduate. I am a big fan of Save The Frogs and I think you do great work!"

Martin Royle

Royle Safaris - Director, United Kingdom

"I love the work and dedication you have for amphibians, they are in desperate need of it at the moment! Please keep up the good work!"

Victor Luja, Ph.D.

Northwestern Center for Biological Research - La Paz, Mexico

"Congratulations for your monumental work for frog's conservation."

Brenda Slater

Alexandria, VA 

"My first grade son and several of his friends are rolling out the art contest to their entire school of 645 children. What a great way to get the message out to such a large group of young people. We love what you are doing. I am am so proud of my 1st grade son. His passion and love of frogs and his commitment to spreading the word is inspiring. He had us construct a frog pond in our back yard to do some of his own conservation. This is what learning to love something bigger than yourself is all about. Thank you for your work and time."

John Crossen

United States Army - Base Realignment and Closure Division
Arlington, VA

"Dr. Kriger, I just wanted to let you know about the efforts that my son is doing on the frogs behalf. His name is Tyler and he is 11 years old and since the age of three has wanted to become either a marine entomologist or an ecologist like yourself. He watched the show on the Discovery Channel and has started a campaign to fight chytrid and other things killing amphibians. So far he has raised a hundred dollars for your organization and continues to raise more. I have always been proud of what he does for nature, volunteering on many issues, but I thought you should know that you have greatly inspired one of the next generation and that as soon as he can he wants to join you in your fight as an ecologist.
John Crossen"

Doug Patterson Frog LoverDoug Patterson

Nanaimo, British Columbia

"Dear Save The Frogs,
I find your work valuable and inspiring. Our frogs in the mid-Vancouver Island have been giving us a nocturnal serenade these past two weeks, probably my favorite sound from nature."

Liz York

Artist, New York City

"Dear Kerry, Thank you for doing all that you do. I'm grateful that you are fighting for frogs and for us! You are a hero. Best wishes and Happy Valentines Day, from one of your many admirers."

Joanne Yanchick

3rd Grade Teacher
Mill City Elementary School - Dalton, PA

"Dear Save The Frogs Staff,
Please accept this donation on behalf of the third-grade class at Mill City Elementary School, in Dalton, PA. The students learned about all kinds of animals in their Science class, especially amphibians and many other endangered animals. Some have even designed posters for your campaign. We wish you all the best in your research and your efforts to “Save The Frogs”. Thanks for all you are doing to make our planet healthier for all living things!
Sincerely, Joanne Yanchick" 

Yajur Chawla

Biologist, India

"Very well done, Kerry sir. I applaud your efforts to save the frogs, all across the globe. Your campaigns are not only spreading awareness among people, but are also helping us to save many more amphibians. We will be able to show this gift of Nature to our future generations. I congratulate and appreciate you and your team for your sincere hard work. Thanks."

Renee McKenna

Helen and Allan Ridley Charitable Trust - San Francisco, CA

"Dear Kerry:
Singleness of purpose is perhaps the most powerful use of our will. I am so grateful that you have dedicated your time, energy and resources to this most worthy cause. You are amazing and we are glad to support your great work saving frogs.
Love to you,
Renee McKenna, MA, CCH"

Catherine Constantinides

Miss Earth South Africa -- National Director

"Green regards and congratulations for the amazing work you are doing..."

Dennis Trovato frogsDennis Trovato

Red Frog Member - Naples, FL

"Here are some donations that are from the two donation jars. I know these funds will help the cause and I will keep on pushing to help the frogs!! It is awesome what Save The Frogs is doing. I am proud to be part of it. I am spreading the word with wristbands and flyers whenever possible...Thank you for your help and dedication. rocks!"

Koyomi Waki

Red Frog Member - Gold Coast, Australia

"I love your homepage, cause, functions, organization, value, everything! I love the photos too! Great work!!!"

Gail Perry

Fired Up Fundraising - Raleigh, NC

"Hey Kerry - I am a REAL fan of frogs. Way to go! You have a killer web site too!"

Symphony Yu

Former SAVE THE FROGS! Work-Study Student, UC Berkeley

"I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed my time at Save The Frogs. It's been a great learning experience and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to work for a cause I am passionate about, and with people that are also so passionate. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and best of luck to you and all of STF. Thanks again and go frogs!"

Christopher Yaw Dumevi

Kumasi, Ghana -- Department of Silviculture and Forest Management, Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

"Hi Mr. Kriger, I want to personally express my appreciation to you for the good job you are doing to save humanity and more importantly our environment. I have now an in-depth knowledge about our activities that have the potential to affect other lives around us. I would be glad to play any advocacy role in championing the cause of safe environmental practices that will not endanger any species on planet earth. It takes people like you and your partners to awaken in us the very existence of our being and the crucial role other species play to make our lives worth living. Although I have not yet registered as a member of the Ghana branch of Save The Frogs International, I can proudly say I am a member already! I wish you safe journey every where you go. Once again, congratulations."

Evan Eskew

Biologist - UC Davis, Davis, CA

I think your work with Save The Frogs is extremely important, and I hope it continues to be a success."

Dawn Reis

Amphibian Biologist - Santa Cruz, CA

"Hi Dr. Kerry,
Keep up the great work building ponds! I love the video of all the kids at the school building the pond-really cool! I saw that you were building Santa Cruz long-toed salamander ponds-I would love to see them sometime. I really want to be involved in creating more ponds in the next coming year, so please don't hesitate to call if you have a project where you need volunteers or would like some specific species habitat design recommendations as I would love to collaborate/participate. I appreciate what you do and am in awe of your energy. ;)
Keep in touch."

Sandy Quinn

REPTILES Magazine - Lombard, IL

"Kerry, your website and efforts on behalf of “Save The Frogs” are stellar. I would like to work with you to gain worldwide recognition using REPTILES Magazine and You already have so many wonderful ideas on your website; it’s very impressive. Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishments. Thank you."

Ori Mayer

SAVE THE FROGS! Member -- Israel

"Kerry, I have a great admiration for you and your work. I think you're putting an amazing effort to doing what you can to ensure the security of these wonderful creatures. I've been wanting to be a member for a long time and I'm honored to be a part of such an amazing cause."

Tiffany Kosch

Ph.D. Candidate
East Carolina University Biology Department - Greenville, NC

"I love your website and your qPCR info, I think that many people will find it extremely useful."

Robert Rosenthal

Director of Communications, VolunteerMatch

"Kerry, The frogs have a great friend in you and your network! To help, I've just comped your team a free year of our "premium" service, which would have been $75."

Boyd "Bones" Watson

Queensland, Australia - Biologist

"G'day Kerry, My name is Boyd but my mates call me Bones. I did Save The Frogs Day at the University of Queensland Gatton campus with Rebecca Diete for two years. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you are doing. There are some amazing people in the world, and you Sir are one of them. Keep up the awesome work. Bones"

Thy Neang

Researcher, Fauna & Flora International - Cambodia

"We fully support and agree with your campaign strategy, actions, education and awareness in saving the fragile creatures and amphibians of the world for the sake of our life and children."

Professor John Poynton

Biologist, The Natural History Museum, London

"Hi Kerry, I congratulate you most heartily on the work you are doing. I have been working on African amphibians all my professional life, so I can especially appreciate the value of your efforts. With best wishes, John"

Debra Mahony

Red Frog Member -- Fairfield, CT

"Your organization helps me sleep a little better at night, just knowing  you are all working so hard in this urgent effort! You are my Heros :) Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

José Andrés Rojas Bonilla

Biologist - Costa Rica

"Dear Dr. Kerry Kriger, Thanks for your hard work saving frogs around the world, I have been following all your actions and I'm very impressed and happy to know there are people preserving these jewels of nature. I'm from Costa Rica and have my own Frog Garden with around 34 different Frog species. I am currently running a frog watching tour to see these wonderful creatures in the wild. Also we had made few educational projects with children from local schools and people from the neighborhood, to inculcate them with a love for nature and make them preserve nature. You can see more info in or in I am now wondering if there is anything we can do to bring SAVE THE FROGS! to Costa Rica. We need a lot of help to educate children in our country. Best regards."

Lucy Cooke

Lucy Cooke - photo credits unknownIndependent Filmmaker - United Kingdom

"I am a zoologist and filmmaker who has decided to take a 5 month sabbatical from my TV career to travel around South America filming and writing about my number one passion - amphibians. I'm a huge fan of the work of Save The Frogs and and want to congratulate you on an excellent job. Keep up the good work."

Lee Garig-Meyer

"I learned about the Save The Frogs site on Page 4 of the April 25th 2009 issue of “Science News”. Two hours went by and I was still reading about the people who created the site and their amazing accomplishments, enjoying the beautiful photos and in general just enjoying reading about frogs."

Jenny C.

"Thank you to SAVE THE FROGS. Your work around the world is amazing, and I hope more people are taking notice."

Sonja Kulstad-Hurst

AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project -- Fortuna, CA

"Kerry, All I can say is that your presentation was a HUGE hit. It was one of the biggest highlights of the week. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule for us."

Keith Theisen

Tampa, FL

"You have really built this up to be an INCREDIBLE ORGANIZATION in a very short time. Congratulations, Kerry!"

Michael McLeod

Seattle, WA

"The world and its animals and people are lucky to have you, Kerry. Thank you for all have done and all you are doing."

Margot Fass

Donor, New York City

"Congratulations to you Kerry. Look at all one man can do when he sets his sights on an important mission. Hopefully frogs will go viral, and start a huge revolution on this earth to take care of it and all life."

Sisalee Boots - Age 11

"Hi, my name is Sisalee I am eleven years old. My friends Fiona, Rachelle, and Sandra plus my cousin Dawn and step brother Marcus are planning a bake sale at school to help your cause. We are also speaking with the Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd grade teachers for us to talk with their classes about saving frogs and what we can do to help them. We picked to talk with them because we know that a lot of them love frogs.

We are going to show them about frogs and what is happening to them plus all their body part deformations. I am also writing an essay about frogs as well as a speech that will be given to the 3rd 4th and the rest of the fifth grade. We're making flyers and posters for around the school too. We are trying the ways you say we can help and trying to get others to help too. All of the people that are working with me are dedicated and love all animals know that what every day humans do horrible to the planet I'm trying to make a difference to our lives and the frogs plus other animals. I hope we help you and this is only the beginning of our SAVE THE FROGS act.

Your website has been the most helpful of any where I have gone though you're so organized and it is helpful to be able to find every thing so quickly. Thank you for reading my email."

Gina Martin

Carmel, CA -- Assistant to Chef Cal Stamenov
Bernardus Lodge

"We are fortunate to have an organization such as SAVE THE FROGS! in our local community.  I appreciate you taking the time to contact me and share your expertise of the ecological damage created by the frog markets. I wish you the best of success in sharing your knowledge, spreading education and fundraising on behalf of frogs in the future."

Christina Cunningham

Frog Lover, United Kingdom

"I admire the work you do and congratulate you on what you have achieved. You are an example to all for your commitment and dedication to your cause."

Glenn Burkett

Organic Farmer, Czech Republic

"Thanks for what you are doing to make the world a better place !!!!!"

Stefani Timmerman

Teacher -- Thomas Cario Middle School; Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Thanks for all you do to help the environment and bring awareness to the public about frogs and their habitats! :)"

Patricia Matejcek

Santa Cruz, CA

"The website has always been interesting, bright and lively, and the vigor and breadth of your campaign is astounding, esp. w/o a staff of hundreds."

Debra Mahony

Red Frog Member - Connecticut

"Many thanks again, for the incredible difference you and your crew make in our world:)"

Sean Kortis

Student of Contemporary Environmental Issues and Policy
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York

"Thanks so much for the link to the slides, they were a great help for my presentation. I informed a lot of people on the issue that were actually unaware of how serious it was. I was also able to bring up information for Save the Frogs Day 2011, and provide links to the website. And to top it off, I brought some Atrazine petitions with me and got quite a few signatures, I will be sure to send them back soon."

Nell Stewart

Washington, D.C.

"Hi Kerry, Nice talking to you too. I e-mailed the Lower School Science teacher to tell her about the Save The Frogs assembly at Middle School last week in case she hadn't heard about it. I told her how my third grader (who is in Lower School) became really interested in the subject when my fifth grader was talking about it so much at home. My kids are looking forward to getting their t-shirts!" 

Carlynn White

Los Angeles, CA

STF, u rock! It is ignorance that propels the human race to use and abuse animals. We must teach tolerance and compassion for all animals, and this will not be an easy task. But it will be done, eventually.

John Griffith

Humboldt County, CA - Author of Totem Magic: Going MAD

"Thanks for being the voice for frogs and other amphibians. You rock!"

Phyllis Chavez

Santa Monica, CA

"Hi Dr. Kriger. I love your website. I also love frogs. Your absolute passion for frogs and life won me over. I've enclosed a check for membership. I'm so impressed by you and Save The Frogs I'm committing to donate $20 a month!"

Andy Boyles

Honesdale, PA - Science Editor for Highlights Magazine

"Dear Dr. Kriger, I have been reading about Save The Frogs Day, and I congratulate you on a significant contribution. People like you will keep the rest of us on track in conservation!"

Diane M. Kastel and Family

Wheaton, IL

"Kerry, Thank you for choosing to be a champion of frogs. I am not aware of any other specialist who spends his time trying to preserve this species. You deserve much credit for your efforts!"

Dimitrij Schell

Lausanne, CA - SAVE THE FROGS! Donor

"Hi Kerry,
Thanks for your efforts to engage in an extremely under-rated but more than just important activity. Because if they die we do too."

Becca Weir

Boston, MA - Student Member, Boston University

"I'm majoring in biology with specialization in ecology and conservation biology, and I'm planning on being a frog biologist one day. Thank you so much for all the work you do! It's such an important cause, and I tell everyone I know about Save The Frogs."

Julia Moriarity

I'll take this opportunity to mention that I'm amazed by how far STF! has come along since those early days some years ago. As always, You Rock! :O) Thank you for all that you do. The planet needs more people like you. You amaze and inspire. Great work! :O) Rock on...

Katalin Miklos

Clarkston, MI - Green Frog Member

"I applaud all of you for your efforts to save frogs - I live here in Michigan and during my senior year of college, I worked with frogs and fell in love with them. My son and I catch (and release) many each year to admire them. I support what you do, and would love to do something in my area here that helps preserve frog habitat. Thank you again, for being wonderful, caring people :o)" --Katalin

Janice Ingram

SAVE THE FROGS! Charter Member
Vancouver, BC

Kerry and Lauren"Dear Kerry, Thank you for the opportunity for my daughter, Lauren, and I to hear your important message about saving our endangered frogs. We learned a lot, and Lauren is very inspired to share your work with her friends and family. Please pass on our thanks also to your sponsors, FrogBox and the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre.

Great job! Warm Regards, Jan"

Kaitlyn Bryer

California - Age 10

"Save The Frogs is a wonderful site. Someday frogs will be saved all thanks to you rock"

David Wong

Urban Architect - Vancouver, BC

David Wong"Thanks for sharing the message Kerry! Thanks to you and SAVE THE FROGS!, our multi-cultural frogs and eco-film night (the Green Leap Forward) was a super success...over 200 visitors sat under the stars to watch our presentation.

Our whole frog and film night was inspired by you, initiated with this year's inaugural Save The Frogs Day. Without your passion and inspiration, none of this would have happened here in Richmond and Vancouver, Canada. :-) "

Rachel Goodman

District Director for Assemblymember Bill Monning
Santa Cruz, CA

"I appreciate your organization taking on the issue of methyl iodide. Thanks for all you do to help save the frogs!"

Cynthia Jordan

Ecology Action; Santa Cruz, CA

"Kerry, everyone who ever hears you talk is blown away. Children are especially taken with your message. Hope your summer is productive in your quest to save the frogs."

Brad & Julia Parsk

SAVE THE FROGS! Members & Wild Cat Specialists

"Thanks so much, Dr Kriger. As young conservationists ourselves (with a specialization in wild cats) we very much appreciate your efforts to protect these beautiful and imperiled amphibians. Dr Kriger, the world thanks you for your efforts, and, as a couple, we'd like to wish you the very best throughout 2015 and beyond.
Sincerely, Brad & Julia Parsk"

Michael Hayslett, M.S.

Departments of Biology & Environmental Studies; Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia

"Kerry, if we can collaborate with you in the future along the lines of your Academy here in VA, please let me know. Continued CONGRATULATIONS on the remarkable international success of STF! Cheers, Mike"

Mike Hayslett

Brianna Dewey

Student, Frog Lover

"Dear Dr. Kerry Kriger, I myself am an 11 year-old who has a dream of becoming a future herpetologist. Ever since I was little, I have had a fascination for frogs and other amphibians. You not only have inspired me as a fellow scientist to try to become a herpetologist, but also have made me more aware of the animals and the world around me. I hope later your inspiration will pay off! Thank you, once again, to the man who has inspired me to do what I will later do and to what I have done."

Boaz Shacham

SAVE THE FROGS! Member, Israel

"I have bought two t-shirts already and they draw much attention and questions. I tell everyone about your work and urge them to visit the website and see all the good that is being done by STF all over the world."

Joan Schafer

Bozeman, MT

John"Hi, I just wanted you to know that you have really inspired my son John. He is 10 yrs old and has loved frogs from a very early age.  After reading about you in the newspaper, he has been "spreading the word".  He made some fliers of his own and has given them to several people.  He even handed them out at our garage sale and explained the "cause" to a couple shoppers. Pretty impressive for a 10 year old.  He also asked everyone in the family to donate a portion of our garage sale "proceeds" to save the frogs.  So I'm sending a check for $70 to you today.

Thank you for your efforts, Sincerely, Joan Schafer"

Dr. Lori Kirshner

Animals Today Radio, Palm Springs, CA

"I want to sincerely thank you for coming on and for all the important information you provided to our listeners. We think you and Save The Frogs! are doing great work."

John Haughton

Forest Friends Ghana & NEAR FM90 Enviro Radio, Dublin, Ireland

"Kerry, thanks for the interview today. It went very well. My daughter who lives in Connecticut listens to the programme every week and gives me an honest assessment. She said that it was one of the best interviews, for many reasons. This included the vast amount of experience in the environmental areas; the way you put the ideas accross; your enthusiasm for the subject and the wonderful and professional way in which the information is presented in your web site. She had studied the website beforehand as I had told her that you would be on the programme. So once again thanks."

Jeff Regen

Former Vice President, Online Marketing & Communications
Defenders of Wildlife

"I think you've done *amazing* work with SAVE THE FROGS!"

Helen Engledow

"Hi Kerry, Happy to help, and I hope to do more later. Thank you and everyone at STF for all you do. What a great cause!"

Haitham Al-Twaijri

SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest 2013 Grand Prize Winner - Memphis, TN

"If there were more people like you in our world, conservation would not be a matter of debate, but a prime objective."

Sharon Mannix

SAVE THE FROGS! Member & Teacher - Windsor, NY

"Kerry, Thank you so much for all you are doing to save frogs. I am a lifelong frog/amphibian enthusiast and was somewhat aware of some of the threats to them, but I am the first to admit that I was not terribly knowledgeable about the critical nature of the threats and dangers they are currently facing nor about ways average citizens can help save them. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon because it gave me a starting point to begin educating my young students (and myself) about what we can do to help. My class is a self-contained special education classroom for severely emotionally disturbed Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders. However, even though these young children have experienced neglect, abuse, and severe emotional trauma, they have some of the biggest, kindest hearts I have ever had the privilege of caring for, especially when it comes to animals. They have jumped on this cause with all of their small hearts! We have been busy learning about frogs (I do it every spring) and life cycles, so I've incorporated a lot of ideas from I also have permission for my students set up a table during the 2 hour lunch block in our school on April 25th to pass out info cards and answer questions about frogs. My students are busy making posters and learning as much as they can so they can "teach the big kids and grown ups" about frog & amphibian conservation efforts. Again, thank you so much for all that you do!"

Roberta Thurmond

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

"Thanks for standing up for the frogs. We are destroying our natural environments and wildlife species at an alarming rate! We must develop lifestyles that are harmonious and protective of all natural environments and all wildlife species."

Gail Gester

"I am a big supporter of Save The Frogs and admire your passion and action."

Darleen Bailey Beard

Children's Book Author

"Hey there! I just found your site and absolutely LOVE it. I've spent the last several hours reading and reading your information. It has inspired me to build a frog pond in our backyard. Even my husband is excited and we can't wait to start our pond this spring to attract frogs in our yard. Thank you for your WONDERFUL site."

Laurie Sullivan, Ph.D.

Barrett Elementary School - Arlington, VA
2004 Virginia Teacher of the Year

"I loved the Powerpoint for elementary school students."

Marisa de Jesus Paolicelli

Children's Author - Avondale, PA

"My congratulations to you on the important work you are doing in regard to the amphibian world! My sincerest thanks for all you do."

Lorri Cramer

New York Turtle & Tortoise Society -  Director of Rehabilitation

"Hi Kerry, I am so impressed with all the work you have done. How wonderful to have so many people who care about frogs. It’s great that there are so many children involved, education is so important. I know there is a long way to go but what a great beginning. Congratulations."

Barbara LaBrash

San Juan Islands, Washington

"I am an avid life-long amphibian fan and I think it is wonderful what you are doing and thank you for it.  I am very worried about these invaluable creatures and it breaks my heart and spirit to think there might be world without frogs.  What would childhood be like without pollywogs? How empty would spring and summer nights be without frog song? How sick would our planet be? Pretty sick already I know. It frightens me for all life. Thank you again for your work."

John Griffith

Author - Totem Magic

"Frogs are so lucky to have some productive advocates like you looking out for them. I cannot even see a frog without thinking or talking about you guys. And I live in coastal Northern California, so you come up a lot! Thank you for your efforts. It makes me a little happier knowing you are there and busy doing good work."

Sean Kortis

Spadefoot Toad Project Coordinator, Mass Audubon, Cape Cod, MA

"I'm now involved with a project aimed specifically at amphibian conservation and education. I never thought I would make it to this point, and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done in your efforts. While I've always held an interest in herpetology, SAVE THE FROGS! has really inspired me to further that interest into something greater. Taking an active role in the community and helping out on such an important project which will hopefully make a positive impact has been wonderful, and I couldn't have done it without seeing all of your dedication and hard work towards amphibian conservation."

James P. Lewis

Program Officer -- IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group, Washington, DC

"Hi Kerry, I just wanted to make sure you were aware that the January edition of FrogLog will be focusing on different educational initiatives from around the world that address amphibian conservation issues. I am always pointing our members towards your work as a great example of engaging with the broader global community so it would be fantastic if you were able to provide an article. I am thinking of maybe a two to four pager outlining all the different things you and your team are doing, however I am totally up to whatever you think would help further your efforts the most."


Teacher - Zululand, South Africa

"I have taught first grade for 20 years. Frogs and amphibians have played a major part in my nature studies. We have amazingly cool frogs here in Zululand, but most local people are afraid of frogs and toads and have cultural biases against them. Teaching these kids is incredibly rewarding, because they go from hate and loathing to fascinated intrigue and real concern for the welfare of our amphibian friends! We have a pond and are encouraging others to build them. THANK YOU for your hard work on behalf of frogs!!!!

Brooke Wilson

Virginia Zoo - Norfolk, VA

"Hello! Just keeping you updated! This Saturday (24 April) is Virginia Zoo's Earth Day event. I'll be running an Amphibian Conservation booth, & will be talking about the threats amphibs face, why amphibians are important, & how people can help. I made a display board, & will be passing out Save the Frogs/Save the Frogs Day flyers! Some amphibian ambassadors from our education animal collection will be out at the booth, too. I want to thank you for the great resources that are available on! It really made everything much easier for me! All the best, Brooke Wilson"

Sheryl Mitchell

Teacher, Scaly Tailz, Bloomington, IN

"Kerry, thank you so very much for all of the fantastic work that you and Save The Frogs have done, and are doing, and will be doing!  Your passion for amphibians is obvious, and I'm very proud to know you." -- Sheryl Mitchell

Lisa Miller

Woodbury, MN

"Kerry, Thanks so much for all your hard work protecting amphibians, for in raising awareness of their plight you are helping to save us all. Happy New Year!" -- Lisa Miller

Arlene Wang

Poet, High School Student - Lexington, KY

"My name is Arlene Wang and I was recently announced the 13-17 category winner for the Save the Frogs Poetry Contest. I want to thank you for this amazing honor. I hope to use the prize money towards my college education, and I wish future winners will be able to use theirs to pursue their dreams. I love writing (mostly prose) but it took a little push to write poetry. Frog conservation has been a newfound interest of mine along with environmentalism. Save the Frogs is a great organization, and keep doing what you are doing!
Thanks again!  
Sincerely, Arlene Wang"

Chad Curry

Director of Policy, Planning, and Communications
Wyoming Community Development Authority

"When I viewed your photographs online in regards to Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande restaurants I was struck with the realization that you really do stand behind what you promote. I have read further into your work and have become increasingly impressed with your efforts. Keep up the good work, you may be our flipper footed friends best chance for a future."

Allison Weaver

Teacher Eastwood Boys & Girls Club - Salem, OR

"We were excited to draw for your cause here at the Eastwood Boys & Girls Club. We wish you the best of luck with your foundation and welcome any educational materials you may have to further expand our knowledge of frogs. My members encouraged me to apply for the art contest as well, so we hope you enjoy the wide range of artistic pieces from Salem's youth!"

Fabien Walenne


Fabien Walenne

Dr. Brian Gratwicke

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Center for Species Survival - Washington, DC

"Congrats on launching Save the Frogs in Ghana, looks like an awesome, worthwhile venture."

Lorri Cramer

Head of Rehabilitation, New York Turtle & Tortoise Society

"Congratulations on all the work you have been doing
with and for the frogs. I am blown away every time I look at your site."

Jessica Hope

"Your website is awesome. I think I'm raising a young batrachologist. I just ordered some of your clothes through cafepress.  We'll try to come say Hi at HerpWorld this weekend."


Sutherland, Scotland

"Good luck. I think it is a great idea to have this site to make more people aware that these amazing creatures are endangered."

Lan-Yu & Tom Pittard

Stuffed Animal Designer & Film Producer - Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Frog-Go"Dear Kerry, We at Orchid Jade Living realize the importance of the educational and scientific field work that SAVE THE FROGS! is doing. It is dedicated individuals like you, and organizations like SAVE THE FROGS! that provide both hope and actual positive results. We have decided to increase the percentage of proceeds from frog-go® sales that we donate to SAVE THE FROGS! Instead of 5%, from now on we are going to donate 10% to SAVE THE FROGS! Warm regards and keep up the Great Work!"

LaShelle Lyman

BioBlitz Festival Coordinator
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

"On behalf of the frogs, thank you for all the great work you are doing!"

Mindy Meadows

"One of the most memorable stories I ever read in all the memorable stories I ever read, and I read many with all the save the planet organizations I am involved with, was the story of a boy that lived next to a swampy area. He used to lay awake at night and hear it come to life with the frogs and other creatures, but he spoke mostly of the frogs. One day, a big bulldozer came, turned up all the land, and buried the frogs that could not escape. An entire little ecosystem gone in a few hours. Thank you for all you do."

Diane Lopez Wilson

"ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! And THANK YOU! Congratulations on this amazing journey of protecting life on Earth. Live long and prosper."
-- Diane

Kym Smith Soderholm

Indianapolis, IN

"Thank you for the work that you do. Gives me hope for a future, for all of our species."

Dianne Baker

Composer & Photographer , Michigan

Dr. Kerry Kriger has done so much to help SAVE THE FROGS internationally. I work with kids and they are interested in Dr. Kriger's web site and what needs to be done to help "Save the Frogs", our bioindicators. Song I wrote, "Save the Frogs" has been song across the US and is available to download on on the Teachers For Frogs page...near the bottom. It is so important to help this next generation be aware of how the frogs' habitat is threatened in many areas.

Robin Baily

US Environmental Protection Agency
Science Communications & Outreach, National Exposure Research Laboratory - Research Triangle Park, NC

"On behalf of my colleagues, we do thank you for your efforts to conserve and protect our natural resources and the creatures who depend on it. We wish you the very best in your endeavors.
Regards, Robin Baily"

Vic Eichler, Ph.D.

Biologist - Three Rivers, MI

"I applaud you and the group on your outstanding efforts to promote all of the activities associated with educating the public about things we can all do to promote wise conservation of wetlands in general and frog populations in particular. I fully support the mission of SAVE THE FROGS! and will do what I can to continue promoting the activities that you so effectively have created. I especially admire how you are taking the message to communities and nations around the world, and involving young people who - once they understand the crisis that exists in their own country - can contribute their energies to the vision you have been sharing in your travels. I'm now retired and living in southwest Michigan on a nature sanctuary that has many lilly ponds and am enjoying the calls of many species of frogs which are just awakening from a long, cold Michigan winter. I have a major birthday coming up this summer, and have asked my family (through my wife) to let everyone know that I would most appreciate them making donations to Save The Frogs! instead of any gifts. You are doing a great job managing a truly worthwhile effort. Thanks!
Sincerely, Vic Eichler"

Vic Eichler

Ryan Partain

Red Frog Member - Germantown, MD

"I recently have decided to go back to school and pursue a career in endangered species preservation due to the story of the Panamanian Golden Frog. I have always had a passion for animals, especially reptiles and amphibians and decided I can no longer work in the finance field, it is time for me to pursue my dream. I want to thank you for everything you are doing from the bottom of my heart. I will do my best to encourage my friends and family to give to your program as well, and hopefully a few years down the road once I have a formal education on the subject, we'll get to work together."

Kaitlynne from Oregon

"I think what you are doing is outstanding. You're giving a voice to innocent amphibians who are in for a harsh fate. This really shows your character and who you are and what you believe in. You are a true inspiration. Thank you.
A supporter, Kaitlynne"

Emily Boivin

Saratoga Springs, NY

"I'm a student at Saratoga High School and I take Science Research where we come up with our own experiment. Mine is on frogs and Bd. Your website has been so helpful in my research and I think its a great cause. I have visited the Save The Frogs website too many times to count, and have used several of your own publications in my research paper. A lot of the work you are doing has become such an inspiration to me in my own work, both research and promoting amphibian conservation among my peers. I found out that my school is still doing frog dissections and I am drafting a letter against it to the department head and hoping that goes well."



"Great idea, folks! I've never thought of frogs and amphibians - from now on, I will."

Laurie McCann

SAVE THE FROGS! Member, Santa Cruz, California

"Hi Kerry. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing. Your commitment and enthusiasm are very encouraging."

Sarah Pahlow

Reiki Master; Pocatello, Idaho

"What you are doing is amazing and the frogs that remain in this world are grateful you are their voice!"

Diane Marten

Sacramento, CA

"I heard someone from your organization speak several years ago and found the presentation absolutely captivating."

Emily Boivin

Student; Saratoga Springs, NY

"Dear Dr. Kriger, My name is Emily, I am a senior at Saratoga Springs High School. I studied The presence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in the Adirondacks. I know you're busy traveling and with the up coming Save The Frogs Day but I wanted to share my results with you. Your website has helped me so much with my research. Thanks, Emily Boivin"

Tatwa P. Timsina

Zoologist - Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Dear Dr. Kerry, Thank you very much for your wonderful work in the field of frog conservation. I am also an ardent supporter of your inititative and closely following your instruction through your online classes and presentations. I would be glad to work in frog conservation area in Nepal. I would appreciate if you suggest to me how I can be the part of your movement."

Dax Hunter

Drummer - Frogs Gone Fishin'; Boulder, CO

"Let me start off by saying how amazing your company and mission is. Its so disheartening and shocking to me how disconnected from nature society has become, and especially Americans. Those that are illuminated and conscious have an obligation to spread awareness and be an active part of the eco-revolution!"

Cynthia Buczkowske

"Congratulations on a job well done. Wishing you the best of success."

Sarah-Louise Smith

Project Coordinator - Montserrat Department of Environment

"Congratulations on your fantastic organization and the work you are doing to help save the frogs. I think the Save The Frogs Day is a wonderful initiative and we are very proud to be involved in it."

Ray Franco

SAVE THE FROGS! Red Frog Member - Matawan, NJ

"Keep up the great work! You have an amazing amount of drive and determination."

David Kwart

Co-Founder, Herp Conservation Ghana

"Dear Kerry, It is a great pleasure indeed to hear from you and I must acknowledge the great work you are doing to promote amphibian conservation in Ghana and globally. I have met your legacy and footprints all over Ghana and I must immediately admit they are remarkable. Kind Regards."

Marylynn Orlovsky

Sunderland, MA

"Maija (11 years old) saw your presentation at the Museum of Science in Boston. She has always been a frog fan, but since seeing this has become a vigilante for trying to save frogs and bees! When asked by my mother what she wanted for XMAS it was instant: "To contribute to Save The Frogs - buy me a t-shirt!". It is great that you are capturing childrens interest; it will definitely mold an aspect of what she decides to do in life.
Sincerely, MO Orlovsky"

Sarah Else

Cedar Rapids, IA

"Don't think I have ever had so much fun or learned so much from any website as I did on the Save The Frogs website! Amazing. I have shared your website with several high school and community college students here in Iowa and quite honestly, have been impressed with their knowledge, concern, and interest about environmental effects on amphibians."


Student - South Africa

"Well done! This is an awesome site. I absolutely love frogs and am studying to be a herpetologist. This website has helped me out a lot."

Dr. Ravinder Sappal

Biologist - University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

"Dear Dr Kriger, You are a true gem and an angel to this planet, never could have imagined that a scientific researcher can even work this way. You are the person in my life who inspired me the most in amphibian studies, specifically frogs. You are my Guru from today onwards. I try to follow your footsteps so that we, scientists can make human race aware of this existing amphibian population decline. Regards, Dr. Ravinder Sappa"

Barbara Snyder

Southern Maryland

"Thank you for letting people know about the disappearance of the frogs/toads. I will let everybody I know about the tragedy. Keep up the good work. The frogs/toads are counting on us.
--A frog/toad lover, Barbara E. Snyder"

Brother Bernardine


"You and all your supporters have proved beyond doubt that you have the skills base, the will and determination to overcome all adversities, set backs and failures, as you have gotten this far and achieved much that's beyond my meagre means. Think creatively and seek unusual financial ways that will carry SAVE THE FROGS! onto become a strong worldwide phenomenon."

Bilyana Petrova

Photographer - Bulgaria

"Hi! I'm a freelance filmmaker from Bulgaria. I was very excited to find and I want to congratulate you on the excellent job you've done! Your mission is very important and I hope it gets more and more popular."

Steve O'Neil

Naturalist/Environmental Educator/Wildlife Warrior -
Earthshine Mountain Lodge
, North Carolina

"Hello Kerry, I really like your site and your passion for saving amphibians."

Diep Doan

Teacher - Prospect Sierra School
El Cerrito, CA

"Mr. McKissock has been teaching and helping our school raise tadpoles every year to help with the Pacific Chorus Frog population in the Bay Area. It is a big component of our curriculum and we are very proud to be doing something useful to help save the frogs. It is really nice to get so many ideas from the SaveTheFrogs website. Thank you!"

Gloria Repp

Author, New Jersey

Thank you for this excellent site! There's very little current information available, even on the Internet! I write children's fiction (about frogs!). I appreciate the beauty, clarity, and reasonableness of what you have created.

Jim Curland

Advocacy Program Director - Friends of the Sea Otter
Monterey, CA

"Keep up the good work in saving our amphibians!!!"

Kathryn B.

11 years old - Colorado

"I love your website. I am positively the biggest frog lover in the world. I am eleven years old and I live in Colorado. My name is Kathryn and my room is totally decorated in frog stuff. Thanks."

Marian Hussenbux

Quaker Concern for Animals - United Kingdom

"I love your site and have signed up for your e-newsletter. Very well done on the anti-frogs' legs on the menu campaign. Very best wishes and thanks for all you do for these wonderful and vulnerable creatures."

Sadie Gilliom

Biologist - Olympia, WA

"The SAVE THE FROGS! Website is the most important to me.  It reaches so many people, provides a way to easily make a donation, gives people easy access to huge amounts of information on what the problem is and how they can get involved, has fun contests to get children and adults to start thinking about frogs and offers this wonderful opportunity to make more powerful amphibian conservationists. The website is an extremely powerful tool to get the words of SAVE THE FROGS! out there."

Jennifer Kunkel

Bowie, MD

"Hi Dr. Kriger, I watched the NOVA PBS show about the plight of frogs around the world. I have a small lake behind my house and I listen to the frogs in it at night. It is a very comforting sound that I fall to sleep to and it would be terrible if the frogs dissappeared. I know that frogs are such an important part of the world's ecologies but I did not know they are in such dire straights. I know about your web site now and will consider becoming a regularly paying member annually. Thank you for your own dedication and great work to save these small fragile survivors."

Sue Lajeunesse

Green Frog Member - Ottawa, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been loving being a new Save The frogs Supporter. I love the newsletter and the website. It has kept me informed and made me want to help more and more each day. I am going to be donating to get those Chicago Ohare posters up shortly."

Stacey Citraro

Healthcare Administrator - Columbia, MD

"Thank you for caring about these little guys! They need to be protected -- as do all animals!"

Jerry Bauknight

San Francisco, CA

"If you ever have the chance to hear Dr. Kerry Kriger lecture at the California Academy of Science, do take that opportunity. Excellent and critical message for us all!"

Chuck from Florida

"Thank you for assisting and supporting these innocent, defenseless creatures and by so doing protect us all."

Sarah from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Don't think I have ever had so much fun or learned so much from any website as I did on the Save The Frogs website!  Amazing."

Michelle Walton

South Africa

"We desperately need a group like this in Cape Town! Over half of South Africa's frog and toad species live here; and many of these exist only here and nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, lots of people want to live here too and we are wiping out habitats unbelievably quickly!"

Yvonne Adalian

"You are doing an admirable job - congratulations on all your initatives - it gives me hope to see such dedication. You are really making a difference - bravo!"

Martin Miller

"I believe in Save The Frogs. Wildlife in general is at risk, but these little guys are always overlooked. They play a large role in the foundation of our ecosystem, and anything that affects it affects them the most. Dr. Kriger and his team have worked hard to bring this to our attention and to stop unnecessary damage to frog habitat. Thank you Dr. Kriger, and thank you to all who have voted. Pass it on to friends, and family, to support this more than worthy cause.
Best Regards, Martin Miller

Emmet Brady

Insect News Network

"Hi Kerry, I love your newsletter and think you are doing some extraordinary work. I especially like how you are combining your advocacy with a bricks-n-mortar solution: aqua-scaling! Very practical and a quantum difference from anything anyone else is doing to save the frogs - or any other species for that matter."

Jeanie Vogelzang

Santa Cruz, CA

"Kerry, Thanks for the awesome talk! You have a real talent with kids - they loved it!""

Harmony Enos


"Thank you for an informative, interesting website, and an obvious enthusiasm for saving the frogs."

Annette Tanner

Western Canada Wilderness Committee

"Hi Kerry, your website and your work look outstanding.  You are the hero for many in this area."

Joy Cogan

San Clemente, CA

Dear Kerry, It is you who deserves the thanks for your vision, hard work and self-sacrificing. You're an inspiration not only to us old folks, but to the coming generations. There's no doubt that you will long be remembered and what a legacy!
Hugs and Ribbits, Joy

Liz Koegel

London, United Kingdom

"Hi there Kerry! As soon as I found your exciting SAVE THE FROGS! site, I joined up. I wish you and all your members every success with growing stronger and especially for your annual Save The Frogs Day this coming Saturday. I applaud you and am pleased to now be a member of STF. Thank you very much for showing such integrity. And thank you for giving us all hope, too. Cheers and best wishes."

Betty Shaw

"Congratulations for your tireless work."

Gaetan Simard

Quebec, Canada

"I am always amazed to see all that Save The Frogs is doing for the cause. I strongly believe in it and do what I can to support. I will be available for the next two months, If you need some hands for anything let me know. I can also travel anywhere in the world for specific needs."

Erica Rosenblum

University of California at Berkeley

"Dear Kerry, I am faculty at UC Berkeley and work on amphibian declines issues, among other things in my lab. I have been meaning to send you a note for some time and finally have a break from teaching to do so. Mainly I wanted to express my gratitude for what you are doing - Save The Frogs makes such an important contribution. I have been following your work and participating in my own small way. Inspired by your work, one of the things I do is run a Save The Frogs Day annually for pre-school and Kindergarteners. This year, we have three different STF Days hosted at UC Berkeley and will reach over 100 local public school children."

Jacqueline Lopez

Santa Clara, CA

"Dear Dr. Kriger, Congratulations on the victory in Santa Cruz! Thanks for sending updates on Save the Frogs news. I think you have done a wonderful job yourself with the website. I know if it weren't for you, I would have never thought on my own to help Save the Frogs! I appreciate and thank you for your passion with all you do to help Save the Frogs! I hope to send a donation very soon!
Regards, Jacqueline Lopez"

Mike Freidman

Pilot - Florida

"The work you are doing is truly great for the world."

Mitch Ellah

Conservationist - Ontario, Canada

"I am happy to support SAVE THE FROGS!. Awesome organization doing great work for such a good cause. I myself help protect amphibians and reptiles in Ontario, Canada. Currently, I am working with a volunteer stewardship group in my home town to build wetlands and create turtle and snake habitat features along the Thames River. I also monitor amphibian breeding activity in local wetlands in Guelph, Ontario. Conservation is close to my heart."

Celia Elsberry

Save The Frogs Member - Pacific Grove, CA

"When I lived in rural Missouri I loved hearing the spring peepers!  I can't remember the last time I saw a frog or even heard one, but just knowing that they are out there still and that a local group is out there working for them makes me happy. And in a small way that I might help gives me satisfaction. Thanks, Celia"

Bradley Allen

"I grew up along a creek and remember looking at tadpoles. The watershed where I grew up really shaped the person I am today. Thanks for the work you are doing to save the frogs."

Val Prociuk

Mom - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

"Seeing the good things your group is accomplishing and knowing other people care about frogs and are making a difference is very encouraging. Good luck with your organization, and keep saving those frogs!"

Harshita Mishra

"Hello, I am Harshita Mishra of 10th standard studying in Delhi Public School, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. I was just surfing the net when I saw your amazing page. It is good to know that somebody really cares about planet Earth. I want to get involved with you people. Not just me, I want my entire school and the complete society to work with you people and save the planet. What can I do?
You people are doing a great job! Kudos!"

Mary Thomas

Journalist - Western Massachussetts

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the dedicated work you are doing to save our planet's wonderful amphibians. Keep up your invaluable work!"

Dawn Dhavale

Vice President - Fairfax Master Naturalists
Fairfax, VA

lecture frogs

Students who took our qPCR course in Panama

SAVE THE FROGS! Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger taught a free course entitled "Instruction and application of quantitative PCR molecular techniques for the study of amphibian epidemics", which took place at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama City on October 5th-9th 2009, and was attended by 25 scientists from Panama, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Read more about the course here. This is what the students said:

“Magnifico que realicer estas actividades. Espero que se forme un buen grupo de analysis de quitrido y que sigan obteniendo apoyo.”

“El curso fue extraordinario, seria bueno se repitieran.“

“Creo que ha sido el curso mas complete dictado en Centro y Suramerica sobre esta tecnica. Lleno completemente mis expectativas.”