Victory for the Frogs in Loudoun County, Virginia

Dear Kerry,
I have fantastic news about the Gum Farm property which you wrote a letter of support for back in August 2011! As you may recall, last year, we were working on a grant with the Piedmont Environmental Council to try to purchase the 42-acre globally rare wetland habitat that is on Gum Farm. While that grant did not come through, we kept the dialogue going and supported the Land Trust of Virginia and the property owners as they explored the possibility of putting a conservation easement on their entire 239 acres. We shared your letter of support with the Land Trust and others to highlight how special this property is and this past November, the conservation easement was filed! This is such a good news story and we are so thankful that you lent your support to this effort that I wanted to make sure you knew the outcome!
You can read the Press release from the Land Trust here and an article I recently posted on our blog here.

Thank you for being a part of this!
Nicole Hamilton
Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy