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triturus pygmaeus

The SAVE THE FROGS! Challenge is now available to all SAVE THE FROGS! Members. This page was originally created to promote the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! 90-Day Challenge, which took place from May 22 through August 21, 2016. 

The SAVE THE FROGS! 90-Day Challenge is the very best online amphibian conservation training available, as you learn the precise skills that SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger has used over the past decade to grow SAVE THE FROGS! into one of the world’s most recognized and effective environmental organizations.

Over the course of these 13 weeks you will learn about amphibian ecology and conservation, environmental law, wetland restoration and construction, invasive species, effective environmental writing and communication, fundraising, campaigning, and much more.

Participants of the 90-Day Challenge will gain skills that will set them apart from the multitude of environmentalists competing for a limited number of jobs and funding opportunities. If you are not an environmental professional, you will gain skills that will enable you to find and succeed in an array of volunteer opportunities. You will make valuable connections with environmental professionals and frog enthusiasts and you will most likely have a lot of fun as well!

All you need to take part is a computer, smartphone or tablet and a solid internet connection, as the course takes place online and the challenges can be completed in your home or your community. You need to be available for live online video conferences Sundays at 5pm Los Angeles time (we understand if you can’t attend every week due to scheduling conflicts).

Learn more and sign up no later than Sunday May 22nd at 3pm Los Angeles time.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you during the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! 90-Day Challenge.


  1. Gain real world environmental knowledge directly applicable to amphibian conservation.
  2. Expand your environmental network through regular interactions with SAVE THE FROGS! staff, guest presenters, and up to 23 other challenge participants, all of whom have a similar desire to succeed with their environmental goals.
  3. Differentiate yourself from those competing for the job, graduate student position or scholarship you want.
  4. Gain the skills you need to become an effective environmental leader
  5. Having been trained in the fundamentals of amphibian conservation by SAVE THE FROGS! and having demonstrated your skills, dedication and passion, you will be high on the list when SAVE THE FROGS! has job openings or internship opportunities. You may even be chosen to assist with a future 90-Day Challenge!
  6. Receive a visually pleasing Certificate of Completion that you can proudly display on your website or wall to let current or potential employers, collaborators and clients know you completed the 90-Day Challenge.
  7. Be admitted into the ranks of the elite: the SAVE THE FROGS! Academy alumni network. You will gain access to the private Facebook group for SAVE THE FROGS! Academy students and alumni and have increased access to environmental opportunities and expertise.
  8. You will receive 41 SAVE THE FROGS! Academy credits to reflect the minimum of 41 hours of effort you put into the 90-Day Challenge.
  9. You will receive a complimentary SAVE THE FROGS! t-shirt to help spread the word, get conversations started and of course to look your absolute best (non-USA participants must pay postage fees).
  10. Saving frogs is fun, and we will be saving many frogs over these 90 days!



SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger designed the curriculum for the 90-Day Challenge in order to teach you the most important skills you need to succeed in an environmental career. These skills are those he has found to be most important for amphibian conservationists based on his thirteen years of full-time experience saving frogs from extinction and building the world’s most effective force for amphibian conservation.

  • Week 1: Introduction To Amphibian Conservation
  • Week 2: Communications Skills For Environmental Professionals
  • Week 3: How To Organize, Promote & Hold Successful Events
  • Week 4: Social Media That Gets People To Like & Share
  • Week 5: Invasive Species & Campaigning
  • Week 6: Environmental Law & Campaigning
  • Week 7: Wetland Design, Restoration & Construction
  • Week 8: Conservation Ethics & Amphibians in the Pet Trade
  • Week 9: Effective Writing Techniques
  • Week 10: Crowdfunding & Fundraising
  • Week 11: Giving Inspiring Presentations
  • Week 12: Interviewing Skills
  • Week 13: Open Session (Participants’s Choice)
  • Week 14: Graduation & Your Environmental Future



  1. The first challenge is taking the initiative to sign up, thereby setting yourself on the path to increased knowledge, increased career opportunities, and overall excellence in your environmental pursuits.
  2. The next challenge is to be online every Sunday at 5pm Los Angeles time to attend the live video conferences. We know you may have other obligations but we expect you to manage and arrange your time such that you attend at least nine of the fourteen video conferences. You should watch video recordings of any conferences you miss.
  3. At the end of each one-hour video conference we will give you a challenge to be completed during the week, which will take approximately two hours. These challenges relate to the topics covered during the conference or are to prepare you for the upcoming video conference. These weekly challenges will enable you to put your knowledge into action on issues of actual relevance to amphibian conservation, directly benefitting your local and/or global amphibians. Many of these challenges align with and assist current SAVE THE FROGS! programs, projects and campaigns.
  4. Go the extra mile: Meet with, seek advice from, and provide support to your fellow frog conservationists taking part in the challenge. Do extra reading and research. Take active part in the live video conferences. See how much you can accomplish in 90 days. The fate of the world’s frogs depends on you!



When you learn from the best, you become the best. Our instructors have a combined 26 years of amphibian conservation knowledge and have continually demonstrated environmental success and worldwide impact.

The 90-Day Challenge will be led by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder & Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger, and SAVE THE FROGS! Ecologists Michael Starkey, Kathlyn Franco and Emily Moskal. We will also bring on guest presenters with expertise in a variety of fields related to the topics covered during the challenge.

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder and Director Dr. Kerry Kriger has given over 350 live presentations on amphibian conservation in thirteen countries and has trained countless volunteers in a wide variety of amphibian conservation skills. He built the SAVE THE FROGS! websites ( and, which have educated over three million people about amphibians. Dr. Kriger has published fifteen articles on amphibians in peer-reviewed, international scientific journals and has appeared on a multitude of television and radio programs about amphibians.

SAVE THE FROGS! Ecologist Michael Starkey joined the STF! team in 2010 after researching frog reproduction in Panama and doing ecological consulting in California. Michael has given over 150 presentations on amphibian conservation, has led several SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours. Michael has significant experience with social media and crowdfunding for environmental causes.

SAVE THE FROGS! Wetland Coordinator Kathlyn Franco joined the SAVE THE FROGS! team in 2012. On top of handling all aspects of SAVE THE FROGS! legal and administrative affairs, Kathlyn has assisted in the building, restoration and/or design of over 25 wetlands. Kathlyn has also conducted research on small mammals and co-led two SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours.

SAVE THE FROGS! Communications Director Emily Moskal joined the SAVE THE FROGS! team in 2014. Emily has produced four issues of SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine, edits articles for the SAVE THE FROGS! website and is currently producing a SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast, to be released later this year.



  • Live video conferences take place online at 5pm Los Angeles time every Sunday from May 22nd to August 21st, 2016 (except on June 19th, when we will meet at 1pm).
  • Live video conferences take place via Zoom video conferencing software, which is free on Mac, PC, iOS and Android. You can connect with audio and/or video using internet, or via your phone’s audio.
  • Video conferences generally begin with a discussion and feedback on the last week’s challenge. We then learn about the current week’s topic and close by introducing the upcoming week’s challenge.
  • Video recordings of the conferences will be made available for reference and for those participants who were unable to attend.



  • The SAVE THE FROGS! 90-Day Challenge is ideal for anyone with a true desire to increase their knowledge and skills related to amphibians, amphibian conservation, environmental education, communications, fundraising and ecology.
  • The Challenge is perfect for anybody who wants to increase their likelihood of finding their dream environmental job; acquire more funding for their conservation efforts; gain better decision making skills; and set themselves above and beyond the hordes of people who never took the initiative to maximize their chances of success.
  • The Challenge is open to anyone 15 years and older, including high school, university, and graduate students; postdoctoral researchers, teachers and professors; government employees; nonprofit staff members; and also non-environmental professionals simply interested in amphibian conservation and assisting SAVE THE FROGS! via improving their environmental knowledge and involvement.


To ensure our instructors can give you sufficient personal support during the challenge, enrollment is limited to 20 paying participants and 4 scholarship awardees.



Any frog lover who enrolls in the challenge by May 18 will get a free half hour Skype session with SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger to discuss and receive advice regarding their environmental goals and to get assistance with any aspect of the 90-Day Challenge.



Enroll and twice during the 90 days, challenge participants will have the opportunity to connect on Skype with one of the instructors to gain advice and ask any questions related to the challenge or amphibian conservation.



In an effort to make this curriculum accessible to any dedicated environmentalist, we have set the tuition for this inaugural 90-Day Challenge at only $247 for active SAVE THE FROGS! Members, and we are offering a limited number of full scholarships to frog lovers from developing countries.

Tuition for non-members is $297. You can become a SAVE THE FROGS! Member at or just go ahead and pay full tuition and we will automatically grant you a one-year Basic Membership.

NOTE: This is the lowest price this course will ever be offered at, so hurry before the 24 spots fill up! We are offering the challenge at this special rate as it is the first time we have offered it and you will be helping us perfect and improve the course.



We are absolutely certain that the SAVE THE FROGS! 90-Day Challenge will significantly expand your environmental network and increase your environmental expertise. However, if at any time in the first 30 days you don’t like the course or think it’s not right for you, you can withdraw from the Challenge and request a 100% refund, at which point we will return your tuition, no questions asked.



If you are an official member of SAVE THE FROGS! you should have received a discount code for $50 off your tuition. If you did not receive your discount code, please email your request to with discount code in the subject line.


If you are from a developing country and cannot afford the tuition ($247 for members; $297 for non-members), you can apply for a scholarship at:

Your application must be received by Friday May 20th at 11:59pm Los Angeles time. We will inform you of the results by Sunday May 22 at 12pm Los Angeles time.



Want to make some money? Refer someone to the Challenge and if they enroll, graduate and pay the full tuition, we will pay you $25 for referring them (you must have either a PayPal account or a USA address to receive a check). We will also give the person you refer a $25 discount code for the course to encourage them to enroll. The way to take advantage of this offer is to tell your friend to email with Challenge Referral in the subject line and to state that they want to take the course and to give the full name and email address of the person who referred them. No rewards will be offered unless the referred person follows these simple instructions prior to enrolling.