Mission Possible: The Search and Rescue of Ghana’s Critically Endangered Giant Squeaker Frog

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, West Africa’s first non-profit organisation dedicated exclusively to the conservation of amphibians, is conducting extensive field surveys and rescue operations for the critically endangered Ghana Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua) from 19th– 23rd December, 2014. Volunteers both in Ghana and abroad are welcome to join our experts on this all important expedition.

The Ghana Giant Squeaker Frog is a rare and endemic species now restricted to Western Ghana’s Sui River Forest Reserve. Unfortunately, the frog is on the verge of extinction as it faces constant threats from illegal loggers and farmers and the invasive non-native weed, the Devil weed (Chromolaena odorata). These threats deplete the density of leaf-litter required by the frog for predator escape, desiccation and breeding thereby, reducing its chances of survival. With only 16 individuals recorded to date, majority being juveniles, there is little knowledge about the species and its ecology. This survey will therefore, examine its suitable habitats and set up appropriate rescue and management operations for relic populations. Critical areas that are degraded will be planted with trees, joining other fragmented areas to increase the frog’s survival. These activities are in line with SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s goal of averting the extinction of any Ghanaian amphibian.

We encourage tertiary students to take advantage of this rare opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in amphibian ecology and conservation. Student volunteers will also be permitted to collect data for their project thesis.

Thanks to Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund and SAVE THE FROGS! USA, for supporting this project.