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Save The Frogs Day - April 30th, 2010

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The 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 30th, 2010) was the largest day of amphibian education and conservation action in the planet's history, with 106 known events in 21 countries. Save The Frogs Day events took place in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, Italy, Ireland, Madagascar, Nepal, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Thanks to all who took part!


Save The Frogs Day 2010 Events Recap

Here you will find info on some of the 104 great events that took place on the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day!

World Map of Save The Frogs Day 2010 Events

Just click and zoom to get more information on any event! There were 104 registered events in 21 countries -- and an untold number of unregistered events!

World Map of Save The Frogs Day Events

Thanks to Dave Urbanic of Zoomify for making the zoomable map!

Your Official Guide to Save The Frogs Day 2010

Please download your Official Guide to Save The Frogs Day 2010 to learn about many of the events that took place.

Oficial Guide

This guide was published as our April 2010 Members Newsletter. Thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! Graphic Design Volunteer Barbara Flaherty for her invaluable assistance!

Here is even more info on some of the 104 great events that took place on the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day...

California - Santa Cruz

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder & Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger introduced the 4th graders of Monarch Community School to The Wild World of Frogs, and was joined by Santa Cruz Mayor Mike Rotkin, who legally recognized Save The Frogs Day. Dr. Kriger then gave an online webinar to cyber-attendees worldwide, as well as an interview on Martha Stewart Radio (which you can listen to on the SAVE THE FROGS! Audio page). Dr. Kriger closed out the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day with a presentation at the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, after which SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Dr. Nina D'Amore guided a walk to show everybody the Reserve's amazing amphibians.

Monarch School Frogs

Rotkin Frogs

Elkhorn Slough Frogs

Frog Walk


Colorado - Granby

At a school in Colorado, 160 7th and 8th grade students spent the day learning about amphibians. They researched specific amphibians and then gave presentations about their amphibian and its threats. They also held a discussion to find solutions to amphibian threats. You can read the day's amphibious curriculum here.

Connecticut - Storrs: University of Connecticut

"My talk was sooo much fun! Students from my Intro Bio for Nonmajors class were offered 2 extra credit points to come, so it was packed! 200 people attended! I added some clips from Life in Cold Blood to get them psyched about frogs before I depressed them, and it was a success! Thanks for the inspiration to spread the word! :)
--Kristiina Hurme

Kristiina Hurme

Kristiina and her cool frog posters!

Florida - Tampa

SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Dr. Jason Rohr spent a half hour on Fox News talking about pesticides and frog extinctions.


Fox News Tampa Frogs

Jason Rohr Fox News

Jason Rohr

Florida - Wellington

Lakesavers and Greenboat Scientific sponsored a Save the Frogs Day initiative by cleaning 1,000 lbs of invasive water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) from a local pond in an effort to oxygenate this local frog habitat. Workers used a Weedoo 300 AquaVeg battery powered clean-up boat and met many new friends during their adventure! One in particular was Fugee the frog and here is his story:

"I am a frog and my name is Fugee. I am old and sick and my home is gone. Most of my relatives have died and I hope someone will help us before it is too late. It seems that people don't like frogs anymore. Maybe they don't want anything in the lake so they can go boating cause my lily pads are gone and they have put something in the water that is slowly killing us. Our once pristine home is now a decaying quagmire of chemical soup. Every day they come intent on killing everything that's green. I guess they don't realize what they're doing. Maybe some government expert has told them a few parts per billion of poison won't hurt the water. If only us frogs and our water friends could talk the words would thunder.

Greenboat Scientific

Weedoo Frogs

Illinois - Chicago

The Chicago Academy of Science's Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum set up information tables, had live frogs in terrariums, held an art contest for the kids, and had the visitors help paint a frog mural. Thanks to Suzanne Lintzenich for organizing the event!

Chicago Frogs Day

Chicago Frogs

Chicago Frogs Day Notebaert

Indiana - Bloomington

11-year-old Krista focused on Save The Frogs for her Girl Scout Bronze Award. She led her school's nature club in a coloring contest with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in different age categories. She also had the children help decorate "Toad Abodes" for the school's nature center, and had teachers incorporate frogs into their lesson plans for the day. The local daily newspaper, The Herald-Times, ran a feature on her that day too, with info on what people can do to help save frogs. Krista also created a Save The Frogs bulletin board next to the science room at school and sent information home to all the parents at the school so they could learn about how to help. You can download Krista's info sheet here.

Indiana Frog Class

Indiana Frog Day

You can get these coloring sheets here, and the posters below here.

Indiana Frog Board

Maryland - Bethesda

SAVE THE FROGS! supporters held a six hour protest in downtown Bethesda on Save The Frogs Day. They informed people of the frog legs trade and worked to convince them to boycott Uncle Julios, a Tex-Mex chain restaurant from Texas that has never replied to any of the 2,000+ letters SAVE THE FROGS! supporters have sent to them regarding their frog legs sales. The protesters also told people about the rapid extinction of frogs, harmful pesticides to frogs, and ways to help save the frogs.

Uncle Julios Frog Legs

Michigan - Rochester

"We brought in a local Naturalist from the Environmental Education Center in Rochester Hills, MI and she brought green frog tadpoles and a mature Green frog other toads and frogs, toad tadpoles, spotted salamander and posters about frogs. She also brought in a cd of sound frogs so we could hear the variety of sounds they make. We had kiddie games to help them learn about how a frog eats by using blowers that mimick the frogs tongue and they aimed at pom pom "bugs". We also had the Discovery Toys Hippity Hop game where the kids try to get their frog to jump into the container. We had frog giveaways, coloring sheets of the stages of development also. It was a fun and educational day. We are sending you 10% of the day's sales as a donation!"
--Renee Perkins, The Funky Frog

New York, NY

Students in Margaret Hurst's Pratt Institute Art Class drew up some great Save The Frogs Day posters!

D Saunders frog art

W Davids frog art

Karen Zahray frog day

Katy Filarski frog day art

Texas - Dallas

SAVE THE FROGS! supporters protested Uncle Julios frog legs sales at the ecologically unfriendly chain's Lemmon Street location. Here's a recap from the organizer:

"STF members were joined by volunteers from Gatesville, TX to protest Uncle Julio's sale of frog legs at the Lemmon Ave location in Dallas, TX on Friday 30 April, 2010. Although our attempts to get in contact with Uncle Julio's CEO had been entirely ignored, it was immediately apparent that they took our threat to protest seriously. On our arrival (approximately 6:00 PM CST) we were met by an officer who tried to wave us away telling us we could not be there. Since we had done our homework we knew that in Dallas sidewalks are public and therefore we were allowed to stand on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and protest. As we were setting up the officer disappeared inside and returned with the manager on duty. The manager also tried to convince us that we weren't allowed to be there, but quickly gave in when we told him that the sidewalk is public. He changed tactics and told us that it was illegal to stop people from coming into or going out of the restaurant to talk to them. This was just absurd. Although we were planning on being peaceful and respectable, we certainly had every right to ask people to stop and chat with us for a minute. So we settled for moving 20 feet away from the entrance to the restaurant in either direction.

We then began protesting in earnest, waving our handmade posters and stopping passerby to tell them about our cause. Although the officer and management continually tried to tell us that we couldn't even ask people to stop and chat, hand out literature to people about to enter the restaurant, or tell people not to eat the frog legs we persisted. We knew we were well within our rights to do these things, so Julio's could do nothing to stop us. In fact, the "officer" that they had posted to try to deter us from protesting turned out to be a part-time rent-a-cop for Julios, despite the fact that he was wearing a Dallas County Sheriff uniform! That is certainly ethically questionable at the very least!

Many people we talked to had never heard that amphibians worldwide were in such great peril and none of them knew the role the international frog leg trade plays in that. We didn't limit ourselves to passerbys though, often times darting out into the nearby road during red lights to hand out information to people that were interested.

On the whole, the response we got from passerbys was positive. We had about 60 people sign our petition and we handed out about twice as many information pamphlets. We managed to inform a large and diverse audience of the plight of amphibians and the role that Julio's plays in it. Victories included the pair of guys that were studiously ignoring us as they walked by until they saw the word "Frogs" on our poster and turned on a dime to sign our protest, the guy who stopped in the street and backed up his truck to get information, and the young frog leg aficionado we touched with our story of the environmental hazards of Julio's frog legs (he even signed our petition!). We even had some America-loving Texans that were uninterested in our cause until we told them that the Chinese are selling our own American bullfrogs back to us. That certainly got them to sign our petition quickly!

We also managed to get some Julio's employees to take time out of their work to talk to us. These employees included a bus boy sweeping outside, a very interested and sympathetic hostess, the "officer on duty," and even a manager. We definitely made some headway there and informed them why we were there and the negative impact their employer's practices have on wild amphibian populations across the world. Equally as important, we made Uncle Julio's take notice of us at the corporate level. Though they ignored all our attempts to talk, they certainly took our threat to protest seriously with security on hand for us and employees ready and waiting for us. Their lovely hostess (name withheld for her benefit) told us that although there isn't anything she can personally do we "certainly got corporate's attention" and that they had sent out an email to all of the Uncle Julio's chains across the US about us earlier!

All in all, our peaceful protest received a positive response and opened a lot of people's minds to the plight of amphibians worldwide. A Friday evening well spent."

Dallas Uncle Julios

Dallas Lemmon Street Uncle Julios

Dallas protest Uncle Julios

Dallas Uncle Julios frog legs

Dallas Uncle Julios frog legs protesters

Missouri - St. Louis Science Center

"We had a great event on Save the Frogs Day! I have attached two of our best photos. We house several live axolotls in our lab, so we brought two of them out for our visitors to see up close. One of them is a GFP axolotl, so we also had a black light to show how it fluoresced, and were able to talk about genetics, as well as discuss some of the reasons axolotls are endangered in the wild. We also had axolotl masks (as seen in the photo) that our visitors could color and add feathers, which represented gills, to. We used one of the PowerPoints available from to show pictures of different amphibian species, and handed out fact cards, which included an interesting fact about amphibians, and the suggestions provided by you as to what they could do to help. Thanks for organizing such a great event! "
-- Beth Crompton, St. Louis Science Center

St Louis Science Center

Virginia - Arlington

SAVE THE FROGS! supporters held a protest in front of the Arlington, VA Uncle Julios, talking to over 125 passersby about frog extinctions and Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurants participation in the frog legs trade. Though Uncle Julio's staff claimed that protesters were not allowed near their restaurant, this policeman upheld our supporter's right to free speech.

Frog-Friendly Cop

Uncle Julio

Virginia - Fairfax

Breanna and friends ran a SAVE THE FROGS! informational table on the campus of George Mason University, then headed over to the Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurant to protest their continued sales of frog legs.

Breanna Frogs Day

Australia - Brisbane

Bek Diete and friends ran an informational table on the University of Queensland campus and sold SAVE THE FROGS! shirts, posters, wristbands and stickers...raising almost $700 for SAVE THE FROGS' amphibian conservation efforts in Australia.

UQ Frogs

UQ Frogs Diete

Brazil - Diamantina

In Diamantina, Brazil, SAVE THE FROGS! supporters gave talks at five different schools on the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day. The presentations reached over 250 students and produced over 120 drawings and essays about frogs and amphibian conservation. The presentations featured live frogs in real microhabitats as well as pictures of field work and many other species. The event was a great success enjoyed by students and parents alike, and it was even published in the newspaper!

Brazil Sapo Day

Brazil Sapos Dia

Canada - Toronto

In Toronto, frog supporters held a very successful Leap-A-Thon to raise money for frog conservation. All in all they raised over $1,500! You can watch a video of their Leap-A-Thon here.

Frog Leap-a-Thon 2010

Frog Leap Toronto

Leap Frog

Finish Line

Canada - Vancouver

Lauren and friends helped educate their classmates about frogs!

Colombia - Antioquia

On April 30, 2010, the Antioquia Herpetological Group had the pleasure of joining the world-wide celebration of the Save The Frogs Day, with the participation of the University Museum of the University of Antioquia and the Herpetology Group of the Science Club of the Santa Fe Zoological Park. The Antioquia Herpetological Group offered the university community and general public a conference that presented aspects of the basic biology of amphibians, the current crisis of their global declines, and the importance of these organisms for the earth and ourselves. Later, the Herpetological Club, comprised of children of from 7 to 14 years old, shared their experience in a project on the ecology of Dendropsophus bogerti conducted by these
same members of the club. Finally, participants visited the
collections of the Herpetological Museum of the University of
Antioquia, where they could examine specimens of diverse species of
amphibians and reptiles and obtain a better understanding of the field of research herpetology. Also, informative pamphlets were distributed with the goal of generating awareness in the general public of the problem amphibians are facing, and offering general recommendations that could help to protect this important group.

Colombia Herpetologia

Colombia Save The Frogs Day

Costa Rica

Marylin Veiman and Kelsey Reider took a group of local children into the field to look for frogs at the La Selva Biological Station.

Kelsey Reider

Agalychnis Costa Rica

Dominican Republic

Community leaders and some international volunteers came together at the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve to discuss frog conservation on the second annual Save The Frogs Day. Sixto J. Inchaustegui, a local conservation officer, said that this meeting planted the seed for frog conservation in the region. At their meeting they decided that the theme for the community's annual summer camp would be "SAVE THE FROGS!", they also decided to start a three year research project on endangered frogs of the Dominican Republic, which will mainly be funded by the Dominican Government.

France - Paris

Catherine Vincent wrote this Save The Frogs Day article that appeared on the front page of France's largest newspaper. The article highlights our work -- and the problems with the frog legs trade, of which France is one of the largest participants.

Le Monde Save The Frogs Day

India - Bangalore

There were four lectures on amphibian conservation in Bangalore, India on Save the Frogs day. They were a great success and even had press coverage! KV Gururaja writes in: "It's really nice to see the expression on face, when they start knowing better about frogs. Truly amazing experience. Hope to have many more warriors in the coming years to save frogs and fight against their decline. Thanks again for your suggestion and support. With best wishes, Gururaja"

Bangalore Frogs

India - Goa

On 30th April on the occasion of Save the Frogs Day, GOACAN held an Awareness Action in Margao to highlight the urgent need to stop the indiscriminate killing of frogs and to appeal to consumers to stop eating frog meat. Volunteers carrying colourful flags and placards, distributed information handouts to consumers informing them that during the monsoon which is the mating season for many species of frogs, in many villages frogs are hunted for the purpose of commercial sale to hotels, restaurants and for home consumption. The consumers were further informed that frogs feed on mosquitos which are responsible for the spread of malaria and other vector-borne diseases therefore the frogs have to be protected. Similarly, the increasing incidence of snakes encroaching on human habitation and settlement areas is also attributed to the dwindling population of frogs in Goa.

Many consumers were surprised to know that Bull frogs are protected under the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 whereby catching, selling, killing frogs or serving and eating frog meat contravenes the provision of the Act and attracts stringent punishment of imprisonment for a period of three years and a fine of Rs 25,000 when cases are booked by the Forest Department officials. Volunteers explained to consumers that killing of frogs is also an ecological crime against the food chain and therefore it is important that consumers should become environmentally conscious and say NO to frog meat.

Goa Save The Frogs Day


SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Brandon Ballengee took locals out to the Lough Boora Parklands to teach them about the local amphibians.

Ireland Save The Frogs Day

Brandon Ballengee

Nepal - Chitwan

Students in Nepal learned about amphibians, habitat restoration, and how to help the frog population. They also drew pictures for the SAVE THE FROGS! art contest. Thanks to Pramod Bhattarai for organizing the event!

Chitwan Save The Frogs Day

Chitwan Frogs

South Africa - Western Cape

The rangers of Bontebok National Park in South Africa gave a presentation on frog conservation to a group of school children living at the local hostel. After the presentation they got to go to the closest water source and see the frogs that made the calls they identified in the classroom!

Africa Frogs

South Africa Frogs

Frogs Day Africa

South Africa - Miss Earth

Miss Earth finalists, Qiqa Nkangana and Disebo Ntsolo talked to third grade students at New Germany Primary School during their visit to the school for Save the Frogs Week. The finalists spent the afternoon entertaining dozens of children while explaining the importance of frogs to mankind. At the end of the day they went on a walk to the nearest stream to go on a frog search.

Miss Earth Africa Frogs

African Bullfrog

Tamerin Jardine Frogs

Frogs Girls

Miss Earth South Africa

South Korea

Korean Ecoclub held a Save The Frogs Day celebration at the Eunpyeong Wetlands, a site they had successfully protected from proposed development in 2006. You can learn all about amphibian conservation in Korea on our South Korea webpage.

Save The Frogs Day Korea

Frog Day Korea

Korea Ecoclub

Korea frogs

Eunpyeong Wetlands Korea

eunpyeong celebration

Eunpyeong Wetlands

Save The Frogs Korea

Korean Ecoclub

Spain - Almenara

"We went with our children to show them the habitat, the life and the amazing wild life that frogs have around our town. We taught our future generation what we can do to save the frogs." --Inma Moro

Spain Frog Art

Spain Ranas

United Kingdom - World Museum Liverpool

"Our save the frogs event at the museum went really well. There was a real buzz about the place for the whole weekend; kids were all over the building with frogs painted on their faces and everyone had their wrist bands on and myself and other staff had the save the frogs T-shirts on. The event made the local paper on save the frogs day and was in the environmental section of the newspaper. The local news paper is called the Liverpool echo and they had the save the frogs event as the front page, so it would have received a lot attention. I've also attached a small poem a young girl wrote in a matter of minutes after my talk which I think is cool! She was so enthusiastic about frogs and had hounded her mum to bring her along to the event.The quizzes went well after my talks -- its amazing how much the children remember."
-- Phil Lewis, World Museum Liverpool

The Beauty of Frogs
-- By Jodie Hedley, Age 10
Frogs are such beautiful creatures,
With many exciting features.
Who would want them to die?
Certainly not I.
So think fast because we want them to last.
Recycle today,
If you want them to stay.

Liverpool Frogs

Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis

Martha Stewart Sirius/XM Radio

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger was on Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius 112/XM 157) on Save The Frogs Day. Maggie Mistal, host of “Making a Living with Maggie" interviewed Dr. Kriger about ways to focus one's career on a cause or passion. Maggie is a career coach whom CNN has called one of the nation's best known career coaches. You can listen to the interview on the SAVE THE FROGS! Audio page.


The Official Poster of Save The Frogs Day 2010

In commemoration of the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day, we present this limited edition 18x24" print featuring amazing vector art by graphic design extraordinaire Matthew Bryan of the United Kingdom. Frog posters don't get much cooler than this one! All proceeds go to Save The Frogs' worldwide conservation efforts, so please order one now and help spread the word!

Environmental Revolution Frog Poster


Official Declaration of Save The Frogs Day

We would like to thank Mayor Mike Rotkin of Santa Cruz, California for legally recognizing the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 30th, 2010). Mayor Rotkin will join SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger on the morning of Save The Frogs Day as Dr. Kriger introduces a local elementary school’s students to the Wild World of Frogs. The Mayor will help Dr. Kriger and the kids recreate the night-time sounds of the Australian rainforest.

You can click on the image below to get an 8.5x11" PDF. Feel free to post one in your school or office!

Save The Frogs Day Proclamation



Great thanks to the Official Sponsors of Save The Frogs Day 2010!

Critter Skimmer

Peace Frogs
Peace Frogs

Red Droid Software
Red Droid

Digital Frog International

Diamondback Trading Cards
Diamondback Trading Cards Logo

If your business or organization would like to be an Official Sponsor of Save The Frogs Day, please contact us. Your support will be invaluable to the success of Save The Frogs Day, and we will see to it that you get the positive publicity you deserve!


Thanks to our partners for promoting the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day and amphibian conservation in their region of the world!

National Wildlife Federation

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

Miss Earth South Africa
Miss Earth South Africa

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Chicago

World Museum Liverpool
World Museum Liverpool Logo

If your organization would like to partner with Save The Frogs, please contact us!

Save The Frogs Day 2010 Ad

The Greatest Story Ever Toad

Read James Wolcott's article on Save The Frogs Day that appeared in Vanity Fair April 22nd, 2010.

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