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Frog populations have been declining worldwide at unprecedented rates, and nearly one-third of the world’s amphibian species are threatened with extinction. Since 2008, SAVE THE FROGS! has been at the forefront of worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.

SAVE THE FROGS! is a 501(c)(3) public charity, funded primarily by donations from nature enthusiasts like you. If you share our vision of a world in which amphibians and humans co-exist and the sounds of frogs calling still fills the nighttime air, please support our efforts by donating to SAVE THE FROGS! today. Thank you!

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Since 2013, SAVE THE FROGS! has led ecotours to the most amazing natural areas on the planet, to bring together frog enthusiasts, learn about wildlife conservation and ecology, and find and photograph amphibians.

A Message From Our Founder

Hi! I am SAVE THE FROGS! Founder & Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger. On behalf of the worldwide SAVE THE FROGS! Community, I would like to welcome you to the website. The site holds over 1,000 pages of amphibious information and is sure to educate and inspire you, and help you achieve your frog saving goals. 

In 2003, I flew from the USA to Australia to learn all about frogs and how to save them. I spent several years in the rainforests, laboratories and academic buildings, and published an array of scientific publications on amphibian diseases and extinctions. After completing my Ph.D. research, I returned to the USA with a single question on my mind: “what is the most important thing I can do to help save amphibian populations?”.

At that time, very few people knew about the plight of amphibians, and there was no public charity in existence dedicated exclusively to amphibians. So in 2008 I founded SAVE THE FROGS! with a mission to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. To date, SAVE THE FROGS! staff and volunteers have organized well over 2,000 educational events in at least 57 countries; helped enact federal, state and local legislation on behalf of amphibians; and created, restored and protected critical wetland habitats.

These days I love to train and fund the next generation of amphibian conservationists, lead SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours, give presentations, develop new educational materials, and build this website, which has educated millions of visitors. 

Best of luck on your frog saving journey, and I hope to meet you at a SAVE THE FROGS! event very soon!

Dr. Kerry Kriger

kerry kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger on the slopes of the extinct volcano Ruchu Pichincha above Quito, Ecuador while surveying ecotour destinations. 

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