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Thanks to these supporters who held fundraising house parties
Tips to make your party successful


Fundraising house parties and office parties are great ways to celebrate Save The Frogs Day, your birthday....or any day! They spread the word and educate people about amphibian extinctions, and are an excellent method of raising funds for Save The Frogs' worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. Plus, fundraising parties are a fun way to catch up with friends!

And they aren't very hard to set up. If you plan to host a fundraising house party, please contact us. We can provide advice, and help you plan the party. We can also get you all the materials you will need – newsletters, slide shows, info cards and more.


Thanks to these people who Party For The Frogs!

Kitty Jones - Oakland, CA

Kitty Jones loves to help amphibians! For her birthday, she decided to have a SAVE THE FROGS’ fundraising party! At the party, Kitty and her guests learned about how frogs are going extinct, why amphibians are incredibly important for the ecosystem, and what they can do to help frogs around the world. They even raised $163.01 to support the conservation efforts of SAVE THE FROGS! To Kitty, thank you so much for organizing this wonderful event and we at SAVE THE FROGS wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Kitty Jones

Vic Eichler - Three Rivers, MI

"I applaud you and the group on your outstanding efforts to promote all of the activities associated with educating the public about things we can all do to promote wise conservation of wetlands in general and frog populations in particular. I have a major birthday coming up this summer, and have asked my family to let everyone know that I would most appreciate them making donations to Save The Frogs! instead of any gifts."
--Vic Eichler, Ph.D., Three Rivers, MI


Here's how to have a successful party!

The invitations

(1) Send out invitations to your guests. Not everybody will be able to attend, so be sure to send out invites to more people than you expect to attend. Use email, evites, or US Mail.

Be clear and upfront: let your guests know in the invitations that this this will be a fundraising event. Also specify at what time during the event there will be a presentation on Save The Frogs. This ensures that most guests will be in attendance for this portion of the evening.

When you send out the invitations, include a donation envelope and/or include the link to donate through the web site ( This ensures that even your friends who are unable to attend will be able to make a contribution if they wish to. And be sure to mention that all donations are tax deductible.

The schedule

For a house party, we suggest:
7pm: Doors open

7pm-7:45pm: Chatting, eating and drinking. This also allows time for late arrivals

7:45pm-8:45pm: A presentation on frog extinctions and Save The Frogs, as well as some time for questions and answers (this can be shorter if necessary). We can provide a PowerPoint presentation.

8:45-9:30pm: You should allow 45 minutes or so for chatting, and for people to discuss future plans.

9:30pm: Almost everybody is gone and your house is back to normal!

For an office party, we suggest:
Condense the above into an hour over lunch, or else from 3:30-5:00pm if there will be drinks (Save The Frogs Day is a Friday).

Upon arrival

Guests should be served drinks and snacks, as at a regular house party. When guests arrive, have them sign in, and request they include their email addresses if they wish to receive email updates from Save The Frogs. You can use this mailing list sign-up sheet if you like. Our Spread The Word page has educational materials you can download, print out and distribute.

The presentation

At a predetermined time, a short presentation should be given about frog extinctions and the work of Save The Frogs. This can be delivered by the host or hostess. We suggest finding someone with a data projector (or renting one from a local electronics store), and using one of our PowerPoint presentations. Be sure to set up the data projector in advance of the party! Regardless of its format, the presentation basically involves giving a brief overview of what is happening to frogs and what Save The Frogs is all about.

After the presentation: the fundraising!

After the presentation has ended, a respected and well-spoken member of the gathering should stand up and thank the host and/or presenter, and call on all the guests to make a donation. Remind your guests that Save The Frogs is a 501(c)(3) public charity, and thus donations are tax-deductible. We can provide a receipt if they leave you their address (be sure to record their donation amount).

Checks can be made payable to Save The Frogs. You should also have a computer handy and lead them to the Save The Frogs Donations Page or Membership Page if they wish to donate by credit card or become a member.

It should be made very clear that every little bit helps and that it is okay if someone chooses not to donate at this time. Let the guests know that if any of them would like to host their own Party For The Frogs, they should speak with you about it.

It really is that easy!

The key is to be very specific from the start that the purpose of the house party is to raise funds for the project – that way your guests are clear about their role in proceedings from the beginning and won't be surprised or offended that they are expected to reach for their wallets! But make it clear that there is no pressure to donate.



This page was inspired by the work of Marc Gold and his 100 Friends Project.