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Save The Frogs Day: April 30th, 2016

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Save The Frogs Day has been officially recognized by:
- Governor Charles Baker of Massachussetts (view proclamation here)
- Governor Gina Raimondi of Rhode Island (view proclamation here)
- Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina (view proclamation here)
- Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina (view proclamation here)
- Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia (view proclamation here)
- House of Representatives of Michigan (view proclamation here)
- Mayor Vincent Gray of Washington, D.C. (view proclamation here)
- Mayor Mike Rotkin of Santa Cruz (view proclamation here)
- Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver, BC (view proclamation here)
- Mayor Tom Lowry of Three Rivers, MI (view proclamation here)
- Mayor Bob Buckhorn of Tampa, FL (view proclamation here)
- Mayor Andrew Halverson of Portage, WI (view proclamation here)
- Chairman Corey Stewart of Prince William County, VA
- Mayor Harry Parrish of Manassas, VA

Help get Save The Frogs Day recognized in your state

Bufo vallicepsIt's up to you to get Save The Frogs Day recognized in your city, county, state, shire, province or nation! You will be educating your politicians about amphibian extinctions, and helping ensure that their next vote is a frog-friendly one!

Please left-click on the picture below to download the PDF of a petition sheet you can print out and use to collect signatures, which you will send in when you ask your governor/mayor to legally recognize Save The Frogs Day. These signatures will help convey to your politicians the importance of amphibian conservation. Further, by collecting these signatures, you'll be spreading the word every time you talk to someone about Save The Frogs Day. Once you have collected all your signatures, be sure to scan or photocopy them and email or mail the extra copies to us. Then you'll send them along with a one page cover letter to your politician.

Petition Save Frogs



Washington, DC

Thanks to Mayor Vincent Gray for the wonderful proclamation and thanks to Regina Terlau and Animal Welfare Institute for making this happen! You can download the proclamation PDF here.
Washington DC Save The Frogs Day 2013

Whereas, amphibians, such as the green tree frog (Hyla cinerea) and the pickerel frog (Rana palustris) are critical components to the local ecosystems within the District of Columbia, and provide services to nature and humans which include cleaning waterways by eating algae during their tadpole stage; providing a vital food source to dragonflies, birds, fish and reptiles; and

Whereas, frogs comprise the vast majority of amphibian species and are the group most recognized and appreciated by the public; and

Whereas, in the District of Columbia, amphibians live in their native habitats within Rock Creek Park, Anacostia Park and the Potomac River watersheds; and

Whereas, awareness campaigns, together with educational facilities in this city help motivate district residents to protect aquatic habitat through such actions as the proper disposal of automobile fluids, household hazardous waste, use of reusable shopping bags, reduction in the use of lawn and garden pesticide, and participation in streamside cleanups throughout the city.

Now, therefore, I, Vincent C. Gray, Mayor of the District of Columbia, do hereby proclaim April 27th, 2013 as "Save The Frogs Day" in Washington D.C. and call upon all the residents of this great city to appreciate and celebrate amphibians.

Tampa, Florida

"I was SO excited to pick up this proclamation for Save The Frogs Day from our great Tampa, FL Mayor Bob Buckhorn! Thank you SO much, Mayor Buckhorn, for issuing a proclamation again this year!
Peace & love, Avalon"Avalon Theisen frogs day 2013

Florida frogs day 2013
You can download a PDF of the proclamation here.


State Representative Matt Lori sponsored Resolution #105 in the Michigan House of Representatives and obtained support from other representatives who signed the bill designationg April 27, 2013 “Save The Frogs Day” in the state of Michigan and Mayor Tom Lowry proclaimed the same in the city of Three Rivers.



North Carolina

North Carolina Frogs Day Proclamation

South Carolina

South Carolina Frog Day

Washington, DC

Washington DC Mayor Frogs Day

Tampa, FL

Tampa Save Frogs Mayor

Tampa Save the Frogs Day Proclamation
Thanks to International Eco-Hero Avalon Theisen for maing this happen!

Three Rivers, MI

Three Rivers Frogs Day

Michigan Save The Frogs resolution



Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Frogs Day



Virginia Frogs Day

Vancouver, BCVancouver Save Frogs Day

David Wong Vancouver Frogs

Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!