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Saving The Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog
Rana boylii

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The Foothill-Yellow Legged Frog (Rana boylii) is an amazing amphibian species that lives in and near rivers throughout California. The species is under threat from hydroelectric and water diversion projects that alter the river's water temperature, timing of floods, and streambed characteristics. Droughts in California exacerbate the problems for these frogs. Invasive American Bullfrogs prey on Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs and compete with them for habitat and food.

Since 2010 SAVE THE FROGS! has been working to save these frogs via various campaigns described below. We appreciate your tax-deductible donation to SAVE THE FROGS!, which enable us to continue saving these beautiful creatures from the multitude of threats they face.

Four ways we are saving the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs

(1) Preventing the City of San Francisco's attempts to destroy sections of Alameda Creek.
(2) Saving Tesla Park's Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs from off-highway vehicles.
(3) Working to get Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs protected under the federal Endangered Species Act.
(4) Stopping the importation of American Bullfrogs into California.

Rana boylii

SAVE THE FROGS! stops the City of San Francisco's attempts to destroy Alameda Creek's Little Yosemite Canyon

Victory FrogsIn 2015, SAVE THE FROGS! succeeded at preventing the City of San Francisco's attempts to destroy portions of the Little Yosemite Canyon (a section of Alameda Creek, southeast of the San Francisco Bay). We are very excited to have protected this critical frog Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog habitat.

Please download the following PDFs to get an in-depth look at San Francisco's destructive plans and how SAVE THE FROGS! won this campaign.

- This article provides a great introduction to Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs and our campaign to save them at Alameda Creek (September 2015):
SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine article on Foothill-Yellow Legged Frogs.

- This appeal triggered governmental action that eventually led to San Francisco halting their efforts to destroy sections of Little Yosemite Canyon (December 15, 2014):
SAVE THE FROGS! appeal of the San Francisco Planning Commission's determination that the Little Yosemite Fish Passage Project will have no significant effect on the environment.

- SAVE THE FROGS! submitted this letter to the City of San Francisco's Planning Department on July 29, 2015:
The Impact of the Proposed Alameda Creek Recapture Project on California's Native Amphibians

- On behalf of SAVE THE FROGS!, environmental attorney Michael Graf submitted this letter to the City of San Francisco and significantly accelerated the closure of the City's anti-frog construction plans in Alameda Creek (September 3rd, 2015):
Michael Graf's Letter to the City of San Francisco

- Based on Michael Graf's letter 11 days prior, the City of San Francisco on September 14th, 2015 abandoned its plans to destroy Little Yosemite Creek - and agrees to refund SAVE THE FROGS! the $521 appeal fee we had paid.
City of San Francisco announces the end of its plans to destroy frog habitat at Alameda Creek's Little Yosemite Canyon

Though the City of San Francisco did not provide a budget for their proposed project, we estimate it would have cost the taxpayers between one and three million dollars. These millions are now freed up to be spent on projects that actually contribute to social and environmental improvements. 

foothill yellow legged frog

"Dear Dr. Kriger, Wonderful news for the environment and humanity. We keep up the struggles!! Namaste."
-- Linda Elizabeth

"Congratulations on saving the lives of all those little Foothill-Yellow Legged Frog!"
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Member Mindy Meadows

"Just wanted to say "awesome job!" and keep up the good work!!!"
-- Sebastian Kennerknecht, Nature and Conservation Photographer

"Hi Kerry,
Congrats on your efforts to save the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog! That's really amazing news. Keep up the great work!
All the best,
David Adley,"

Saving Alameda County's Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs and citizens from harmful insectides

Would you want your tax payments funding the spraying of pesticides on you, your family and your local frog populations? On September 3rd, 2015, SAVE THE FROGS! sent this letter to Alameda County to urge them to halt their mosquito spraying program.

Alameda Creek rana boyliiRana boylii at Alameda Creek, 2014

rana boylii
One of SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger's favorite photos, taken at Alameda Creek, April 2010.

Alameda Creek frogs
SAVE THE FROGS! scientist surveying Alameda Creek, April 2010

Saving the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs at Tesla Park

SAVE THE FROGS! is actively working to protect the amphibians of Tesla Park. This biologically rich area is threatened by expansion of off-highway vehicles from nearby Carnegie Vehicular State Recreation Area (60 miles east of San Francisco). Please visit the STF! Tesla Park page and also the Save Tesla Park page to learn more and get involved: we need your help to win this campaign and save the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs!

Thank you to the 453 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters who sent in letters to the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division of CA State Parks in 2015 urging them to cancel their plans to expand into Tesla Park.

A message from Celeste M. Garamendi (Friends of Tesla Park):
"Thank you for considering sharing our efforts to preserve this irreplaceable natural and cultural landscape."

yellow-legged frog

Working to get Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs protected under the federal Endangered Species Act.

SAVE THE FROGS! has submitted to letters to the US Fish & Wildlife Service urging them to protect Rana boylii under the Endangered Species Act, one related to tesla Park and one related to Alameda Creek:

(1) Please read this letter that SAVE THE FROGS! along with our partner groups submitted to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service on August 13, 2015 (related to the frogs at Tesla Park).

(2) Please read this letter that SAVE THE FROGS! submitted to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service on August 20, 2015 (related to the frogs at Alameda Creek).

Rana boylii eggs
Foothill Yellow-Legged frogs in Alameda Creek, Sunol area of California.

Carson Falls frogs
Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog at Carson Falls, Marin County, 2015

Rana boylii
Frog photo courtesy Emily Moskal

Conducting disease studies along Alameda Creek

SAVE THE FROGS! thanks the Alameda County Fish and Game Commission for supporting our investigation of fungal disease in the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs of Alameda Creek.

Stopping the importation of American Bullfrogs into California

Non-native American Bullfrogs eat Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs, spread diseases like chytridiomycosis, and compete with Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs for food and breeding habitat. Read all about our efforts to stop the importation of millions of bullfrogs into the state.

yellow leg frogs

Relevant Links

"You might want to add a link to this other great page that the US Forest Service has put together on Rana boylii in case people want to read more and see photos of habitat in other rivers around the state; there is a good bibliography on boylii too."
— SAVE THE FROGS! Board Member Dr. Sarah Kupferberg

Photo courtesy Dr. Sarah Kupferberg

Thank you for supporting our efforts to save Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs

SAVE THE FROGS! is able to protect endangered amphibians and create educational content like this page because of the generous donations of dedicated frog lovers like yourself.

Our campaigns to save the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs are based on decades of field research and monitoring data, many meetings with government officials, and countless hours of writing letters. You probably don't have that kind of time to devote to the frogs, but we hope you can take a few minutes out of your busy day to place a tax-deductible donation to SAVE THE FROGS!, which enables us to save these beautiful creatures from the multitude of threats they face. Thank you for your financial support! Together we can SAVE THE FOOTHILL YELLOW-LEGGED FROGS!

Foothill Yellow Legged Frog

Photo courtesy Michael Starkey