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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Skype Presentations

SAVE THE FROGS! is always seeking new ways to spread our message. Skype presentations and Q&A sessions are great ways to spread the word to distant audiences Please contact us if you would like a SAVE THE FROGS! scientist to Skype with your class!

"My students felt empowered after your skype session and have been talking about how they can be more conscious of amphibian conservation as well as other environmental issues."
-- Kara Snyder, 3rd grade Teacher, Discovery Charter School

September 22, 2015: Temata School, New Zealand

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger skyped with these curious Kiwi students.Temata School frogs

"Thank you so much Kerry! The kids loved it and you know everything there is to know about Frogs!!"
-- Alice Newall, Teacher

June 11th, 2013: Sweet Briar College, Virginia

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger skyped with the Field Herpetology students of Sweet Briar College.

Michael Hayslett herpetology

March 25, 2013: Rochester, NY

"Hi Kerry, Thank you so much for skyping today. My kids are obsessed with you :) Our kids are from the city, and don't have much experience with nature, and having people who are passionate about nature...especially frogs is so important to giving our students a different perspective. You will be hearing from me about our fundraising/Save the frogs day ventures soon. Thanks much!"
-- Kara Snyder, 3rd Grade Teacher, Discovery Charter School

Frogs Skype

October 27, 2012: South Lake Tahoe, CA

On October 27th SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave his first ever Skype presentation on frogs -- in Spanish -- to a 2nd grade class in South Lake Tahoe, CA, 400km away.

Skype Frogs

"Kerry, Thank YOU for taking the time to do the interview with us today! :) That was fun! My kids really enjoyed it. I'm interested in continuing the general conversation about what my kids could do to help save the frogs. It's SO important for kids to learn about this stuff & to create an awareness of so many of the important environmental issues happening around us. It's especially important to teach them when they're young.. as they're the ones who will change the future. Right after we left our interview, we went to a firefighter presentation. The kids were telling the firefighters all about what we had just learned - they really internalize it all. Down to the comment you said that they shouldn't use plastic bottles if they want to help save the frogs. Pretty cool to hear it coming from them." -- Alana Cayabyab, Teacher

"Love it! That is sooo exciting, especially that with our technology, it is easier than ever to connect with more people and spread the knowledge about frogs and their decline. I'm sure 2nd graders love it too... and they usually have great open minds waiting to spark interest such as in ecology and frogs!" -- Courtney Pike; Research Technician at Washington University in St. Louis

Fenruary 10, 2012: Chittagong, Bangladesh

Thanks to Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Science University in Bangladesh for hosting a great webinar/skype presentation on saving Bangladesh's frogs. 75 people attended this February 9, 2012 presentation.

"Thanks Kerry Kriger for your time being with us. it's a great step for amphibian conservation and education in Bangladesh."
-- Dr. Shaneaz Ali Khan, CVASU

February 22, 2012: Stevens Point, WI

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger skyped with the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point SAVE THE FROGS! Chapter.

UWSP Frogs

Avalon Skypes to Washington State February 2012

Avalon was invited to give a presentation to 4th grade students at a Washington State elementary school. She used Skype and PowerPoint on a split screen. The idea was to show how all children can be eco-heroes. Avalon talked about how using the name she helps raise awareness about amphibian conservation (Save The Frogs!), biosand water filters (Friendly Water for the World) and her favorite nature preserve (Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center). She also talked about how she uses her microbusiness to raise money for these 3 non-profit groups (100% of the profit goes to them). At the end, the teacher asked if they could keep in touch, and if she could help mentor the students this semester as they work on developing their own conservation or volunteer projects. Avalon loved that part, and left the students with the following message: "I challenge you to find a project you feel strongly about, act on it, encourage others to do the same, and that is one way you can conserve it forward!

Avalon Theisen Skype

Does your class have skype?

Please contact us if you want to connect with other frog-loving classrooms!

"I would like to use technology to bridge boundaries. With SO much technology at our fingertips nowadays, we should use it as a tool for understanding about the vast world around us and to see how other people live/think/talk/etc" -- Alana Cayabyab, Teacher