Amphibian Education in Valle del Cauca, Colombia

It is extremely important to conduct educational campaigns in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia, an area of high amphibian biodiversity. Campaigns are especially important in communities that are near critical amphibian habitat. Please help us raise $1,500 to conduct nine days of education informing the local people of the importance of amphibians, their role in the ecosystem, the threats they face, and how local people can help.

This proposal focuses on three species of poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae) that are experiencing various threats:
Phyllobates bicolor (Near Threatened)
Oophaga lehmanni (Critica lly Endangered)
Andinobates viridis (Vulnerable)

We chose these species because they are brightly-colored and thus charismatic, they are being illegally trafficked, they have value to human medicine, and they are in localities that are easily accessed by SAVE THE FROGS! Cali educators. Three undergraduate biologists from the Universidad del Valle will visit three communities for three days each, to give two to four presentations to kids, adults and teachers.
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Centrolene savagei - Oscar Hernandez
Centrolene savagei photo courtesy Oscar Hernandez

Oscar Hernandez frogs

Cali frogs