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University Students

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University Students Taking Action

How many students at your university know that amphibians are in trouble? How many are actively working to protect the environment? Probably not enough! That's where you come in! This page lists some ideas on how to get SAVE THE FROGS! activities happening at your university. And feel free to be creative!

Download the PDF of this webpage:
Getting Save The Frogs Activities Going At Your School:
A Guide For University Students

Start a SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter

We want you to start a SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter at your school or university! Contact your Student Guild, Student Union, or principal and ask them what is required to get an official SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter going. Ask also if they would provide funding. Your school likely has plenty of students interested enough in frogs to get a productive group going. Be sure to contact us if you plan to start a Chapter: we want to know about your group, and we can help you come up with a list of goals. Please also speak with pre-existing environmental, conservation, or animal rights groups on campus and get them involved with Save The Frogs. Working with a group will allow you to achieve more than working as an individual.

Set up an info/fundraising table

o Use posters & banners to make table visually appealing (we may be able to assist).

o Print flyers at or contact your school’s graphic design department and see if a design student can assist. Hand them out; post them around campus.

o We may be able to provide wristbands and pins to assist your fundraising endeavors.

o Set up a donation jar and 4x6" info cards in your library, cafeteria, coffee shop, etc. We may be able to provide a nice looking donation jar and the flyers.

o Get Save The Frogs Day recognized by your school, mayor or governor

o Collect signatures! What's our current campaign? We likely have printable petition forms you can use to educate people and help us meet our required number of signatures.

o Keep track of individuals that are interested in STF, campus activities, interning, etc. (i.e. get their email addresses!).

o Come up with creative ways to fundraise. Have a bake sale, or ask a local restaurant/nightclub to have a fundraiser night, where a percentage of the sales are donated to STF. This works well on Save The Frogs Day!

Become a SAVE THE FROGS! Intern

If you are a student at a university, there is a high chance that you could actually get credit to be an intern with SAVE THE FROGS!. Interns learn valuable real-world skills while helping us accomplish our mission of protecting amphibian populations. Interns can be online or work at our headquarters. Interns must be motivated, responsible and able to work independently. Most internships require you spend 5-15 hours per week on your frog saving duties. Learn more on our Interns webpage.

Set up a film screening

The documentary “The Thin Green Line” is very good. Ask science professors to give students extra credit for attending the screening. Give a short talk about Save The Frogs at the screening and distribute our fliers there. Ask everyone to visit our website and become a member.

Your student newspaper

Write an article for the student newspaper. Have the student newspaper place a free Public Service Announcement. We will provide them with high resolution images if they can place these:
Save The Frogs Day icon or our Climate Change ad

Your School's Radio Station

Have the radio station run the 30 second Public Service Announcement located on the SAVE THE FROGS! Audio Page.

In Your Classroom

Give a short (5 minute) lecture on frog extinctions in your classes. Most teachers will appreciate your intiative!

Around Campus

o We can send you 18x24" educational frog posters if you can get permission to put them up around campus in semi-permanent locations (dorm hallways, biology laboratories, cafeterias, etc.)

o Contact Biology teachers to ask them to discuss frog extinctions on STF Day.

o Inform Art Teachers of the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest:

o Inform Poetry Teachers of the SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest:

o What is your school’s dissection policy? Can students opt-out?

o Design and run a survey to determine students' current knowledge of environmental issues.

o Find out what pesticides are used on campus - then make a petition to get them banned!


As a SAVE THE FROGS! University Representative, your efforts play a critical role in raising awareness, educating, recruiting and participation in our efforts.

Expectations of University Representatives:
(1) Educate yourself about amphibian conservation and SAVE THE FROGS! (spend a good chunk of time reading through the website, as it is a good resource). The greater amount of knowledge, passion and dedication you demonstrate, the more successful you'll be.

(2) Always act in a professional manner when representing SAVE THE FROGS!

(3) Always check with the proper school authorities before engaging in any on-campus activities for SAVE THE FROGS!

(4) Contact the volunteer coordinator before starting an activity.

(5) Provide information and feedback as required, and check in with the volunteer coordinator at least once a week.

University Students Taking Action

Sean Kortis

"I am a student at Stony Brook University majoring in Environmental Sciences. I live on Cape Cod and my house is near an area loaded with vernal pools. For years now I have been working on getting these pools officially certified by the state as areas of critical environmental concern. I have documented spring peepers, tree frogs, wood frogs, green frogs, bull frogs, and yellow spotted salamanders that call these pools their home in the spring and summer. For years developers have been eyeing these areas as potential lots to build on. With the help of a few people we were able to get these areas protected and stop any development that may have occured there.

I just figured I would tell you what I have done on my part to help in this cause. I have also told many people about and the Annual Save The Frogs Day, I'll continue to do what I can on my part to help protect these great creatures. I wish you the best of luck with everything."
-Sean Kortis

"Thanks so much for the link to the slides, they were a great help for my presentation. I informed a lot of people on the issue that were actually unaware of how serious it was. I was also able to bring up information for Save the Frogs Day 2011, and provide links to the website. And to top it off, I brought some Atrazine petitions with me and got quite a few signatures, I will be sure to send them back soon."
--Sean on his presentation to his "Contemporary Environmental Issues and Policy" class at Stony Brook University in New York.

Zachary Gonsioroski

University Student - Minnesota

"My entire life I have had an intense admiration for all amphibians. I think what you are doing is more than incredible and I can't thank you enough. I plan to spread the word about your work with my environmental group at my university to try and raise awareness and maybe host an event on Save the Frogs Day."


Thank you for caring about amphibians and for taking the time to help. SAVE THE FROGS!