SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Wins Award from British Ecological Society!




Congratulations to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum and his team for winning £2,000 ($3,000) from the British Ecological Society (BES). Capacities of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana UCAES Chapter members and other Ghanaian ecologists are to be enhanced in the conservation of the Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi) and other frogs at the Atewa Forest.



SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana will organize field courses and workshops on the ecology, survey and monitoring techniques of the frogs and also train ecologists in effective communication skills for targeted local audiences. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana will also establish three of its junior chapters in local schools, and educate the school children to help ensure they grow up with respect and appreciation for their natural heritage.



Meanwhile, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana continues to rally support across Ghana and internationally to get Government to rescind its decision to mine the Atewa Forest for bauxite, and to permanently pro­tect the forest as the Atewa Hills National Park. The Atewa Forest is currently unprotected, and the Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frogs (as well as over 700+ butterfly species that live there) are under serious threat from illegal logging, mountaintop removal mining and people hunting the frogs for food.




SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is grateful to BES for helping to SAVE THE FROGS!