California: Sign The Petition To Ban The Invasive American Bullfrog!

Several million non-native American Bullfrogs are imported into California each year for use in the food, pet and dissection trades. Bullfrogs are native to eastern North America, but have established populations throughout the western USA, where they cause massive ecological damage due to their voracious appetites for native wildlife; their propensity to spread deadly diseases; and their role as competitors with native amphibians for limited food resources. Bullfrogs are listed on the IUCN’s list of 100 worst invasive species

SAVE THE FROGS! supports a ban on the importation, sale, release and possession of American Bullfrogs into and within areas to which they do not belong, i.e. anywhere outside eastern North America. SAVE THE FROGS! requests that teachers and pet seekers not purchase American Bullfrogs or their tadpoles, as either you or the biological supplier has a high chance of being located outside the frogs’ native range. Do the right thing and support our efforts to ban the invasive American Bullfrog in the state of California!

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Help us make California the frog-friendliest state in the union. Sign the petition. Share this image. SAVE THE FROGS!