A message I received from the US EPA

Here is a message regarding Atrazine from the US EPA:
“Hi Kerry. The registration review process for atrazine will begin on June 26, 2013 with the opening of the docket for a 60-day public comment period on the Agency’s Preliminary Work Plan (PWP). A notice in the Federal Register will announce the opening of the atrazine docket along with other chemicals starting registration review this quarter. During registration review, the EPA will fully reassess human health and ecological risks based on sound science and the most recent information available, including recommendations from the recent FIFRA SAP meetings, to determine whether pesticide products containing atrazine continue to meet the FIFRA standard for registration. The registration review process provides multiple opportunities for public participation, ensuring that important regulatory decisions will be developed in a transparent manner.
Monica Wait
Chemical Review Manager
Pesticide Re-evaluation Division