Cryptocurrency Project Frog.Finance Partners With SAVE THE FROGS!

$FROG Crypto


The partnership offers opportunities to support environmental conservation efforts using digital currency on a reliable and fast blockchain network.

The brand new cryptocurrency project Frog.Finance has solidified a partnership with SAVE THE FROGS!. Through the partnership, Frog.Finance will donate 0.02% of every purchase, sale, and transaction of their cryptocurrency token ($FROG) to SAVE THE FROGS! each month.

In just the first four weeks of Frog.Finance’s existence, this has already raised over four million $FROG tokens for SAVE THE FROGS! — roughly equivalent to $329 at the current price (as of April 16, 2021). This was accomplished with only 1,338 holders of the token. Given that the value and adoption of $FROG is bound to rise, the partnership is expected to generate significant funds for SAVE THE FROGS!’ worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. Furthermore, the Frog.Finance team is planning to launch an online marketplace for frog art, the sale of which will also directly benefit SAVE THE FROGS!.

We hope that $FROG will take off into the stratosphere and bring significant returns to its investors and to SAVE THE FROGS! 

How The $FROG Coin Works

The $FROG coin is similar to, yet different from more famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To start, every transaction that uses $FROG gets excised. Whether you end up buying, selling, or sending $FROG, 2% of the transacted value gets removed. 1% gets instantly burned, removing it from the circulating supply, and the other 1% is proportionally given to all of the other holders of $FROG based on how much $FROG they own. This is the driving mechanic that serves to increase the token’s value over time and that also allows Frog.Finance to contribute a percentage of each transaction to SAVE THE FROGS!.

Initially, there was a total supply of 10 billion $FROG tokens. Due to the burn feature detailed above though, the circulating supply of tokens is now down to 4.6 billion tokens. The current market cap (as of April 8, 2021) is approximately $545,454. Based on the trajectory of similar projects, the team estimates that the market cap could rise to over $10,000,000 in just one year. Naturally, this is a speculative market, and nothing is ever guaranteed, but the Frog.Finance team is very dedicated and knowledgeable and expects to find significant success in the performance-driven cryptocurrency market.

$FROG is listed on the PancakeSwap exchange (CAKE:$FROG)

How To Get Started With $FROG

SAVE THE FROGS! and Frog.Finance are extremely excited to announce this partnership, and are optimistic about the positive impact it will have on worldwide wildlife conservation efforts!

You can learn more about Frog.Finance and how to buy $FROG tokens at:

$FROG is taking off and we hope you hop on board!

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Join The Frog.Finance Community

A great way to learn about $FROG, cryptocurrency and DeFi (decentralized finance) is to join the Frog Finance Discord Server. Ask your questions there and learn from crypto experts. Completely free to join.

Best of luck in your $FROG endeavors!

Environmental Benefits Of $FROG

Older cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum use significant amounts of energy to produce. For instance, the Bitcoin network consumes more electricity each year than does Argentina. This is because these older cryptocurrencies run on “proof of work”, which requires miners to solve what are essentially complex math problems, and doing all of that computing requires a lot of energy. 

$FROG differs in that it runs on the Binance network, which uses “proof of stake” and thus consumes less energy by orders of magnitude. Proof of stake is a system in which people validate blocks and “stake” their coins on the block being valid. The energy that this requires to run is equal to or less than what it takes a normal mid-size computer to run because it requires very little computing power. Proof of stake is very environmentally friendly compared to proof of work.

Best of luck in your $FROG endeavors!