Togo Slippery Frog

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Petitions Parliament To Protect Atewa Hills From Mining

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana (STF! Ghana), in collaboration with other members of the Coalition of NGOs against Mining in Atewa (CONAMA), has submitted a petition to Ghana’s Parliament as part of efforts to block the government’s imminent bauxite mining operations at Atewa Range Forest Reserve (Atewa). Our petition invokes the house’s supervisory and deliberative role …

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Biraj Shrestha Frogs

Biraj Shrestha in California

SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Biraj Shrestha has organized multiple Save The Frogs Day events over the years and has won awards from SAVE THE FROGS! and other organizations to implement amphibian conservation and education programs in the remote Himalayas. Since 2018, Biraj has been living in California pursuing a Masters degree in Coastal Science and Policy at UC Santa Cruz.

Chelsea Carson Glass Frog

An Interview With Ecotour Leader Chelsea Carson

Chelsea Carson is a conservation biologist with a specialty in herpetology and community service outreach. She completed a Fulbright grant researching the effects of land uses on Ecuador’s amphibian populations and has led SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru.

Osa Peninsula Ecotour

Join the 2020 SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Osa Ecotour

We invite you to join the SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Osa Ecotour! This amazing science-focused adventure will take us to the amazingly biodiverse Osa Peninsula in southwest Costa Rica, where we will have an abundance of opportunities to find and photograph amphibians.

Gilbert Adum Whitley Fund

Gilbert Adum Wins £70,000 From Whitley Fund For Nature (2019)

Congratulations to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum for winning another grant award from the prestigious Whitley Fund for Nature. With this award of £70,000 (USD $89,894), Gilbert and his team will advocate for a substantial area at Sui River Forest Reserve to be designated as a Globally Significant Biodiversity Area (GSBA).

ghana frogs conraua alleni

Join The 2021 SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Frogging Safari

In September 2021, a worldwide team of amphibian biologists will spend three weeks in Ghana assisting the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana team in their efforts to educate Ghanaians about the country’s amphibians, and to protect some of the world’s most endangered frog species. SAVE THE FROGS! will incorporate a 12-day/11-night ecotour into the Expedition so that adventurous frog lovers can experience the amazing Ghanaian wildlife; meet hundreds of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana volunteers, supporters and staff; and have a thoroughly unforgettable travel experience.