Noteworthy Comments from the 2016 SAVE THE FROGS! Members Survey

save the frogs education center berkeley

We recently sent a survey out to all SAVE THE FROGS! members to learn about who they are and assess their thoughts on how we are doing, where we should focus our efforts, and how we can improve. Here are some of the noteworthy responses:

What do you like most about being a member of SAVE THE FROGS!?

“Knowing there is a group of people so full of passion for amphibian survival and they are out in the world educating others and preserving habitat for these incredible creatures.”

“Having better opportunities to spread the word with regards to amphibian conservation, globally & locally.”

“Interesting updates about the work of STF! all over the world with fascinating pictures of exotic frogs.”

“Opportunity to learn more about frogs & help to prevent the decline in their populations.”

“You are saving frogs and bringing their importance to light.”

“The feeling that I am helping a very important cause and getting information to help educate my child about it.”

“The connection and updates about things happening in the environment affecting frogs and other amphibians.”

“Supporting a grassroots organization that defends my most favorite vertebrates.” 

 save the frogs education center berkeley
SAVE THE FROGS! Communications Coordinator Emily Moskal with abstract frog art in the former SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley, California, 2014.

Why did you become a SAVE THE FROGS! member?

“Several years ago I read an article that stated while most people want to contribute to saving glamorous species like elephants and tigers, there is a real need to invest in supporting amphibians – and you can see results with a much smaller investment. So I feel my contribution can actually have an impact.”

“It was the only organization I could find working to save amphibians, and doing one hell of a job at the endeavor.”

“I wanted to be an active part of amphibian conservation, including supporting SAVE THE FROGS!”

“Frogs are my favorite animals by far.”

“Kerry Kriger and his enthusiasm!”

“Because I love frogs and understand their importance in the ecosystem.”

Evan Snowden Frog Art
Frog art (Lilac Eyes) from 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest by Evan Snowden

Which SAVE THE FROGS! campaign is the most important to you?

“Educating school children about the need to protect Earth’s creatures.”

“Getting young people involved seems to have high payoff long-term.”

“Wetland construction.”

“I like the rebuilding of habitat and the training of new frog protectors.”

“Protecting habitat and integrity of habitat.”


“Save The Frogs Day – uniting the efforts worldwide.”

“Eradication of toxic materials.”

“The international ones. I have travelled extensively so I am aware of some of the damage that has been done to habitat, often by people who are just trying to get by with meager resources.”

“Local efforts in California.”

“It doesn’t matter, all frog conservation efforts are important.”

Frog Art Museum
Framed frog art from the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contests.

Other Survey Comments

“I am very proud to support your group and I think you are doing very, very great and important work. I am a college biology professor and have been researching herps for decades, and your group is really the first I’ve discovered that is as successful at the mission we all share. Thank you. Cheers. Brad S.”

“You do an amazing job of using email and social media to share information, for a small organization.”

“You’re great. Continue what you’re doing, organically growing, educating and doing the hard work you do.”

“I think your efforts to involve kids are great.”  

“Keep doing what you’re doing. I really liked the Thank You letter sent for the holidays with a simple gift. Fewer mailings is a good way to preserve forests too!”

“I find that the mere fact that I wear SAVE THE FROGS! t-shirts triggers conversations and questions that help me get my foot in the door, so to speak, and educate the public better!”

“Because the environment is so messed up, I’m supporting SAVE THE FROGS! exclusively. To me it is one of the most important!”

“Keep up the good work …especially educating the public and “politicians” about the threats to our environment.”

nick gustafson purple frog art