How To Enter The

Welcome to the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest Entry page! If you are here, we assume you have read through the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest homepage so that you understand the contest. If you have not yet done so, please do so now.

All art must be submitted to us digitally, following the instructions below. 

There are two ways to submit your art to the contest: via digital submission or via snail mail. Instructions for both methods are presented below.

Digital Art Submissions

Digital art includes art that you created on your phone, tablet or computer, as well as traditional art that you photographed or scanned to convert it into digital form. Read on for the basics of preparing and submitting your digital art.

Digitize With Care

If you are digitizing your art, we encourage you to scan it with a real scanner if possible. Otherwise, photograph it with the best camera you can access, and have good lighting. Then crop it so that the final product looks amazing. Do all this with as much care as you put into creating your art. Flash reflections and bad cropping degrade the art, so please digitize with care.

Name Your Files Correctly

Be sure to name your file with your first name, last name and country. Example:

  • john-smith-USA.jpg

You are allowed (but not required) to include your age as well. Example:

  • ashish-prasanna-india-26.jpg

If you are submitting multiple pieces of art, add a number at the end (either 1, 2, or 3, as there is a limit of three entries per artist). Examples:

  • alexandra-baranova-17-russia-1.jpg
  • alexandra-baranova-17-russia-2.jpg
  • alexandra-baranova-17-russia-3.jpg

If you submit a photo of yourself, please name it the same way (being sure to include a unique number at the end of the filename).

File Types

We like .jpg files the best. If your art has a transparent background, .png files are great too. You can search online for “convert jpg” to find websites that can convert your image to .jpg for free. Do NOT submit PDF’s or any filetype other than .jpg or .png.

File Size

We like high resolution art, though try to keep your art under 5MB so you don’t fill up our server space.

Teachers: Read This

If your students are old enough to have email addresses and know how to use computers, we encourage you to let them submit art on their own. 

Otherwise, you can submit all your students’ artwork using the form below, in a single entry. Simply ensure that each file uploaded includes the student’s name and country (as described above). If you took photos of your students with their art, you will have the opportunity to upload those as well.

Native Files

If you created your art in Photoshop, Illustrator or a similar program and have the native file (e.g. .ai or .psd), you don’t need to submit that, but please do mention it in the comments section of the entry form, as we may want it in the future.

Entry Form For Digital Art Submission

Here it is…

That's it, good luck!

Snail Mail Submissions

We are not accepting snail mail submissions this year. That means you should digitize (i.e. scan or photograph) your artwork and send it to us following the guidelines above.

Snail Mail Submissions


If you are submitting your paper art or art that is in any other non-digital format, please mail it in AND complete the Snail Mail Entry Form below..

Multiple submissions should be placed in a single envelope.

Ensure We Know It Is Your Art

Contestants’ name, email, age and country MUST be written carefully on the back side of the artwork (carefully means don’t poke through the paper. We suggest using a pencil, and writing softly). This step is important, as your art will be separated from the envelope in which it was received! Do your best to write legibly so we can actually read what you wrote.

You can also give your art a cool title and write it on the back.

Say Goodbye To Your Art

Mail-in entries will NOT be returned to the contestant. SAVE THE FROGS! plans to sell or auction off the best artwork at a fundraiser to raise funds for our conservation work, or give it as gifts to our donors. Our donors love receiving amazing frog art. When they place it on their walls and it colors their homes and offices, they help spread the word about SAVE THE FROGS! and are constantly reminded of us, which hopefully inspires them to donate for years to come. 

You may wish to take a few photos of your art (or you with your art) prior to sending it in. And once you have a photo, please post it to your favorite social channel and help spread the word about the contest!

Protect Your Art

We strongly advise inserting a sturdy piece of cardboard into the package to keep it from getting bent (mailmen like to bend packages). Used cereal boxes work well for this, or cut a piece off a box you’re getting rid of.

Don't Waste Money

Please do not spend lots of money mailing your art: we prefer you donate to SAVE THE FROGS! rather than shipping via expensive solutions such as Fed Ex or DHL. Again, we prefer you do NOT send mail via expensive methods. As long as your mail is postmarked by November 1st, it will be entered into this year’s contest, so there is no rush.

If you do plan to send us mail via DHL, FedEx or any carrier that requires us to sign for a package, you must FIRST email to ask if we will be able to accept it (and await our response), as those companies may require an address other than our PO Box.

Donations Are Appreciated

We encourage all participants to include at least $1 in their package to help us offset our costs of running the contest. Dollar bills are fine (especially ones with multiple digits), and checks can be made out to SAVE THE FROGS!. Thank you!

Entry Form For Snail Mail Submissions

Here it is!

Send Us Your Art!

Once you have completed the Snail Mail Entry Form above, write DO NOT BEND on the outside of your package, front and back, with large writing. Then mail your entry form and artwork one of the following locations:

Anyone is allowed to send their art to:


IF you live in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan or Sri Lanka, you can send your art to:

388/11/A, U. B. Road,
Near Behala Airport Flying Club Gate.
P. O. Parnasree.
Kolkata – 700060.
West Bengal. India.

About Confirmations

Please do not email us asking us to confirm if your art arrived. It either arrived or it did not. And if it did not, there is nothing we can do about it. If tracking is important to you, you should pay for tracking, view the carrier’s delivery reports and contact them as needed. Again, please do not email us asking for confirmation. Thanks for your understanding.

That's it, good luck!


Rainbow frog art by Hannabobana

Frog art from 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest by Stephanie Cheng Tsz Kiu, Hong Kong

What People Say About The Contest...

“I was searching for art contests for kids online and found this contest to be very meaningful. I have always loved the environment. My daughter is my little go green champion. I will donate some money along with the art contest entry! Thank you for advocating for wildlife.”
— Jessica, Taiwan

“My name is Elaine Hearne and I am an elementary art teacher in Kentucky. I use your contest to teach art principles and of course make students aware of the plight of the frog.”

“I look forward to teaching my students about endangered amphibians, notably frogs, again this year and sending their beautiful artwork for the 2013 contest your way! My best.“
— Dana Xedos, Art Teacher, Sun Valley High School, Los Angeles

“My first grade son and several of his friends are rolling out the art contest to their entire school of 645 children. What a great way to get the message out to such a large group of young people. We love what you are doing. I am am so proud of my 1st grade son. His passion and love of frogs and his commitment to spreading the word is inspiring. He had us construct a frog pond in our back yard to do some of his own conservation. This is what learning to love something bigger than yourself is all about. Thank you for your work and time.“
— Brenda Slater, Alexandria, VA

Frog Art by Betsy Bleed, Age 15, USA. 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest