SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Wins Award from German-based Species Conservation Foundation

Congratulations to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana  for winning the Amphibian Conservation Fund grant award of €4,000 (US$5,360) from German-based Species Conservation Foundation (Stiftung Artenschutz). The award will enable SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana to promote the recovery of Ghana’s Critically Endangered Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua). The Giant Squeaker Frog is in immediate danger of extinction as only 12 individuals are known to exist, all in an unprotected forest patch in Western Ghana’s Sui River Forest Reserve. However, the combination of logging, farming, mining and the invasion of the non-native weed Chromolaena odorata are causing the species to decline and preventing its recovery from the brink of extinction. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana will remove the invasive C. odorata which impedes the frogs’ movement and plant fast-growing native trees, and launch an education program to increase conservation awareness among local people and the general public.


The Species Conservation Foundation (Stiftung Artenschutz) established the Amphibian Conservation Fund to support International NGOs to help conserve and carry out researches on endangered amphibian species or subspecies in the world. The ACF’s call is in response to recent alarming global amphibian decline to find answers and provide solutions to help reverse the situation. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana appreciates their efforts in helping to save the Endangered Giant Squeaker Frog!


A very special thank you thank you to The Species Conservation Foundation (Stiftung Artenschutz) for this grant.