Volunteer Opportunity: Restore Habitat For Giant Squeaker Frogs in Ghana

There is a glimpse of hope at long last for the recovery of Ghana’s Critically Endangered Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua). From June 15-20th SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana will remove an invasive weed (Chromalaena odorata) and replant native trees in the Giant Squeaker Frog’s only home at the Sui River Forest Reserve. We would need volunteers from anywhere in Ghana or abroad with the requisite expertise in invasive weed control, and habitat restoration and management.

The volunteers will help clear the invasive weed from one of the three critical habitat ranges of the Giant Squeaker Frog. They will also be expected to assist SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana to train local school children and villagers on best practices of invasive weed control and enrichment planting. The weed depletes the density of leaf-litter that the Giant Squeaker Frog utilises for predator escape, breeding activities and protection from desiccation. Thus, clearing and controlling the infestation of the weed will improve the Frogs’ habitat conditions, which subsequently will lead to its recovery from the brink of extinction. Volunteers will also assist on this project to conduct enrichment planting of 2,000 seedlings in areas where the invasive weed has been removed and other degraded sites.
With the success of future funding, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana together with our local partners will establish community tree nurseries to raise native seedlings. With these seedlings, we will replant in the Giant Squeaker Frog’s remaining habitat ranges to quicken the process of its recovery from the brink of extinction. Please read more about our future habitat restoration plans for the Giant Squeaker Frog at (https://savethefrogs.com/amphibians/arthroleptis-krokusua.html) and also donate here.

We will cater for feeding, travel and lodging expenses of volunteers. We will also award volunteers with SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana certificates of participation. Do not worry about missing your favourite World Cup match! We will watch the matches at community pubs. Interested persons should contact SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana at ghana@savethefrogs.com or +233-(0)263182586.

We thank The Rufford Foundation, Stiftung Artenshutz and SAVE THE FROGS! for funding this project.

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