Together We Can Save The Frogs – Vote Today!

SAVE THE FROGS! is in the running for $25,000 to assist our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts, especially related to Save The Frogs Day. Please vote for us here:

Like many online contests, you will have to register with the website. Do not delay; we have until tomorrow night to gather votes! You can vote every day, so please vote now, tomorrow, and share this with your friends! This is YOUR chance to further amphibian conservation efforts around the world!

What is this contest about?
Hosted By G Adventures and The Planeterra Foundation, the G Project is open to everyday visionaries from all over the world with innovative ideas in any phase of development, from early concept to workable solution. If SAVE THE FROGS! becomes a finalist, Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger and Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey will travel to Costa Rica to present our proposal to a panelist of highly inspirational people, including Dr. Jane Goodall! If our proposal is chosen we will be awarded $25,000 in order to greatly enhance and implement the efforts our 6th Annual Save The Frogs Day.

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