Engaged In Art Partners With SAVE THE FROGS!

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We are happy to announce that the Australian arts organization Engaged In Art is an official partner of the 2015 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest. Engaged in Art is run by Lesley Smitheringale, a professional artist and educator from Australia. Lesley has been an art educator for over 20 years and is passionate about helping young creatives on their art journey. She currently teaches extra-curricular art to children in her home studio and also acts as a virtual art teacher on her Engaged in Art Website which provides adults, parents, teachers and children with a range of online courses, instructional videos, E-Books and art and craft resources.

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“As an art teacher and wildlife lover, I ask the kids I teach to create artworks and enter this annual competition which is for an excellent cause – saving frogs from extinction. Wearing two hats as an artist and educator I really feel strongly that children should be encouraged from an early age, to love and appreciate both domestic and wild creatures with whom they share their planet and to further foster that caring by injecting their creativity into helping the wildlife they have come to love. Since learning about what Dr. Kerry Kriger is striving to achieve through his amphibian conservation organisation, I wanted to become involved and I have incorporated the Save The Frogs Art Competition into my “Frogs” online art resources in the form of a “Frogs Colouring Sheets E-Book” and “Frogs Teacher Resource Pack”.
— Lesley Smitheringale, Engaged In Art

The Frogs Colouring Sheets E-Book contains 12 hand-drawn illustrations of frogs by Lesley and there is a free speed video which teachers and children can watch where Lesley brings a frog to life using colour pencils. Lesley is a strong believer in children learning to colour creatively rather than just filling in.

Frog Teacher Resource Pack

The multimedia Frogs Teacher Resource Pack contains a huge variety of resources in a complete unit where children learn all about frogs by; identifying those who come into their garden or local area, listening to their calls, learning about their threat of extinction, recording facts about their diet, predators, defense mechanisms, habitat, amphibian traits, the frog life cycle, famous frogs in movies, games and literature and finally doing sketches of them, learning how to color creatively using the illustrations in the Frog Colouring Book and entering an artwork into the annual “Save the Frogs” Art Contest. These frog teaching ideas are available to view online using the Blendspace platform and also as a PDF.

Engaged in Art is donating these resources as part of the prizes to the finalists of the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest and their teachers.