Gilbert Adum Talks Climate Change in the UK

On Thursday 25th September 2014, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s Co-founder and Executive Director Gilbert Adum will present a climate change and frogs talk at the world’s greenest university, UK Nottingham University.

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director will be giving his talk to renowned professors, other scientists and students at the Faculty of Life Sciences about Ghana’s deteriorating climatic changes and what it means for the survival of the country’s frogs. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s Co-founder and Executive Director says Ghana’s frogs may just have a dog’s chance to survive the onslaught of climate change given that 90% of their habitats that can otherwise shield them from the impacts of climate change are already gone. According to the Intergovernmental Platform for Climate Change, the geographic location of Ghana makes the country one of the most vulnerable areas to 21st century climatic changes. Thus, it is not surprising that Ghana is already one of the countries that are worst hit by climate change: from floods in the nation’s capital Accra to droughts up north, causing desertification that is engulfing the savanna regions. Since the early 1970s, Ghana has experienced a decline in precipitation levels of approximately 30%; and a temperature increase of at least 1°, a much faster change than most other areas of the world. Gilbert Adum adds that ‘we are yet to even see the worst of climate change as temperatures are projected to increase up to 3.0°C by the 2060s, and 5.2°C by the 2090s.’

It is indeed bad news for frogs, other wildlife and Ghanaian people alike. But Gilbert Adum who has already won a top award last week at a conference in Bonn (Germany) for his courageous and brilliant vision of climate change adaptability and mitigation strategies, believes that together there are prospects to make Ghana’s climate better for frogs and people. The Executive Director will discuss his vision also with the Nottingham University scientific community. In the end he says he hopes to bring the plight of Ghana’s frogs to the limelight, and establish long-lasting collaborations with the university’s scientists to protect the country’s vanishing frogs from climate change. He says he will also seize the opportunity to raise funds to sustain the progress his non-profit organisation SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is making to save Ghana’s frogs.

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s Co-founder and Executive Director Gilbert Adum would like to thank Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation (Germany), Museum für Naturkunde (Germany), University of Nottingham (UK) and SAVE THE FROGS! (USA) for supporting his stay and travels around Europe. We also thank Amphibian Survival Alliance for featuring this post on their website (

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