Climate Change and Brazilian Frogs

A new Crossodactylodes species was found at Pico do Itambe State Park at South Espinhaço Range, Southeastern Brazil, living in an area smaller than one square kilometer, and dependent on a single species of bromeliad. Due to its restrictive habitat and micro-climatic requirements, climate change and bromeliad-collecting are probably a threat, but the effects of climate change on amphibian population in Brazil are poorly understood. Brazilian researches from Instituto Biotrópicos, who hold Save The Frogs Day events each year, will develop a long-term monitoring protocol to evaluate the effects of climate variables on populations of the new mountaintop amphibian species at Pico do Itambe. This project will help evaluate the conservation status of the genus and the new species and will help prioritize conservation priorities for highland ecosystems within the Espinhaço Range. The first year of the project “The effects of climate change on a new mountaintop species from the Espinhaço Range” is supported by the Mohamed bin Zayed Conservation Fund and will soon bring great results!

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