The 4th Brazilian Symposium of Conservation Biology

4th brazilian conservation biology congress 2017

Dear All,

We invite you to attend the 4th Brazilian Symposium of Conservation Biology (IV BSCB). The symposium will be headquartered in Belo Horizonte/MG, at the Pampulha Campus of Federal University of Minas Gerais, between December 3rd and 7th, 2017, and it is being organized by Bocaina Biologia da Conservação together with the Graduate School in Ecology Conservation, and Wildlife Management (ECMVS), the Graduate School in Plant Biology (PPGBV) and with the Graduate School in Zoology (PPZOO) of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Prístino Institute and Biotrópicos Institute are also partners.

4th brazilian conservation biology congress 2017

The event will be oriented in four thematic axes: day 1 – Public Policies and Biodiversity Conservation; day 2 – Science and Conservation; day 3 – The role of the Third Sector in Conservation; day 4 – Communication of Conservation Sciences. The program includes one (1) major lecture, 15 (fifteen) presential lectures, five (5) online lectures and three (3) roundtables. Each roundtable will consist of three speakers and one mediator. Minicourses are also being offered, with 7 presential and 1 online. The mini courses are focused on the training of students and professionals in strategic conservation issues and coordinated by the great professionals of the area.

The IV Brazilian Symposium on Conservation Biology (IV BSCB) will be a space to foment the discussion of current issues and the national and international advances achieved in the area of Biodiversity Conservation. In addition, it is hoped to strengthen the ties between the Brazilian scientific community and the various professionals involved in this theme, bringing new forms of documentation and dissemination of the knowledge generated during the event. The slogan “New directions for biodiversity conservation” was chosen to provide a fruitful and wide-ranging discussion on the various components of biodiversity conservation from the perspective of existing challenges and solutions to current environmental issues. The event has as one of the main objectives the practical application of knowledge from the socialization of experiences and expertise related to environmental issues in Brazil. From these central themes, recommendations and/or guidelines will be elaborated for the optimization of biodiversity conservation in the country, which may be used to influence the political, scientific, economic and social decision-making regarding the environment.

Encouraging the scientific dissemination of the works that will be presented at the Symposium will also be one of the priorities and a great innovation of this event. All the works sent to the Symposium will be complemented by short videos, explaining the stages of their research, allowing a wider dissemination of the results through online tools. There will also be competitions of scientific photography and mini-documentaries to stimulate the production of materials that reach different sectors of Brazilian society, contributing to the progress and dissemination of science.

In order to include as many people as possible and the creation of an interaction network for conservation, the Online Pre-Symposium was created, a virtual dialogue space that encourages discussions in a democratic and free way throughout the year, for means of weekly video-lectures and other activities. The following topics are being discussed:

  • THEME 1: Action plans for the conservation of species and ecosystems.
  • THEME 2: Are conservation professionals prepared for conflict management?
  • THEME 3: Research and Management of Water Resources.
  • THEME 4: The different uses of landscapes.
  • THEME 5: Scientific documentation of nature.With this, we would like your support in the disclosure of this event.

The Pre-Symposium Online portal already has more than 1,300 registered people, coming from 342 municipalities in all Brazilian states and 23 countries from 5 continents, which demonstrates the great potential of this innovation for transcend geographic barriers, enabling us to know the Brazilian environmental reality and socialize existing knowledge in a broad and accessible way.

With the IV SBBC, we aim to carry out an integrative event with the use of online tools to promote the socialization of information and the empowerment of society for environmental issues. The result of this integration will be the elaboration of directives applicable to diverse national contexts, optimizing conservation actions in Brazil.

Thank you in advance, and we remain at your disposal for any clarification.

Organizing Committee of the IV BSCB.