What We’re Up Against

Syngenta (the world’s largest pesticide company and producers of Atrazine) is stepping up their efforts to spread their disinformation and pro-pesticide propaganda. They or the lobbying firms that represent them are now buying high priced, top-of-the-page Google Adwords for the search terms ‘Save The Frogs’ and ‘Save the Frogs Day’. The ads link to sites that attempt to persuade the public that Atrazine is “Safe For Wildlife”.

Syngenta realizes the only thing that stands between us getting Atrazine banned is how successfully we educate the Americans about the harm the pesticide causes. That an 11 billion dollar company is watching SAVE THE FROGS! clearly demonstrates that our amphibian conservation efforts are producing results. BUT…it also means we are going to have to step up our efforts to overcome their disinformation campaigns!

To make matters worse, the US Congress is passing the most anti-environment legislation in years. A few weeks ago the Congress stripped Endangered Species Act protection from wolves (what animal group is next?). This coming Tuesday the House Agricultural Committee wild hold a hearing featuring invited speakers only, called “At Risk: American Jobs, Agriculture, Health and Species–the Costs of Federal Regulatory Dysfunction”. The English translation: some members of the House think that regulating deadly chemicals signifies a dysfunctional government.

This Friday we will march through the streets of DC to ensure that our politicians and the US public know we will not tolerate a government controlled by the pesticide companies. And we will grow this movement so that the anti-environment legislators never get voted in or appointed in the first place!

Please help us fight the world’s largest pesticide company by making a tax-deductible contribution to SAVE THE FROGS!