Thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! Supporters Sandra Walters for getting this letter of hers published in the January 12, 2014 edition of the Daytona News-Journal!

The News-Journal recently printed an account of a casual meal at an Old-Florida-style restaurant. Everything about it sounded appealing — the sunset, the water, the atmosphere —until the part where diners were munching on frogs’ legs.

by Sandra Walters
Frogs? Those little green things that eat disease-carrying mosquitoes and water-scumming algae? Whose croaky voices join on warm summer nights in a sort of Froggy Tabernacle Choir? Whose skin secretions have been proven to combat some viruses, and who themselves are part of the web of life, serving as food for predators like birds and fish? Kids love them, right? Think Kermit. What’s not to like about these tough little guys who have survived for 250 million years, and serve as warning signals when our aquatic environment goes haywire from pollution or disease?

Maybe the diners and restaurant owners simply did not know that today, one-third of all amphibian species are on the verge of extinction. In fact, about 200 frog species worldwide have disappeared since 1980. Does that leg taste as good when you realize that eating it is helping frogs exit the planet forever?

A worldwide organization called Save the Frogs is doing all it can to call attention to frogs’ plight and stop their slide into oblivion from pollution, disease, habitat loss and over-harvesting. Not everything about “Old Florida” is worthwhile. Diners, please switch entrees. We need frogs, and frogs need their legs more than we do.