Amanda Cooper on empowering students to save frogs

Amanda Cooper frogs

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

It has been said numerous times that “Our future is our children,” and even with the constant repetition of that saying, the words still ring true. Students and children are the future of this world. We will one day be the grown ups and we will have to make decisions about this world. That is why it is extremely important that the youth are not only are educated, but passionate about the world around us. This not far off future is one that we all need to work together to achieve.

Amanda Cooper frogs

My name is Amanda Cooper and I have been an avid supporter of SAVE THE FROGS! since 5th grade. I am now a freshman, which means I have been doing my part to save our world’s amphibian species for almost five years. I have raised thousands of dollars, represented STF! at numerous events, and educated everyone I possibly could about the dwindling numbers of amphibians. As a student, a young one especially, I have not always been taken seriously at events and when I have been showing my support. Being a kid I am limited with the fact that I cannot drive to places where STF! events are. Not only because I can’t drive, but I go to school. Plus being a student I do not have all the resources that adults have access to like powerful people and well funded credit cards. However I still can and have helped. In fact I have even used all of these things to my advantage.

Students are just as capable as everyone else. Not only with amphibian conservation, but with everything we set our minds to. We need to give students more opportunities to follow and express their passion. We need to understand that they are the people that are going to run the world next, so we need to instill in them the information and the skills to make change.

Alright then, how does an adult actually empower a child? There are a few ways. First of all, become (or at least try to become) as passionate as they are, or at the very least support them every way you can. It does not even have to be about frogs. I can attest to the fact that if you have a parent or a close adult invested in what you are doing it makes a world of difference. With my parents willing to drive me to far away events and even letting me miss school, I have been able to accomplish so much more like help build a wetland and table at awesome events. I have also been lucky enough to have teachers who have let me fundraise and speak to their classes about my cause. They let me reach so many people by just trusting in me. Basically, just treat students the way you would with your peers. Respect, appreciation, trust can go along way. You will be surprised how much we can actually do.

Now what can you do if you are a student? Two words: talk and ask. It seems simple, but truthfully it can be truly scary and even difficult. Basically, talk to everyone you can. Students, parents, teachers, and politicians all are available people to converse with. Spread the word and information about frogs or whatever it is that you are passionate about. If you are passionate, others will be too. Of course some people will not care or even bother to listen listen, but so what? The more people you talk to the more people will know about frogs and possibly even help them. You also should ask these people for what you need. A lot of adults will gladly donate support, supplies, or even money if you make a good case. It doesn’t matter if you If you are scared to ask — remember that the worst they can say is no. I know that it is hard, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Just by asking my friends, relatives, neighbors, and teachers I have raised over thousands of dollars, and you can too. There is honestly no limit to what you can do if you just talk and ask.

Obviously frogs need our help and the more of us that help the better. It does not matter how old someone, what their gender is or where they live or what they do. Frogs need me and they need you too. Make sure you get out into the world and help create a future full of passionate humans that live in an environment where amphibians once again thrive.

The frogs and I thank you,
Amanda Cooper

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